Religion and Selective Evolution

Religion and evolution! Here are two topics that go well together. Let me kick these two turds around for a bit and let’s see what we come up with. This is a free-thought post meant to be a humorous consideration of how science is affecting our spiritual development. It’s what’s keeping me from sleep tonight.

There’s this guy, he’s a scientist. His name is Oliver Curry, and he is an evolutionary theorist at the London School of Economics, so you know economics will play into his evolutionary theory. And well it should, because his theory makes sense, at least to me.

Curry theorizes that humans will split into two sub-species in 100,000 years time. He says this split will occur because of the growing economic divide between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” The idea is that only the wealthiest class will have access to such new technologies as genetic augmentation (“designer babies“) and biological enhancement (“transhumanism,” which I have discussed on this blog before). Therefore, the wealthy elites will evolve into a super-species, better-looking, taller, smarter, svelter, stronger, longer (possibly immortal) lifespan, better-smelling, you name it. The rest of us will start to devolve into something more troll-like as we will no longer have access to the better DNA in our gene pools. And so we will have the two subspecies: The enhanced, and the unenhanced.

It is reminiscent of H.G. Welles’s story, The Time Machine, where, in the distant future, humans have also split into two sub-species: The Eloi and the Morlocks. The only difference is, the Eloi are small, elegant, childlike innocents, living the hippie commune lifestyle on the earth’s surface, up in the sun and in the grass, eating fruit and playing games. They are the blissfully ignorant food source of the Morlocks, the ape-like troglodytes that live beneath the surface, emerging only to round up unsuspecting Eloi to feed upon in their cavernous underworld. The Eloi live a natural existence, void of technology, while out of sight, underground, the Morlocks run all of the machinery and technology that makes the Eloi’s world possible. In this version, the beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing creatures are the ignorant ones, and the Morlocks, the ugly, troll-like beasties, are the ones with the tech.

In Curry’s theory, the beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing creatures will have the tech, as they will use it to enhance their appearance to achieve their renowned physical beauty. Meanwhile, the poorer, underdeveloped class will devolve into ignorant trolls who will lose their ability to develop technology altogether.  Curry says this will take about 100,000 years to happen, but I started thinking, what with the way technology develops exponentially, and the way certain sections of our society have already embraced the KFC Family Feast and reality TV over loftier intellectual pursuits, it may happen a lot sooner than that.

And then I thought, wait a sec… has this already happened?

What if we are the descendants of the less-fortunate sub-species that caught the short end of the evolutionary stick, and the more-fortunate advanced-and-enhanced sub-species are the so-called “aliens” we often report seeing flitting about in aircraft that have advanced beyond our understanding?

Many people who study the much-maligned field of “ufology” report that there are several species of “extraterrestrials.” Among these are the so-called “tall whites” or “Nordic” race, which are described as being very fair in appearance, tall in stature, physically fit, blond hair, blue eyes… well, you get the picture. They are the Swedish bikini team of alien races.


A far cry from the little bug-eyed “Grays” so often depicted in movies, eh? Many Ufologists claim the Grays are sort of biological androids that do little more than act as drones for these more advanced races, but this isn’t about them.

And then there’s us, modern homo sapiens-sapiens, who, comparatively speaking, are not nearly as developed or good-looking. Oh, we do have some lookers among us, no doubt, and some of us are truly brilliant, like Antony Garrett Lisi, whose work to develop a new “theory of everything” from E8 exceptional simple Lie groups has turned the world of theoretical physics on its head. Yet we are still woefully underdeveloped in comparison to the beings that our ancestors once thought of as gods. Keep in mind, these advanced beings have been flitting around us since we were painting images of their amazing and incomprehensible aircraft on the walls of our cave-dwellings. And as we have evolved and advanced our technological abilities, no doubt so have they. They must be a few million years ahead of us by now, at least. And keep in mind that technology evolves exponentially, so their tech has developed substantially faster than ours.

