Snowden, UFOs, and WTF?!

I was just poking around YouTube looking for some interesting documentaries. I found a video clip that was about two and a half minutes long claiming that Edward Snowden, everyone’s favorite NSA whistleblower, had “revealed evidence of UFO realty” (I think the computer-generated voice was meant to say “reality”… or maybe you can buy some property in the Earth’s mantle from some friendly bug-eyed folk).

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The Meaning Of Life: Why are We here?

WARNING: Choppy waters ahead. Keep in mind, this is not meant to offend or start a debate. It is just a collection of loose ideas for your consideration. Take them or leave them.

When I began this blog, my first post was a blustery promise that I would soon reveal the true Meaning of Life. Nearly two months later, I have only posted two articles on this blog, both dealing with conspiracy theory. “So where is this ‘Meaning of Life’?” you would most certainly be asking if you read this blog. Well, seeing as how you don’t, I may as well come clean and tell you. Without any further ado, here it is: The Meaning of Life.

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