The U.S. Congress: What Are They?

Since the mid-terms, Americans have been fired up about all of the non-issues that they take so seriously, and which the rest of the world mocks. As an American expat, here is what I think the U.S. Congress really is:

This is what I think the U.S. Congress really is: A group of people who do nothing but try to get elected so that they can be one of the few elite to stand under the Corporate Cash Shower, where they are bathed in cash and expensive gifts in exchange for voting however sick, greedy corporations* tell them to vote. More often than not, they vote against the best interests of the people and the environment, because corporations do not support those interests. Congress doesn’t care what the people think, because they figure, “Hey, the people don’t even know who we are anyway. The few that actually show up to vote just tick the name that sounds the most familiar. They have no clue as to how we actually VOTE in Congress!” Our Congressional representatives aren’t there to make the world a better place. They are there to get as much as they can for themselves before one random election doesn’t go their way and ends their ride on the corporate gravy train. And this is democracy, American style.

United States of $$$*&!^@^!!!
United States of $$$*&!^@^!!!

*And let’s not forget well-funded “Special Interest Groups” that have the same Democracy-is-for-Sale congressional whorehouse mentality. Wait… Whorehouses are actually respectable in a way. Congress is NOT. Don’t vote for them. Don’t appease them. Run for office yourself on the above platform (i.e., kick them ALL out) and do what you can, as a citizen, for the citizens.

I don’t blame Obama. I don’t blame the Republicans or the Democrats. I blame myself and the rest of the people for letting it get to this point. If we create a trash heap, rats are gonna roost.

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I am an ape living abroad, writing to stay focused and to remember the things I think about. I post them here in case you'd like to spend a bit of time thinking about them, too.

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