Snowden, UFOs, and WTF?!

I was just poking around YouTube looking for some interesting documentaries. I found a video clip that was about two and a half minutes long claiming that Edward Snowden, everyone’s favorite NSA whistleblower, had “revealed evidence of UFO realty” (I think the computer-generated voice was meant to say “reality”… or maybe you can buy some property in the Earth’s mantle from some friendly bug-eyed folk).

My first reaction was, of course, “Bullshit!” Not because I do not think it is possible that a more advanced species is visiting or even living on our planet (there is a stunning pile of curio and confessions from high-ranking sources to support these claims if one dares to dig a bit). I actually believe that just because we haven’t mastered interstellar travel yet doesn’t mean no one else has. Let’s face it: We’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree, and yet even we are making strides towards actually being able to travel across vast distances of time and space.

My problem with this Snowden video’s claim is that IF Snowden had any actual evidence, it would be a huge story. He had evidence of some simple human-to-human wiretapping and that was in the news for months. Therefore, I don’t think he has any actual evidence of an alien presence. IF he just SAID that he saw evidence — documents, photographs, alien bodies — but could not produce it, the U.S. government would have broadcast that on every channel in order to discredit him. Simply put, in our current culture, anyone who says aliens have been visiting Earth is automatically a tin-foil-hat-sporting ball of rolling discredit. People who express revolutionary ideas often meet with conflict, just like Giordano Bruno, who was actually burned at the stake. Copernicus and Galileo Galilei, although they had some wacky ideas, were left relatively unmolested. Although Galileo was denounced by the church and held under house arrest, I’d take that over the stake any day as, apparently, Snowden has.

Nonetheless, someone took this idea of Snowden and the Great UFO truth and produced this stunning work:

It begins by saying that it was Iran that was quoted in some NSA documents that America was ruled by a race of “tall white space aliens”. Snowden may have released those documents. It hardly “conclusively proves” anything, except that maybe Iran will say anything to heckle the U.S. The fact that Obama is pictured with Hitler over an American flag with a gray alien face superimposed over it is just… delicious.

I went to look for any evidence that Snowden had ever actually mentioned anything about aliens or UFOs. A Google search did turn up a lot of links that seemed to corroborate that information, but still, it hardly proves anything except that some people in places of interest in governments around the world have mentioned aliens and/or UFOs. Even Reagan did it in this much-touted speech to the U.N.

Even if aliens are not among us, one can certainly see the strategic benefit of using such a concept as a psychological weapon. Some rumors claim that the Roswell incident was faked, released and then covered up simply to make the Soviet Union believe that maybe, just maybe, the U.S. military had suddenly found itself in possession of some alien super-technology. That would certainly quiet the war drums a little, wouldn’t it?

My biggest issue with the whole “alien” thing is hearing people that claim to be open-minded automatically shooting down any possibility of aliens already being here, possibly observing us like some secretive anthropologists loathe to disrupt our natural environment. Just because we can’t figure out how they might do it does not mean it is impossible. That is classic human hubris (or ignorance? Whichever, it’s not a good thing).

All we DO know for sure is that UFOs most certainly exist. We’re surrounded by them. It’s an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object, not for UnFriendly Organisms from space. “UFO” is not — and should not be allowed to become — synonymous with “Extraterrestrial Spaceship”. It is similar to the problem of allowing what someone may (or may not) have said to become “conclusive proof”.

As I said, I do believe it is possible that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth — perhaps even residing here in ways we cannot perceive. Am I one-hundred per cent positive it’s true? Nope. I just like to entertain the idea to keep the evening doldrums at bay. If, however, we allow overzealous commentators to start tossing out highly contestable hearsay as “proof” then we will never move beyond the razzberries and fart noises from the peanut gallery to actually justify serious investigation. And if aliens are here, we will certainly never qualify as intelligent lifeforms worth talking to.

And while I am on the subject, please stop posting blurry pictures of the surface of Mars, all decked out with arrows and circles, claiming there is “irrefutable proof” that there was an advanced civilization on Mars. Is it possible? Sure. But to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a rock is just a rock. When I was a kid, I found a rock that looked almost exactly like a human nose. My friend and I called it “The Schnozz” and got a good solid 20 minutes of classic 5th grade-level comedy out of it. Did we for one moment think it might have actually been a nose? Stop it. Let’s cut out the bullshit and try to move towards some hard, practical evidence. Anything else is just muddying the waters.


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