I remember back in my college days, sitting around with a few friends and discussing how much better off the world would be in general if they would just legalize marijuana.

And now they’re doing just that. I read an article today that said Canada has already sold out of its weed holdings since making recreational cannabis use a national freedom. And by the way, now that it is socially acceptable, we are supposed to use the correct biological name cannabis, and not the ugly misnomer held over from the failed War on Drugs, marijuana. You see, that was all just propaganda to make Americans think that cannabis was a deadly Mexican immigrant, and today they are using actual Mexican immigrants to scare USAmericans so they have no need for marijuana anymore.

The personification of the dreaded “Marijuana” as envisioned by the Johnson Administration. “Grass” sounded far too friendly.

Frankly, I think a scarier and less-racist name would have been “cannabyss” — this way you keep the correct pronunciation, but when you see it in print, it conjures up images of the deep pit the “user” will fall into upon the first deadly puff of the dreaded weed.  However, this was far too clever for the lunk-heads behind the whole War on Drugs. The same lunk-heads who, by the way, are now behind the War on Immigration.

Immigration, kiddy-prisons-for-profit, gerrymandering, thriving racism, the no-longer-supreme court, pollution… All of the recent news coming out of the USA depresses the hell out of me on a daily basis, but then I come across an article about how the cannabis business is a-boomin’ and it gives me hope. I remember all of the reasons we had for why cannabis should be legalized, and it makes it allll better. In a few more decades, we may see some wonderful changes in our ugly little world due to this simple little plant gifted to us by the Gods of Nature.


Yes, back in the day, we liberal college students figured that cannabis had been made illegal for all the wrong reasons, and if they would just legalize it, the world would benefit biggly. So we sent our donations into NORML (the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws), which, by its use of that outdated and racially slanderous name alone, is now an outdated organization. Despite NORML’s best efforts, what it really came down to was what it always comes down to: Money. Corporate America (which today is just referred to as “America”) just had to realize that they could make more money from legalizing cannabis than they could with their efforts to criminalize it. And so, today, the governments of North America finally seem poised to legalize cannabis across the board, and once again, Canada is leading the progressive wave. And we never thought we would live to see the day!

I am still pro-legalization, and not only for the pleasant effects THC has on the body and mind. I know a lot of studies say that those effects are harmful in the long run, but there are just as many if not more studies that say the opposite. And besides, alcohol causes far, far more damage, and that shit’s been legal since the 1930s. Apparently, it was legal before that, but some uptight religious kooks got it into their heads that it led to demonic possession, and so after a long and whiny legislative battle, they got Prohibition passed in 1920. As a result, the stock market crashed and deadly outbreaks of diphtheria, polio, and cholera ravaged the populace. As I am neither a historian, an economist, nor a pathologist, I cannot prove a direct connection between these disasters, but the timing seems right, so I will run with it.

There are many other benefits to cannabis, not the least of which is that its base plant, hemp, can be used to produce biodegradable plastic substitutes. As you know, our over-use of plastic is choking the very planet we rely on to sustain us. It clogs our oceans, kills the fish and other marine life, and ruins our beaches. It is one bad hombre, to make use of the terrible Spanish lingo that scares USAmericans so. However, it has been within our grasp to make a material that is just as durable and reliable, and yet will biodegrade within a matter of weeks.


Go ahead, toss that empty bottle into the ocean. The fish EAT IT. They thrive, we thrive. It’s a beautiful thing. It was out of our reach due to the corporate lock on anything hemp-related. Some say it started with William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate and inspiration for Citizen Cane, who created the anti-hemp hysteria simply because his investment in lumber would suffer if people knew they could make more paper from hemp at a fraction of the cost and with a better turn-over for the less agricultural land required. And I won’t even get into the medicinal benefits of cannabis. The point here is, we could have had better paper, plastic, medicines, fuel, and clothing for a lot less than it was costing us in cash and resources if only they had legalized cannabis sooner. The planet would be in much better shape than it is today, and we would all have been able to buy some weed and go to the movies with that extra money. Win-win. Who’s to blame for keeping cannabis off the market for so long? Why, corporate America (which today is just referred to as “America”), who else? Those evil, slimy, me-first assholes that would sell you and your family for pesticide experimentation in a heart-beat if it meant they could get a few more dollars into their own pockets. And make no mistake — this is the America that our government serves, not The People. Heck, at this point, Corporate America IS our government!

I will not go off on another tangent here as everyone must be aware by now that America is a corporate entity, and it simply rules over a population of what it sees as mindless, easily-manipulated consumers. If you are not aware of this fact, then you have some reading to do elsewhere. You are dodging a bullet here, reader, as I deleted about 3 paragraphs of blather against our corporate overlords, but then decided it was rhetorical and scrubbed it for time. I figure, at this point, your minds are made up, and me babbling on with information you probably already have would be pointless. Rather, I will just wrap up this random post.

In closing, I would just like to say HUZZAH for the fledgling cannabis industry just now beginning to flourish (legally) in North America, and for the new wave of legislators that are finally being allowed to openly support the cannabis industry by their corporate masters.  Getting high is a personal choice, but overall, we ALL benefit from the many, many, many other uses of hemp as a legalized cash crop. I only wish I had money to invest in this booming industry, cottage or otherwise. And for our friendly Neighbors to the North, don’t worry if you run out of cannabis. The Good Ol’ USA has farms in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California who’ve got you covered in the Kush department… if the price is right.


(Well, that was fun. But I guess those mid-term exams aren’t gonna grade themselves…)

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford And Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Testify To Senate Judiciary Committee
Don’t worry. We can make beer from cannabis, too!

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