The Meaning Of Life: Why are We here?

WARNING: Choppy waters ahead. Keep in mind, this is not meant to offend or start a debate. It is just a collection of loose ideas for your consideration. Take them or leave them.

When I began this blog, my first post was a blustery promise that I would soon reveal the true Meaning of Life. Nearly two months later, I have only posted two articles on this blog, both dealing with conspiracy theory. “So where is this ‘Meaning of Life’?” you would most certainly be asking if you read this blog. Well, seeing as how you don’t, I may as well come clean and tell you. Without any further ado, here it is: The Meaning of Life.

This world is a school, and we are all here to learn. We are here to grow in order to become a more highly evolved consciousness (i.e. “gods”).

Thank you, and good night!

Do you want more details than that? Then read on. It is a lengthy essay as this is a complicated subject, and at best, in this introductory piece, I can only hope to scratch the surface and suggest some key points, so bear with me. I do tend to ramble. But you had better read the whole thing or you will miss something important. Don’t just give up halfway through and say “Ah, nuts to you!” or however you would choose to express your disinterest. (I just assume you would speak like a scrappy kid from the 1930s Bowery neighborhood of New York City. If you don’t, please make an effort in the future to do so.) To continue:

The physical human form is merely a shell, meant to hold the metaphysical form, or ‘soul’, together in its fledgling state. In essence, what we are right now is larvae. When your drill sergeant called you a maggot in boot camp, he wasn’t far off. He was basically declaring you to be in the larvae form of a Marine – hence, not yet a Marine, but developing. Gross, but developing. (Again, I am assuming you tried to get out of the Bowery by becoming a Marine, or at least began the boot camp process before claiming Section 8 by wearing your mother’s underwear to get yourself out of what you came to believe was the biggest mistake of your life. Quitter. Don’t quit now, stay with me.)

There is a saying in the esoteric knowledge circles: As above, so below. The Marine programming is a microcosm of what we are actually enduring in life. Life is boot camp, in a way. Just as the Marines tear down the cadet/maggot and rebuild him or her in a new form – what they consider to be a higher, more evolved form – life tears you down and rebuilds you into a higher form of consciousness. They both use pain and experience to accomplish this task. There are also wonderful experiences mixed in, it’s not all pain. Some experiences are fun and very much enlightening. Some are a mix.

A large part of the “Why are we here?” Meaning of Life question is the follow-up question “What happens when we die?” Just as you have been told by everyone everywhere, it really depends on what you do before you die. Some say nothing happens, that you just cut to black like Tony Soprano. This is fine, but you have to choose to believe that for it to actually happen. If you believe it, it just might be like that for you when you die. It could be the equivalent of a Section 8.

However, the real goal of life is evolution. When we die, our ‘soul’ (I will use the word ‘soul’ as I find the word ‘essence’ to be… disturbing. Like a guy who constantly refers to his partner as his ‘lover’. If you are one of those guys, stop it. It’s creepy, but none of your friends have the heart to tell you.) Your soul leaves the shell and sees the world as it really is, with no blinders. The puppy’s eyes open. Before I continue, I want to mention two things:

1. The weight of the soul has been measured. Well, kind of. There was one Dr. MacDougall who, in 1907, kept six dying people on sensitive scales and noted a miniscule loss of weight at the moment of death. He took this as evidence that not only does the soul exist, but that it has weight, and he was measuring the lost weight of said soul. Among other issues I have with this study, my biggest is that he tried the same experiment with dogs, noted that they lost no weight, and therefore had no souls. Look at that face and tell me there’s no soul in there.

Who's a good boy? Who's a woogums? Who's a li'l poopy soul?
Who’s a good boy? Who’s a woogums? Who’s a li’l poopy soul?

2.    More importantly: The human body, while serving us as a seemingly delightful vessel for conveyance around this corporeal world, is actually quite limiting in the way it allows us to perceive the world as a whole. Our physical eyes – our portals to the world – can only detect 7 frequencies in the very broad electromagnetic spectrum that exists. Of all the possibly millions of combinations, we only get ROY G. BIV. If you don’t know who that is, I suggest you retake middle school science.

