Q Anon and the “Gathering Storm” Conspiracy Thread

I remember when Q used to just harass the crew of the Starship Enterprise… This whole “Q Anon/The Storm” plot is ridiculous. What is “Q”? Q’s followers say he is either one person or a group of people deep inside an “alliance” involving the U.S. military and the NSA dropping clues to an impending take-down (“Gathering Storm”) of the Satanic liberal agenda that has been in control of the U.S. since… maybe the 1950s? To more discerning researchers, however, it appears that some guy with too much time on his hands strung together all the better conspiracy theories — something that is not hard to do without any “insider information” at all. It has been done by folks like Jim Marrs, David Icke, and William Bramley for decades.

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“Send Someone to Get Me.”

Just on the off chance that there is SOME intelligent life “out there” — either extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial (meaning entities from other dimensions, for those unschooled in the weirdness of the world) — I would like to broadcast this message on all frequencies: SEND SOMEONE TO GET ME. Continue reading