Hold For High Strangeness: Reptilians!

Before I get to the point of this note, let me first say YES, I know the idea of “reptilians” is insane. But if you are patient and read to the end and, yes, even WATCH THE VIDEO attached, it will hopefully make my thinking on this subject a bit clearer.

At an event in Austin on Tuesday night, a woman confronted Sen. Ted Cruz, asking him to take a DNA test to prove that he is human. So was she just making a point, or was she actually accusing him of being a reptilian? I have to ask because I find more and more people are buying into that David Icke lizard-people theory, and I find it extremely troubling on one hand… and yet weirdly encouraging on the other. Why encouraging? Because all signs coming from our government indicate that they do not see their constituents as “human” any more — they rob their citizens of basic human rights on a daily basis and openly lie about it. The recent sale of the State of Michigan’s water to the evil corporate entity known as Nestle — despite an overwhelming majority of the people of Michigan asking their state government to NOT sell their water — is just one of the latest indicators that the government does not care about the people. Let’s not forget that they also poisoned the water of the people around Flint, Michigan, with lead a few years back and did nothing about the permanent brain damage and deaths it caused in hundreds of children there. And these cases are just a drop in the Olympic-sized swimming pool of offenses carried out against the average US citizen by the corporate government currently in power.

It is clear that it is past time for a serious change in the American system of governance. Perhaps this “reptilian” theory will help the people to see their leaders as “Others.” Sort of like the Founding Fathers did with the British to foment revolution, to help colonists stop seeing themselves as “British” and start seeing the British soldiers as occupying “Others.” They used language, subtly changing words like “colour” to “color” and “favour” to “favor.” I hate to say it, but perhaps it IS time Americans started seeing their government as an occupying force, controlled not by them but by the corporations that see them as expendable chattel to be poisoned for profit. Voting sure as shit doesn’t seem to be helping. Granted, there is nothing subtle about shouting “Our leaders are inhuman lizards!” but let’s face it: Subtlety is lost on the modern American. They need a solid boot to the head to get moving.

If this wacky lizard-people theory will expedite some serious action towards change in the Unites States, then I am all for it. Death to our reptilian overlords!

To make the whole idea palatable to the more discerning political activists, watch this video. It explains the idea of “Reptilians” in a much more acceptable and logical manner. It’s a more figurative than literal approach, which will be more digestible to the grounded intellectual — but it still works. Either way, literal lizards or figurative, the reptilians must die.


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