Also, for how solid our meat-suits appear, they are actually full of holes. So many holes, in fact, that the spaces between the atoms that make up our physical forms are comparable to the distances between the planets (again, as above, so below). This leaves a lot of empty space within our physical forms. According to string theory, our atomic structure vibrates at a certain frequency. All things vibrate, not just that thing that fell out of your luggage when you were going through airport security that one time (I assume that when you left the Marines, you were feeling very lonely).

Now this is an important thing to remember: It is all about frequency. Our eyes only see a small range of light frequency, i.e. the electromagnetic spectrum, and our very-porous bodies only feel objects that vibrate at a frequency that matches our own. Here’s where it gets creepy: There are things – THINGS, I tells ya – all around us, and we cannot perceive them through our physical forms. They vibrate and reflect light on a different frequency. They pass right through us, like the bullets that are precisely timed to pass through the spinning blades of a Sopwith Camel’s propeller without ever touching the blades (otherwise, those planes would shoot off their own propellers).

Sopwith Camel. Note the machine gun positioned right behind the propeller blades.
Sopwith Camel. Note the machine gun positioned right behind the propeller blades.

What are these “things” that exist, usually invisibly, all around us? I can’t rightly say. Some say angels, demons, pixies, elves, leprechauns, the wee folk, the giant folk, Mothman, flying purple people eater, whatever. The point is, our history is rife with accounts of people, on occasion, when the time is just right (or wrong), actually bumping into these boogums. I assume this phenomenon is similar to driving down a lonesome desert road late at night, listening to some AM station, and hearing another station bleed into your station’s broadcasting frequency, temporarily or permanently.

Modern physicists are just beginning to scratch the surface of the many other frequencies – or dimensions – that are around us. I am a very big fan of the work being done at CERN, or as we say in English, the European Center for Nuclear Research. I won’t get into the technical stuff, but if you’d like to, there is a fascinating book entitled Warped Passages, written by Lisa Randall, one of the physicists at CERN. It is a thrilling read, and suggests that they have proven the existence of at least eleven other dimensions around our own so far. Rather than get into the scientific dogma, I will instead revert into the religious dogma. Jesus (yeah, I’m gonna drag him into this) may have referred to this type of knowledge when he said in Luke 17:21 that the Kingdom of God is not a place of our physical world, where we can point to it and say “Look, there it is!” but is instead “in our midst.”

It is also curious to note that outside of CERN headquarters in Switzerland stands a huge statue of the Hindu god Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds. Take that as you will.

Actual statue of Shiva outside CERN headquarters
Actual statue of Shiva outside CERN headquarters

We exist in this third dimension because that is what our physical forms are hard-wired to perceive. We cannot see time, the fourth dimension, as anything but the smallest point that we perceive as “right now.” Yet time and space are always here. We are similar to the geometrical shapes that are the characters in Edwin Abbott Abbott’s novella Flatland. Flatland is populated by two-dimensional shapes: Circles, squares, triangles, etc. One day, a square encounters a sphere – a three-dimensional object. Being confined to the second dimension, however, the square can only perceive two-dimensional slices of the sphere as it passes through Flatland. The square cannot comprehend the whole sphere, it can only see it as a dot that grows into a circle, shrinks to a dot again, and vanishes. This is how we perceive time: One instantaneous slice at a time.

Alright, now that we have briefly discussed the real physical limitations of our physical bodies and their inability to give us an accurate view of what is really out there, and discussed a scientific experiment that suggested that the soul has weight, we can begin.

