A Quick One: Kill Exxon.

I am declaring war on the fossil fuel industry… in my own tiny little way.

I’m not trying to preach at anyone, this is more an affirmation for myself. I know a lot of you have already taken measures to cut into the fossil fuel industry’s profits. I posted this meme a while ago. My fight will be with the fossil fuel industry. It has to die. It is literally us or it at this point.


I do think all of the GOP’s machinations against the environment are intended to warm the arctic so that their buddies at Exxon can drill in and ship through an area that is SUPPOSED to be frozen over. They would kill everything for their greed. If you work in the fossil fuel industry and say, “Well, we need these jobs!” get a new greener job, or don’t, I don’t care. You must realize this is bigger than you and your money problems. “I know it’s killing the planet we live on, but I needs to buy sammitches!”

Start by pressuring companies to invest in bioplastics. Get an electric car, even if you think it makes you look like a pussy. Or just man up and take public trans. Cut back on your energy use. Every little bit helps, from buying energy-saving lightbulbs to just turning off the damn light. Don’t take convenience over conservation. Is it any wonder Exxon-Mobile’s sign is that of the double-cross? They’re selling us all out for their own greed.


Dirty Double-Crossers. They’ll poison you, your air, your water, your land, your family… all for a few more bucks to line their soulless pockets.

If you want to see how the GOP is willfully killing the planet on which you and your family live, and poisoning the resources you need to survive, just go to Google and type in “Trump rolls back” and a laundry list pops up. Look at this screen shot:


They’re taking us all down for a death roll.

We are OUT OF TIME. Stop giving these assholes money. Pursue green energy. Despite their bullshit propaganda campaigns, it DOES work. Follow up on the Green New Deal. It’s either that, or your children will suffer and die. It is just that simple.

FOLLOW UP: Someone (one of my Conspiracy Cohorts) rebutted with an article about how Climate Change is a hoax. I looked into it, and I think it is far more logical that this is propaganda spun by the fossil fuel industry, which has much more to gain by way of profit to lie about the harmful effects of their products than a vague “hoax designed and implemented by a nefarious elite cabal to manipulate and control the world’s populace.” The aforementioned article closes with a line about how a war on carbon is a war on humanity because we are carbon-based life forms. Just illogical. Oxygen is technically poisonous, yet we breathe it. The properties of basic elements have very little to do with our biology. A war on fossil fuels being a war on humanity is like saying if we stop breathing oxygen, we’ll live longer. It is true that CO2 emissions are contributing around 70% to a greening of the planet, however, this is just one aspect of the overall “greenhouse” effect, which still means more destructive weather patterns, rising sea levels, and the fuckin’ ungodly HEAT that I hate, and that is killing other essential habitats like the Great Barrier Reef.

There has to be a better way.

Some would end this sort of rant with that catch-all command, “Change my mind.” I’ll just close with “Blow me.” 😉

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