Message In A Bottle (An Open Prayer to the Elohim)

Synopsis: I am aware of the origins of my species, I am aware of the “alien” presence, and I humbly request a reprieve. I guess you could say that this post is a prayer.

Dear “Elohim”,

I am writing this message in the hopes of contacting the extraterrestrial race that created the dominant species known as homo-sapiens (humans) here on the Earth. I am one of those humans, as we call ourselves. I do not know, really, what you may call yourselves. Our ancient texts use ancient languages, and words like Elohim (Great Ones), Annunaki, YHWH, etc. get bandied about a lot. For lack of a more respectful and precise term, I will go with “Elohim.”


I am writing this because I want you to know that I am aware. I am aware that you created my species, either as a hybrid or as a direct clone of your own physical form, many ages ago. I surmise from my research that you are a space-faring people, and that you have unlocked the gift of longevity in your own biology. That is to say, you do not die as we mere humans do from such things as disease and decay. For this reason, you have been seeking out new worlds to terraform and colonize, to make room for your ever-expanding population. This planet – the third one from our sun in a series of at least 9 – was one of those selected. I am also aware that this entire system or universe could very well be nothing more than an artificial simulation, based on the repetitive mathematical clues (1.618, etc.). I am aware that I am in a sort of terrarium, and I would very much like to get out now, please.


I am familiar with some of this planet’s history, and the history of my species. I understand that the first mass-produced model of our species had some sort of defect and was therefore allowed to be wiped out, all except for some fellow and his family that you sealed up in a wooden box to prevent them from drowning during the flooding disaster that wiped out the rest of his brood.

I am sad to say (although I am certain that you are already aware) that the current models are also highly defective. As a species, we are invasive to this planet, and we are rapidly depleting and destroying the ecosystem here. What’s worse, those of us in power seem unwilling to do anything about it. They have a disease, a defect, that we call “greed.” And this greed is killing everything good here. Add to that how horribly we are treating each other, and it does not make for an idyllic existence. I won’t waste your time with the details because I am sure you are well aware of them already. I do suspect that some other extraterrestrial or ultra-terrestrial race may have cut in on your action and taken control of our human leadership. However, at this time, I can provide no concrete evidence to support this theory other than the fact that there is no other logical reason I can think of for the way our “leaders” are treating each other and the rest of the people.

The Fibonacci sequence in an Oxeye daisy.

My point is this: I know you are here. I know a lot of humans think of you as this mythical “God” entity, or YHWH, and they don’t understand the real messages of the ancient texts we have. Others don’t believe in you at all and think that we are the end-all be-all of conscious sentient life around, and that when we die, we just cut to black and that’s that. And still others are beginning to realize, or have realized, something closer to the real truth. I am aware of the clues you left (like the planetary alignment and the series of monuments along the original equator, before the “Heavens opened”) and am hoping you are still listening for “survivors” of this failing experiment called humanity.

I am aware that you have been around for millennia. I am aware that you have mastered interstellar travel, perhaps interdimensional. I am aware that you created my species, and thereby myself, making you a sort of “parent” to me. I know you have probably quarantined us due to our defective biology or whatever our problem is, and wisely so. However, I wish to be taken out of quarantine. I want to learn more, but information is very limited here. Also, I do not trust the knowledge coming from our scientific communities, as it is always changing and seems quite dubious at best, especially when one considers how they completely ignore evidence of the early presence of your more advanced civilization and all current manifestations.  In this sense, our scientific institutions are no better than our religious ones. I am very interested in our scientific investigations into quantum physics, and I follow the work taking place at CERN, one of our pre-eminent scientific establishments. On the other hand, I also study theology a bit, and I do believe the ancient text we call “The Bible” (“The Book”) is meant quite literally… it is just poorly translated and widely misunderstood by the people that adhere to it.


In short, I believe I would fare better under your direct care and tutelage. And also, I do not want my conscious mind to be destroyed by death. I am more than halfway through my expected life cycle, and I do not take good care of myself (largely because I find living under these conditions to be very stressful and depressing). To my people, this makes me old and unimpressive. By your standard of time, however, I am just a sickly pup, barely with my eyes open, desperately asking for a rescue.

According to the ancient text, all you ask of me is “… to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God” (Micah 6, v. 8). I endeavor to do this every day of my life. And this is why I am so sickened by my own world and the behavior of my own people. I seldom see justice in their system, and I cry for their lack of mercy towards all living things.

I would love an opportunity to discuss all of this with you further, but I want to try to keep this respectfully short. Please come get me. I need to move on.

Thank you for inviting me to stand up and look around. I would love to see more. Until then, I remain your humble child.



Somewhere Near
36.875422, 128.532915

(Hanyang Apartments 101 room 602)

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