What happens when we shuffle off this mortal coil and lose the blinders of our physical eyes? We see the whole world, not just the world we knew through our physical limitations. This is the realm of the soul. Here is the key to surviving this realm of the soul: Integrity. Integrity in the sense of being whole, entire, and undiminished. To explain this, I will have to resort to what I like to call the Analogy of the Coin. The soul in its disembodied state is like a coin dropped back into molten metals. Its integrity determines how long it can last before it dissolves back into and becomes one with that molten liquid, losing its individuality that it held in the mold (body). If you drop a coin into molten iron, it can retain its shape for a little while. If it is scooped out quickly enough and allowed to cool and re-solidify, much of its old appearance can still be visible: A face stamped on its surface, a date of minting, a motto, etc. The same is true for the human soul after it leaves the safety of the human body. Sometimes, a soul reincarnates quickly enough that memories of its previous incarnation still remain, like traces of the coin. There are many accounts of young children remembering languages that their current families do not speak. There have even been recorded cases of them remembering past family members, their former towns, and even the addresses at which they lived in their former bodies. There is a recent story about a 3-year-old boy who remembered his own murder, and led authorities to his own skeleton.

If you do not believe in reincarnation, that’s fine, too. It’s not for everyone, much like some choose to cut to black – simply dissolve and be done with it – than to maintain their integrity and try to continue on their evolutionary path. Before we move on, however, I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention something about – wait for it – Jesus! I’m sorry, I know many of you are Atheists or openly hostile to the idea of Jesus, but bear with me:

I believe in Jesus – to be more exact, I believe in Yeshua, the guy that would be made into Jesus by the creative writers at Nicea, 325 AD. Yeshua was no more the Son of God than you or I, in my humble opinion. He was in the sense that we all are, if you catch my drift. The historical Yeshua was a member of the Essene sect of Jews. It was common practice for young Essene boys to be sent away to learn in what were known as the Eastern Mystery Schools. There are many accounts claiming that Jesus traveled to India as a young student, and historical records from one such school, in a Hindu temple, that mention the arrival of a student named Yeshua right around the time that “Jesus” would have been at that age. Yeshua was a bright student, but fell into disfavor with his teachers because he kept breaking the caste system. A member of the scholarly class, he kept hanging out with the working class – specifically, carpenters. As punishment, his teachers planned to kill him. To protect him, some of his fellow students spirited him away and hid him in a Buddhist temple, where he studied under Buddhist teachers. This is all theoretical conjecture, of course, but a little digging will produce evidence to support this idea. (If you follow this link, you can move the video ahead to the 39.23 mark to hear a very similar, yet much more detailed, account of Jesus’ possible Buddhist roots). In short, I like to think that Yeshua – “Jesus” – was a Buddha. This would also account for his missing time between the nativity and when he turned up discussing the Hebrew Bible with Rabbis in Jerusalem.

In his book Tristes Tropiques, noted anthropologist and ethnologist Claude Levi Strauss noted that Christianity and Buddhism were really sister religions. It was the Crusades that turned Christianity into a more war-like religion, but what Jesus (Yeshua) actually taught was very much in line with Buddhist philosophies. In fact, as Buddhism is not technically a religion, one could very easily be both a Christian and a Buddhist.

So where am I going with all of this? Perhaps when Jesus says in John 3:3 that one must be “born again” to see the Kingdom of God, he may have been speaking quite literally, drawing from Hindu and Buddhist teachings of physical reincarnation. However, the idea of reincarnation did not sit well with the Catholic Church. How could they be expected to keep the masses under control if they could not frighten them with eternal damnation? That was the Church’s ace in the hole, or eternal pit, as it were, and so, the true teachings of Jesus were heavily edited to fit the Church’s agenda. Don’t you think it is odd that, despite all the time Jesus spent teaching the Gospel, and the fact that he and all of his disciples could read and write, there are really very few quotes attributed to Jesus?

