2019 Is Approaching and I Already Hate It


Be forewarned: This is a space-filler post as I really have nothing to say today. I just haven’t blogged in a while. I had some laptop issues this month.

My former laptop, a terrific Toshiba Satellite with barely 7 years of labor under its CPU, died. Its hard drive kept crashing, something about a bad kernel… and the best I could do was salvage all my files before I let it rest. I know a guy who claims he can fix it, but they say you should get a new laptop every seven years or so anyway, so I went ahead and got this one that now sits on my desk under my fingertips. I loved that old Toshiba, though, so I will not count it out yet.

Laptops, sadly, are not cheap. They are cheap at first, of course… but then when you add all the bells and whistles so that they will actually WORK and not just look pretty, the price doubles. For example, you can get a nice new laptop for as little as $320, but then you must have at least 8 GB RAM, a SSD (Solid State Drive, all the rage these days), etc…. now that affordable laptop is at least $578. And the prices just keep rising. And then when you get it, you have to remove all the useless crap they stuff it with and you wonder, “Wait, did I pay for all this crap?” Yes. You did.

All in all, buying a $320 laptop is not so simple. You actually must buy a $580 laptop and then spend a few days “fixing” it once you get it before it will actually be usable and do what YOU want it to do. And that’s the economy class price. For a truly solid, reliable laptop, you will spend upwards of $999. This is the state of consumerism today. If you are an idiot, life is good, because you can get that $320 laptop, play with all the crap shit they load it up with for a few months before you realize it sucks and have to talk yourself into buying a new one. I, however, am one of those people that insists that a large purchase last for at least 7 years, a decade if possible. In our current consumer culture centered around planned obsolescence, however, this is becoming harder and harder to do.

And let us never forget the impact this disposable culture of ours has on our environment. In short, if you have kids, they will be MISERABLE when they are your age. The lucky ones will be dead.

But this is not why I feel like writing tonight. Tonight, I think I will just passingly mention that we humans are aliens on this planet, and everything we do kills said planet, before moving on to lighter topics.

For example, did you know there is a mysterious switch behind the Sphinx’s right ear? Look it up. What do you suppose that’s doing there?


Someone needs to go up there and flick that thing. My theory? It reveals the locations of the other four sphinxes so that we will be able to form Voltron. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that there is a lot about our world that we are not being told. Does your life suck? Well, don’t worry about it because it’s a facade anyway. There are greater things afoot, and the Power Elite are only concerned with two things: a) Making sure you never find out about it and b) Killing you so they can take your claim to any of it. That’s a rough generalization, but look around you. Study a bit of the non-canonical history of our people. (And yes, I don’t care how brown some of us are or which god lied to them, we are ALL the same people. Stop being divided and conquered. How stupid are you? Divided and conquered, the oldest trick in the book, and you are buying it? MORONS.)


Even these things are aliens here, and they have managed to fit in alright. And what do WE do? We eat them! Sometimes alive!

There ARE greater and vastly more important things afoot, and the sooner we stop bickering about the dumb shit the TVs tell us to fight about, and the sooner we start paying attention to the bigger truths, the better off we will ALL be. Psychologists all agree that most people avoid topics of the “unknown” because these topics are scary. Same reason children avoid the haunted house at a carnival: Idiocy. Children are allowed to be, nay, EXPECTED to be, idiots, because they are children. What’s YOUR excuse? Start turning off the TV and turning on your feed to the Truth. YES, extraterrestrials are real and have been here for a very, very long time. It’s not a question anymore. It never really was a question. We have NEVER been alone. There are several other species that are MUCH more intelligent than us popping in and out, and they have a huge influence over the courses our lives take. FIND OUT ABOUT THAT.

There are many higher frequencies that you are being kept from tuning into. They pump you full of easy-feed pablum frequencies, like “Who’s in the White House?” Answer: Meaningless. “What is ‘Brexit’?” Answer: Pointless. “Who shot Mr. Burns?” Answer: Out-dated. All you are doing is allowing these ass-hats to control you. Everything you see in the media is a shit-show meant to distract you. This should tell you how evil these entities are: They allow cities to be bombed to dust, children to be abused and starved, soldiers to fight and die for nothing at all — just to distract YOU. And this doesn’t even touch upon what is being done to our planet and the other critters that live on it EVERY DAMN DAY.


Stop killing them and you’re fine!

It is time we said STOP. We need to figure some collective shit out. Let’s all get on the same page before we continue careening off of this cliff, dragging down with us every decent and lovely thing this world has to offer. So STOP. Stop working, stop consuming, stop listening to the TV, stop arguing about which cartoon super hero (i.e. “god”) would win in a fight (answer: Batman. Batman always wins. And I am a Spider-Man fan. I KNOW Spider-Man could always beat Batman, but here we are, Batman wins. Why? Because he has NO super-powers, and that resonates with us.)

STOP reading this. Go learn about the real world, which is full of aliens and demons and angels and cute little critters and us. Study it. You will die in this world, that is unavoidable (so far). At least you will be prepared for the next step and not get recycled right back here like so much toxic shit. We ARE a hybrid species. It is our alien nature that causes us to be so destructive to this biosphere. We need to take control of it. We need to kill the corrupt elite who are deluded into thinking that THEY will somehow come out of this war smelling like guest-room soap, because they will NOT. They are just as screwed as the rest of us.

So kill them and save the rest.

Happy New Year.



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