A few classic cave paintings, possibly painted by our envious ancestors as they watched the former “wealthy elite” of their civilization showboating around in their new rides

Now think back to the earliest recorded writings of our people, the tales carved into the cuneiform tablets that became our earliest religious books. The book of Genesis describes how our progenitors were kicked out of “Eden” — a paradise-like garden inhabited by Gods (I say “Gods” because the book of Genesis uses the Hebraic word Elohim, the plural form meaning “gods” or “magistrates”). What if that was when this evolutionary split last occurred? What if they evolved and were welcomed into a higher dimensional frequency of other advanced species, while the rest of us — the hoi polloi who had stayed home to watch that period’s equivalent of The Bachelor, growing poor and ignorant and stunted —  were left behind by these smarmy elitist bastards? Unable to maintain our civilization on our own merits, it collapsed, and we fell out of that paradise and back into the wilderness from whence our ancestors had struggled to emerge.

More and more the global scientific community is admitting that evidence of previous advanced civilizations has been discovered all over the globe. Evidence of technologies that should not have existed hundreds of thousand or millions of years ago have been unearthed and hidden away in museum basements simply because we could not explain their existence.

Take, for example, this hammer, which was found in 4-million-year-old strata. Who the hell made that?

I won’t get into listing more examples of these ancient advanced technologies because they could fill volumes. In fact, they have — just look at Michael Cremo’s extensive works under Forbidden Archeology.

I have said before, somewhere in this blog, that this world is a school, and the Meaning of Life is that we are here to learn, to evolve to higher life forms or “advanced souls.” And every so often, we have graduation. Some of us advance to the next grades, but the rest are doomed to fall back to Year One and repeat this grade. Remember the “serpent” in that Garden of Eden who told our progenitors that we could become like “gods” ourselves, if we only dared to pursue knowledge and not resign ourselves to being drone-like slaves?

I would suggest that this happens over and over again here on this little rock floating in space. Civilizations have risen, launched a group of graduates, and then collapsed back into ruin and new prehistoric periods. Perhaps it has happened on other rocks, like Mars. And just what the fuck did we do to THAT poor planet? Oh, the same thing we are doing to this one? Ah, yes.

But I am not writing this to lament the irreversible damage we are doing to this world’s environment. Planets heal — possibly with the help of those super-sexy upperclassmen we call “aliens” and/or “gods.” It takes a very long time from our perspective, but in the life of a planet, it’s not but a season.

As long as I am already off the deep end, let me mention another idea I had about the good ol’ Book of Genesis as evidence of science rather than miracles. Remember Genesis 1-2 where it says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” Keep in mind that these lines are translations from ancient languages like Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, etc., and they have been mistranslated and edited by tyrants and kings for centuries. We have to take them at their most basic definitions.

So the world was formless and empty, and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. Let me make a slight alteration, or as some will regard it, a huge and inaccurate leap, and say waters = wave. Something fluid, anyway.

Now let’s consider the infamous double-slit experiment. Followers of this blog know that I love the double-slit experiment. The video below explains it very clearly, but the gist of it is this: A particle behaves as a wave, and exists as all possibilities at once, until it is observed and forced to become a single reality. That is, a consciousness must perceive that particle in order to define its physical place and properties once and for all, otherwise, it is every possibility, a multitude of realities in one, which just won’t work for a physical world within which to develop said consciousness.

So you probably see where I am going with this. What if “The Spirit of God” is consciousness, and it created the “world” — the physical world we all know and love — simply by observing it, changing it from its waves of multiple realities (void and formless waters) to the solid, measurable particles that make up our corporeal realm?

From that perspective, it could be one omnipotent consciousness responsible for all of creation, or each of our own individual consciousnesses as they became aware of their physical surroundings — something none of us remember because our brains could not record memories at that early, possibly prenatal stage. After all, “reality” doesn’t really exist outside of our own minds. The eyes are not windows unto the world, and in fact, we cannot actually perceive anything outside of the walls of our skulls, except with the senses through which we create an image of our world within our own heads. This is the idea of Biocentrism, a very fascinating concept about how we misinterpret the reality of our own existences, and which goes so far as to say that concepts of death and time are simply illusions.