This is not to say that there is no such thing as Hell. I just believe that no one can condemn you to such a fate except you, yourself. This is why it is so imperative to have a good knowledge of one’s own self, one’s own nature and motivations. Your subconscious is keeping a tally, and if you feel you truly deserve Hell, then that just may be the reality you create for yourself. This is another aspect of integrity. Also, it touches on what Schopenhauer told us back in the 19th century, and what many new-agey types have come to think originated with the pop fix-it book The Secret. This is, as modern science is beginning to feel out, that our thoughts affect reality. It is possible to change our physical world through the power of thought and will. We are just beginning to discover (or rediscover) this truth – at least to some degree.

Now let’s bring it all back to the main point: Why are we here? In a word: Procreation. Procreation on a much grander scale (again, as above, so below). A Higher Consciousness, call it ‘God’ or ‘The Collective Consciousness of all Sentient Beings’ or ‘the Universal Mind’ or whatever, endeavored to create others like it. It may have failed in an attempt or two, but its current method is based on free will. It created a little garden and planted the seeds to make more beings like itself, much like all living things do (As above… well, you get the idea).

(Forgive me, but I must once again delve back into the Biblical creation myth, but only because it is the most familiar of such myths. The nuts-and-bolts creation myth is very similar throughout all cultures, but to save time, let’s focus on the book of Genesis.)

Like most parts of the Bible, there is a lot in Genesis that doesn’t really jibe with the current dogma. For example, why use the plural “Elohim” rather than the singular “Eloha” in the original Hebrew texts? This is why we have God saying “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness” (Gen. 1:26). Why is God speaking in the plural if there is only one God? It seems God was not really alone. Perhaps God started out alone, and then attempted to make other gods, and was speaking to one of these early prototype gods, or perhaps God was never alone. Perhaps there is a race of these higher consciousness beings?

It’s irrelevant. The reason I bring this up is the story of the Garden of Eden. There are essentially four characters in this story: The proto-humans Adam and Eve, God, and the Serpent. When God is away from the garden, the serpent sneaks in and starts telling Adam and Eve all about the “Forbidden Fruit” on the “Tree of Knowledge” and that they, too, can “Become like God.” The serpent also tells them they are naked and to put some pants on. When God comes back, Adam and Eve, now aware that they are naked, hide from God out of embarrassment. What does God do? God asks where they are. How’s that for omnipotent? How could they hide from God? If you read this book, this God is not very nice. This is an angry, vengeful, and jealous God – a little vain, really. The serpent has always been vilified, but what did he really do? He enlightened the proto-humans. This pissed God off to no end. God cursed the lot of them and threw Adam and Eve out into the wilderness. Instead of dying, they bred like rabbits, so the angry, vengeful God tried to drown them, but spared a few favorites. It gets a little muddled here, in regards to who was helping whom and who was smiting whom.

In another, older telling of this same story – one from the original Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets that make up the bulk of the tales in the Bible – there were many gods involved. The main God who had dominion over the garden had decided to kill all humans.

Artist's rendition
Artist’s rendition

Another god – one who behaved similarly to a doctor or a scientist, and who was symbolized by the drawing of a serpent – told one of the humans, a guy named Utnapishtim about the plan to drown his people, and how he could survive it.

Either way it happened, this became the story of Noah. The key point here is that this “serpent” told Adam and Eve the truth: That they didn’t have to work as naked, ignorant slaves. They could “eat from the Tree of Knowledge” and become like God. Ultimately, some higher being somewhere was putting us on the path of knowledge, to learn, and to become gods. It was the first day of school.

It is interesting to note that the symbol of the American Medical Association is the Caduceus, or two serpents entwined in a DNA double-helix around a staff.


Apparently, this symbol has recently been changed from the Caduceus to the Aesculapius, which shows only a single serpent. Interesting. Make of that what you will.

