The End is Nigh: Getting the Most from your Apocalypse Experience (Part 6: What About Those Parallel Universes?)

I mentioned earlier that during the apocalypse, other dimensions might shift into ours. Perhaps that deserves more than a passing comment. You see, our universe is just one of many, all adhering to different physical laws and vibrational frequencies.

You may be aware that the meat-suit you are seeing the world through is only capable of detecting a very small portion of the full electromagnetic spectrum. You can only see whatever is reflecting light between the wavelengths of the ultraviolet and the infrared. Everything else is invisible to you.

“Well, I may not be able to see it, but I can feel it, right?” No, you can’t. Have you ever bumped into something that was really invisible? No, you haven’t. If you have, you should be writing a book or getting your head examined. Like your vision, your physical form is also limited. Maybe your cat can see or feel that shit… I have no idea what a cat can or can’t see and I don’t really care. All I know is they stare at shit that isn’t there a lot. Dogs do it sometimes, too, although they seem to hear stuff that isn’t there. I mean, it might be there, but we can’t hear it so for all intents and purposes, it isn’t. Also, a dog’s strongest sense is smell, so I can only assume they can smell stuff that isn’t there, too.

Anyway, there is a lot of stuff that we humans can’t sense. Keep in mind most of your mass is empty space. The distance between the atoms and assorted atom bits is comparable to the distance between the earth and the sun. A lot of other crap can pass right through without you ever feeling any contact, just like bullets can pass right through the spinning propeller blades on a Sopwith Camel. Anything that is on a different vibrational frequency can be in the same space as you… and you will never see or feel it. Think of all of the different A.M. stations you can pick up on your car radio, and you can only tune into one of them at a time. Yet there are those magic moments when the frequencies enter into some electromagnetic eddy and the frequencies line up and you can hear two (or maybe more) at the same time. Nothing freaky about that, right? Now imagine your quantum frequency lines up with that of another dimension and rather than just hearing another radio station, you see another version of a person walking right through your living room wall. Now you have to move because you think your house is haunted, you superstitious ape. Yet there really is no difference in these two phenomena. Maybe your house just happens to be in one of those “soft spots” where other frequencies tend to fade in once in a while.

As I mentioned before in Part 4, during the apocalypse, some of these other dimensions might drift into your world as it spirals out of control. And anything and everything could exist in these other dimensions, but I am guessing whatever is in there will probably be very similar to the things you are used to seeing in your own world. Sort of like the A.M. dial again, where they put all the classical music at one end of the dial and all of the rock music at the other. I am going to assume that these dimensions are like that, and the closest to you are the most similar to yours. But your grandfather might still be alive in the other one, so don’t freak out when he pops in to say hello. Also, Rush Limbaugh may be your lover, so watch out for that, by all means. Also, although there is probably some general order to the multiverse, there are bound to be those exceptions that prove the rule. Kind of like how all of those right-wing religious fanatics that claim very loudly and continuously to be Christians and yet are anything but tend to congregate in the Bible Belt, and yet there’s always a few that pop up in New England somewhere. So watch out for the occasional freak occurrences. Just because the universe next to yours is supposed to be populated with beings similar to yourself doesn’t mean they don’t have a Jabberwocky or a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in there with them somewhere. Look at your own world. What the hell causes all of the weird little idiosyncrasies you keep reading about on the internet when you’re supposed to be working? Springheel Jack, the Jersey Devil, chupacabras… Your neighboring universe could be harboring a 50-foot tall Honey Boo-Boo, but you just may have a few leviathans of your own. Tend to the boogums in your own universe before you criticize those of your neighbors, you hypocrite.

In regards to these other universes, the good people at CERN have recently found the elusive “God Particle” a.k.a. the Higgs Boson. What is that, you ask? Apparently, it is the singular type of particle that gives everything in our universe mass, as we understand it. So we can only assume that other universes in other dimensions have similar particles of a slightly different variation, creating a different form of mass that is just a little bit off to the left of our mass. And never the twain shall meet… except in electromagnetic “soft spots” like the Bermuda Triangle, or in a full-on apocalypse.

Ever heard of “Shadow People”? No? Well then, never mind that. But you may see some of those, whatever the fuck they are. Just stay away from anything that looks like it came from another world. That is just sound advice in any situation.


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