An American Chat

I recently got into a… discussion with a friend of mine on a certain social media app. I thought it was interesting, simply because even though she and I have essentially the same views, we can disagree on the fundamentals. I have copied and pasted the chat here. See what you think. Comments welcome.

It started out harmless enough, with me posting a thought that I had thought clever:

A:   I think we can all agree that America is done for, as long as we keep letting the same shit get kicked around by the same “two” (one) parties. You ‘n’ me being the shit.

B:  We obviously have two very polarized parties, just because they are both corrupt doesn’t  mean one isn’t far superior on social issues.

A: They still both work for the same owners, tho. Corrupt and/or incompetent, they pretty much even out.

 B: Says a white man🤷‍♀️

 A: It seems to me the Republicans come to you as a criminal and rob you straight out. The Democrats come to you as your friend and trick you into giving up the same things. And really? Ya gotta turn this into me being a white man? This shit is getting too divisive.

You’ve heard of “divide and conquer”? It always works this way.

B: You are not under attack as a straight white man. What is the worst the US does to you? Double taxation? My whole family thinks this way and it’s awful. I realize both parties are beholden to special interests and greed but one party is flooded with religious fanatics that want to strip rights from women, our LGBTQ community and people of color while catering to horrible groups like the NRA. These parties are NOT the same. Yes, we should be mad at democrats because it hurts more when we get fucked by our own team and it sucks, but they are still not the same parties by a long shot.

A: Agreed! I am just saying that both parties are lame, and I’m just trying to get people to agree on SOMEthing. If you say one party is better than the other (and from our perspective, yours and mine, the Dems obviously are!) but as a country, we’re not going to get anywhere pointing this out to “the others.” We have to start seeing ourselves as ONE people, or get DIVIDED AND CONQUERED. Have you not noticed that the same issues have not gotten any better in over 100 years???? We need to change our rhetoric!

We’re not going to fix everything overnight, and we’re never going to “drive out” the Republicans (and nor should we). Baby steps, or the same shit storm just keeps swirling and the same assholes keep getting rich off of it.

B: I am not a nationalist and I honestly have no hope for the US and will leave the first chance that I get. I will still cry my liberal tears for all of the victims of our corrupt society, lol.

 A: I feel ya… I just hate to see America collapse like this. We’ve ALL been suckered.

 B: Well, we decided to be a military empire and not an educated society. It will take a long time to fix anything when there are so many Americans that can’t think critically.

 A: I never decided that! Did you? Did anyone you know?

B: Americans seem to love their guns and bombs and hate our teachers and their unions.

A: You’re an American. Is that how you feel?  I’m an American. I never felt that way. No one I know does.

B: Our township just had a failed referendum because the population has increased so much that our schools can barely function and now Elle [her daughter] will probably be in a trailer for kindergarten because no one wanted to pay an extra $25 per $100k of their property values to fund the schools.

A: Don’t let them marginalize you and make you feel powerless. This is what I’m trying to say: Sure, the Republicans have been sold a pile of dogmatic bullshit. It’s racist, sexist, dangerous… but how many of them actually realize that and how many of them are just following the dogma because they believe it is the “right” thing to do? And we, on our end, have to be cautious of our own dogma. I think most Americans want the same thing: To be allowed to live their lives as they choose, not being bothered and not bothering anyone else. But the “powers that be” keep telling ALL of us on BOTH sides that the other side is coming for us. Are they really? Or are they just as scared of us?

You and me and our intellectual elitist gay transgender liberal Satanic armies are drawing down on their racist sexist homophobic neonazi theocratic warmongers. Is that really what is happening? The reason people vote against their own interests is that they are ill-informed and manipulated by those that want them to vote against their own interests. People are easily panicked and confused. We have a herd mentality.

B: I moved from Chicago to “Chicagoland nw Indiana” to live in my mom’s lake house and most of these people open-carry and whine about paying for schools when they have no kids and some crazy person was using the N-word on a post the other day and no one seem to be bothered by it. Most Americans are terrible in my opinion, more so the further you go from a major city.

A: I am sad to hear that. Truly very sad. So there is no hope. The Powers That Be have won and manipulated all of us right out of our own country. You know “the other side” is losing, too, right? For all of their ignorance and bile, they, too, will be left destitute, their children starving, and their homes lost.

I know, we’ve tried to tell them they are voting against themselves, and they only cling more tightly to their own rhetoric in response, but it’s not them — it’s the REAL enemy that is telling them that if they listen to us, we’ll turn them all gay.

And while that might be fun, turning Pence and his ilk gay, it’s not what we would do. [smiley emoji]

B: My only hope is to fund quality education on a federal level and help get us all, as a society, to value education. I’m $80k in student loan debt and over $20k is interest! What a joke. I went to a state school for f—‘s sake. I wouldn’t bother getting my Master’s degree here. Look at how many Americans think Newtown was a false flag so Obama could take their guns. I know actual, actual people that think this.

 A: I know, it sucks. There is SO much wrong with America. I’m just saying we need to simplify and cut out the root of all of these problems, and bickering over who is more righteous isn’t the way to do it. First, cut out the cancer, then stitch up the wound and keep it disinfected. It seems the way we as a nation address our problems (and there are A LOT of them) is by shredding the body and making more problems. It’s like we have an autoimmune disease and we keep attacking ourselves rather than the virus that is hiding inside and manipulating the cells. We need to just stop and try to find a common ground from which all of us can identify the real disease. I know this is off-topic, but did you ever see that episode of Rick and Morty where some interdimensional worms created false memories of themselves as wacky, beloved characters? It’s that. That’s what America has become. We’re killing the family over our imaginary delusions being fed to us by a real enemy. And yeah, I get it — these are serious problems we need to fix — but we can’t do that until we identify and destroy the mutual threat.

B: I have only watched one episode because of the vomiting… I haven’t tried it again but I’m almost out of shows to watch in my studio so I will try it again

A: Yeah, it’s a very crude show. Hang on, I’ll find the exact episode [winky emoji].  And I hope I understand you, meaning that I hope I am not glossing over the problems you are identifying. They are serious f–ing problems. But I don’t think we can fix them until we identify and fix the REAL underlying problem. Who keeps giving these nut-balls their ideas? The episode is called “Total Rickall” s02e04.

B: I will watch it when I work later, thank you!

A: Thanks for the chat! It does help clear the vision. Have a good night. And don’t let the bastards get ya down.

B: You, too, and never [punching fist emoji]

[I’m not sure what the punching fist emoji meant, but I am glad we chatted]

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