I highly recommend clicking that previous link and giving that article a read. It’s very thought-provoking, and may inspire future rambling posts like this one. The idea fits into simulation theory, which also suggests that if we’re not looking at it, or sensing it with the limited physical abilities provided to our mushy brains inside our dark little bone-jars, it simply does not exist. Right now, as you sit there and stare at this blog post, there is literally nothing behind you until you turn around and perceive it into existence.

However you choose to perceive your reality, we all have agreed on the parameters of the world in which we live. We are on the third planet from our sun, we live on masses of land often separated by water, we are governed by laws of physics and by laws of our own making, we elect idiots to tell us what to do and how to think, and if someone starts to act too radically against our agreed upon beliefs, we may choose to kill them. And the whole shit-show is held together by a force called “gravity.” Or so says the current agreement.

How we act and evolve on a personal level, however, makes all the difference. This is a school, after all — one that we ourselves are allowed to design. And graduation day is fast approaching. Will we be elevated to the higher grades of existence, or will we be left to wander the post-apocalyptic rubble, to tell ourselves the same old stories of a magical “Before Time” of advanced civilizations and technologies as we paint images of those weird lights in the sky on the walls of our caves? After a few generations, these tales will become the stuff of myth and legend, much like our current legends of Atlantis and Lemuria. We will continue to live, die, reincarnate, and develop, hopefully to one day rise up and graduate so that we do not have to keep repeating this grade.

“Let them all go to Hell, except Cave 76!”

In closing, I would just like to say that I think we made a huge mistake with money this time around. Creating a monetary system that allowed for people to advance not due to their intellectual and spiritual development, but rather by how much wealth they accumulated… well, it seems to have made for a very uneven evolutionary playing field. If the “haves,” the wealthy elite, are allowed to evolve simply because of the technological enhancements they can afford that the majority of us cannot, then this whole thing is just an even bigger disaster than I dare to imagine. If one can simply buy their way through school, what’s the point? Perhaps this is the real reason we say that money is the root of all evil. In this case, it is the root of ignorance and assholes achieving evolution rather than those that truly deserve it.

Nordics they are not. But daddy had money…

It is akin to the disparity of benefits afforded those who go to a private school in a wealthy community and not those who attend a public school in a poor community. I recall my days in grad school. I had chosen a major in the humanities. God help me, the humanities. Meanwhile, the university was throwing all of its financial backing to the programs that actually might turn a profit — the sciences and maths departments that might actually produce patentable works. I remember one semester I took summer classes, and one of my classes was held in a science classroom. The classrooms in the humanities programs had old, rickety wooden desks that had so much graffiti carved into them the wood would literally crumble in your hand. We had chalkboards and outdated overhead projectors that would overheat and melt transparencies. The science classroom had comfortable Formica desks with padded seats that reclined a bit so that you could see the massive flat-screen TVs connected to the classroom PC with full internet access. It was the same university, yet one classroom was set in the 1940s and the other was at the cutting edge of the 21st century.

If this world is a school, I hope to whatever “gods” running the administration that they are correcting for the unfair advantages being given to the wealthy, otherwise they will have unworthy assholes graduating with honors because daddy bought them the latest nanotech implants while hard-working, deserving yet disadvantaged students fall through the cracks and end up broke and in spiritual debt.

I dare say, if this is indeed the case, it could fuck up the entire system. It sure as hell has fucked up our system.


[One final thought. Imagine those poor kids who had to stay behind for summer classes while those that had graduated were free to enjoy their summer. Imagine one of those poor students trudging off to summer school when a convertible loaded with his former classmates cruises by and chucks an empty beer can at his head, mocking his failure to move up. Now imagine you are going about your business and some Nordic jerk flashes by in a flying saucer and beans you on the noggin with whatever passes for a beer can in their world. How do you feel?]



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