Ever since, humans have been searching for knowledge, and trying to evolve on a spiritual level by learning all we can about our physical world. When we die, if we have achieved that higher knowledge that is encoded into our physical world, we graduate to a higher level of consciousness, moving closer to becoming gods ourselves. If we fail to gain the knowledge we need to move on, we repeat this grade via reincarnation. In the Buddhist tradition there are Teachers called Bodhisattvas. A Bodhisattva is an illuminated master who has the sufficient knowledge to move on, but chooses instead to reincarnate back into this physical world of suffering to assist others in gaining the knowledge they need to move on. Bodhisattvas have promised to keep reincarnating into this world until “every single blade of grass has become Englihtened.” This promotes the Buddhist belief that all living things have consciousness, or a “soul.” I like this, because it means that the doggie shown earlier may already be an Ascended Master.

"Good boy"? Try Illuminated and Ascended boy.
“Good boy”? Try Illuminated and Ascended boy.

This is why we are here. We are here as baby gods, larvae, caterpillars awaiting that big sleep in the cocoon from which we can emerge as butterflies and move closer to being gods, or beings of a higher consciousness, and our own creators. It is, as I noted before, procreation on a larger scale (as above, so below). Perhaps this whole creation thing is on a loop, and we ARE our own creators. A-ha, yeah, think about THAT. That would make this old symbol of the Ouroboros even more interesting:


Be warned however: Not everyone makes it. Not everyone graduates and moves up. Some fail and flunk out. And there are forces out there that wish to keep us ignorant and entrapped in this corporeal form, where we are easy to control and manipulate. These are the forces of Darkness, and they aim to distract you from your studies with futile pursuits. Knowledge is the force of Light.

Remember three paragraphs ago, when I said we try to gain spiritual knowledge by learning about our physical world? This is because spiritual truth, knowledge, is actually encoded into our physical world. Just as the Bible is a lesson in analogies, so, too, is our physical world filled with amazing truths that can help us to grow on a spiritual level. Let me give you an example straight from the Bible.

The first thing God says is “Let there be light!” And then there was light. And then God said, “No! BUD Light!” I jest. I like some levity with this sort of topic. Yet God did say “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3) and that begins the whole tale. Let’s look at the whole context, the very beginning of this much-touted tome:

1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.2The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

3Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.4God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.…

Now, to the uninitiated, it sounds like God just turned on the sun and made the first day. To the initiated, however, it has a deeper meaning. Light is synonymous with Knowledge, hence, we say things like “He’s a bright student” and “She’s a brilliant physicist.” Darkness is synonymous with ignorance, hence, we say “I am in the dark about the whole matter” when we mean we know nothing about it. In short, what “Let there be light” means is “Let there be knowledge.” Here is your primary reader, your first-day-of-school text book: The Bible, derived from older texts, cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia, and heavily edited around 325 AD by people who wanted to control you by keeping you stupid (and they didn’t stop there. Have you seen what the state-sponsored educational system has become these days?).

The Bible is a multilayered text. To the uninitiated, it is a collection of simple parables and stories meant to guide one on the path to a moral life – despite the fact that the stories often condone rape, murder, slavery, and incest. To the initiated, however, the original texts were encoded with mathematical formulas and hidden references to chemistry, astronomy, botany, and alchemy. Much of this has been removed, of course, but some hints to these lost encoded clues remain. For example, have you ever noticed how certain numbers are repeated quite frequently in the Bible? It rained on Noah for 40 days and 40 nights, the Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years, Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days… and the same thing occurs with many prime numbers, like 3 and 7.

I do not want to get into all of that, however. My point here is that the reference to Light means a reference to a knowledge of hidden truths. Truth is always hidden. Lies are bandied about like wooden nickels. When a person has achieved a certain level of accomplishment in their studies of the spirit, of the evolution of the soul, they are said to be Enlightened. This is why our spiritual leaders are often depicted with light emanating from their heads, and this is translated into pop culture by a cartoon light bulb.

I am the Way and the Light-headed...
I am the Way and the Light-headed…

In many famous works of art, those who are experiencing an epiphany or a higher calling are depicted as being struck by a beam of light: The Illuminated. For all of you conspiracy fans, this is the reason for the term “Illuminati” – the idea of an enlightened group of “people” who are fully aware of the truths of this world, and who strive to control it by keeping the masses ignorant, “in the dark”, about these truths: Light used for the promotion of darkness. These would be examples of the Dark Forces that do not want you to evolve. The theory is that they have been around for centuries, and carry their knowledge from the earliest days, handed down to them by other, higher entities. By “higher” entities I mean those whose physical vibration is of a higher frequency, and who would be something akin to “spirits” in this world.

Interestingly, Genesis also says that in the beginning, “darkness was over the surface of the deep” and that “God was moving over the surface of the waters.” I like to think God was doing this in a speed boat, while the theme to Miami Vice was blasting from the stereo. Water is often used to represent the subconscious, things that exist but are hidden below the surface, “in the deep.” Could this be a reference to the fact that the Truth is already in us, just hidden way down deep in our subconscious, and this world (text) is designed to help us retrieve it? Could the recent scientific discovery that knowledge can be recorded or hidden in our very DNA eventually lead us to some brilliant discoveries?

Again I digress. My point is, light is the path to evolution. This is why we are here – to acquire key knowledge, to strengthen our integrity, so that we may survive the death of the physical body and move upward towards those higher frequencies and eventually become “gods” ourselves.

Another interesting side-note: Most people think that Satan and Lucifer are the same character. They are not. Lucifer was the Light Bearer – deliverer of knowledge. Some say that Venus, the Morning Star, is this “Lucifer” and that by studying the movement of Venus in the sky, our early ancestors began to realize some of the earliest truths about our physical existence (Interestingly, Venus traces a pentagram in its perceived movement, which is why the pentagram is one of the oldest “sacred” symbols). The knowledge our ancestors learned was denounced by those that prefer you remain ignorant, and was quickly hidden in the form of fables and myths, where much of it still resides today. Many believe that those that are “Illuminated” gained their knowledge by communing with “higher” consciousness – entities, angels or demons – from higher realms. Some say they may have learned much of it from an alien race, beings that have been studying at this corporeal school for millions of years before us (similar to cribbing the answers to your first-grade math test from your eighth-grade brother, or Prometheus stealing fire/light from the Gods). Some say these beings are all one and the same. Some even go so far as to say that our species had made great advances in acquiring this sacred knowledge long before the so-called Gods of Eden arrived. They subjugated us, and all but destroyed our original culture. Much like conquered peoples do (e.g. the Native Americans) our knowledge was hidden in fables and legends, and guarded by a secret group of priests or spiritual leaders: Illuminated ones.

This is irrelevant. My main point here was to tell you what I had promised to tell you: The Meaning of Life – at least, as I have come to understand it. Don’t take my word for it. Go forth into the world with this at the back of your mind and see if logic does not bear it out. Either life has a purpose or everything is absolutely pointless. You choose.  Why are we here? As Kurt Vonnegut so brilliantly put it in his novel Breakfast of Champions: “To be the eyes and ears and conscience of the Creator of the Universe, you fool!” Yes, indeed. The eyes and ears of the Creator – that is to say, our future selves. We are infants, and we need to learn (or re-learn) what we need to know to move on to the next realm. That is why we are here. That is the Meaning of Life.

Keep in mind: Final exams are approaching. Graduation day is coming. As a poster I saw hanging in a classroom once said: ‘Time will pass. Will you?’ If you are at all concerned, here is a simple binary set of rules to remember:

1. Never hurt anyone else

2. Never enforce your opinions or beliefs on anyone

Although they appear simple enough, you may find it is a lot more difficult to adhere to these two rules than it seems. We are only human, and therefore infantile, after all.


Either that, or people aren’t wearing enough hats.

THINGS, I tells ya!
THINGS, I tells ya!


Afterthought: Synchronicity is fun. On the day I posted this blog entry, a friend sent me this article. This is an excellent example of “as above, so below” — and more. As the article itself concludes “For a physicist it’s an immediate signal that there is some missing understanding of how nature works”. You can check it out here:

Thanks, Beth!

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