A World of Frequencies


This is what this blog is for. I recall, when I started it, I promised I would explain the ever-puzzling ‘Meaning o’ Life.’ And I did that at some point, way back when… you’ll just have to dig around in the back stacks for it. For now, here is some more Truth (as defined by me, so… yeah, take that with a grain of salt or a shot of whiskey).

This is a world of frequencies. All matter is energy, and on a subatomic level, that energy is vibration. How we vibrate determines the kind of energy we are, make, and attract. The kind of energy we trade in (absorb and produce) affects our reality. Lower, or negative, frequencies bring us down to lower levels, like tuning our radio to the lower AM stations, where it’s all crappy talk and religion and shit. Positive, or higher, frequencies, get us up to where the good music is.

The concepts of “Heaven” and “Hell” exist as the concepts of the highest and lowest frequencies. Sadly, where our world is now, is VERY close to the Hell end of the spectrum. That’s why there is so much suffering and evil in our world — it’s bleeding through from the lower frequencies. I think of this whenever I see sad stories of little children getting hurt, or of sad, lonely old people.

That yellowish line there, that’s us heading in the WRONG direction.

I saw two things recently. One was a little girl in Korea whose father is American and her mother is Korean. Due to her father’s DNA, she is noticeably bigger than the other little girls in her preschool class, and this causes her to be shunned a bit by her fully-native classmates. Halloween is a new tradition here in Korea, and it has grown in popularity from the western English teachers who pass out candy to their students who wear costumes to their classes. The Korean parents thought the idea of their youngsters in costumes was adorable, so in Seoul, they’ve designated a park where the wee tots can go in their costumes and collect candy with their friends. I saw a video of this adorable little girl, dressed in the cutest little Big Bad Wolf costume, carrying her little plastic pumpkin around to get candy, and all the other children would move away from her. All the other wee tots were playing together in their costumes, trading candy, as their parents recorded videos for posterity. This bigger little girl only had her parents, and while she was happy to get candy, you could tell she was hurt that she wasn’t fitting in with her peers.

It may seem like a little thing, but it almost broke me, and again I asked myself why we humans — all of us — have this capacity for accepting even the smallest cruelty. It’s not like the other children were beating her up and taking her candy, but she was left out nonetheless, and that hurts, too. It breaks hearts.

The other thing was at the other end of the age spectrum. It was a note someone had posted on their social media feed that had been written by an isolated old woman, 90 years old, who had no one in her life. The note was left at her neighbor’s door, asking if her neighbor would be her friend. It said, “I am so lonesome and scared.” No one should ever feel like that at any age. Thank the frequencies that her neighbor was a kind woman, and she and her daughter paid the old woman a visit and they have since become friends. But think of all of the old people out there in that same awful situation who have no one, and no way of reaching out.

This is the evil seeping into our world. And evil begets evil. These negative energies create more negative energy, and it grows exponentially. Sure, we see evil on a perceptively larger scale every day, but it’s all the same toxic, negative shit. Big evil creates small evil that only grows. It’s reproduction on a cosmic scale — As the esoteric teaches us: As Above, So Below.

Certain spiritual teachers knew this, and they taught their people about these dangers. We call this “The Christ,” as a consciousness. Christ has been around before Yeshua (The one now called “Jesus” due to poor translation). Yeshua was actually in the “priesthood of Melchisedech,” as was John the Baptist before him, and Siddhartha (Buddha) was also a Christ consciousness. Before all of them was Enki/Osiris, Thoth… there have been MANY Christ Consciousnesses. Sadly, these older teachings get turned to dogma, and people just believe out of ritual and hearsay-heresy rather than knowledge. They do not bother to study these old teachings. Those right-wing evangelical self-professed “Christians” in the U.S. today are the worst, and they should fear a return of the Christ. They’d be some of the first to get their comeuppance. They need a good ass-kicking and an education with it.

This makes me smile every Christmas 🙂

When I think of evangelicals, I think “Fuck them, they deserve it.” But then my frequency drops. That’s how it works. Anger, hate, fear — these are the negative energies. They allow more negative energies into our world and they bring all of this reality down. Ever heard old hippies say, “You’re bringing me down, man”? Well, there’s a reason people use expressions like that. The world is fluid energy, and where it goes is determined by that energy, whether it is uplifting to a more peaceful, loving utopian world where everyone gets the emotional sustenance they need to stay well, or whether it is from the more negative side, causing dis-ease in the collective. Right now, we are sinking into dis-ease, disharmony with our true selves. We are very close to the Hell frequencies, and we are seeing it reflected in our world, in all of the suffering we are seeing around us, and we see it more and more over political bullshit and religious bullshit.

We all know politics today are just plain evil no matter how you look at ’em, but religion is also NOT a good thing. Much of it is based on good ideas, good teachings, but no one takes the time to learn where they came from or why they were taught in the first place, and we end up with the dogma, and we get… well, hateful, judgemental evangelical types who bring in more negativity by making others angry, hateful, or fearful.

You know how in the Bible, which is just a collection of ancient texts from when humans first learned a written language, how they describe people as being hundreds of years old? This is because, back then, our world was in a higher frequency, and our bodies were able to rejuvenate more effectively. In the Dark Ages, human life expectancy dropped to its lowest point — and we are heading into a new Dark Age, thanks to religion and other stupidity.

Let’s consider water. Water is fluid, and it is very mystical and mysterious, just like our reality. And we are, what, 60% water? It speaks to our world. If you are not familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, look into it. They’ve had similar results with rice. As Above, So Below.

The idea that this is a “physical” world is an illusion as we are merely colliding with particles that are vibrating at our own frequency. We can see these with our eyes, but really, everything we think of as “reality” is just a mental projection inside of our own skulls. We’re not really seeing the full, true world that exists outside of our heads. Evil influences want to bring everyone down to their level, because they are just miserable sumbitches, and now that they have a strong influence in our shared reality, they control the media. I’m referring, of course, to the Jews NO I’M KIDDING. Just trying to break the process here. It’s not really any one individual or group of us — it’s these negative frequencies and the entities that reside in them, and those they control. Like the evangelicals. 😉 Sure, call me “new-agey” and an “old hippie,” but the science is starting to prove me right.

[Afterthought: Yes, there are other entities out there in the spectrum that are not always visible to our eyes. As we lower ourselves closer to the Hell frequency through our mass-negativity, we are seeing more of the evil ones — shadow people, “black-eyed kids,” and various other demonic forms. You will also notice we are getting fewer reports of faeries, pixies, and angelic forms. For more details on these entities, check out John Keel’s books The Mothman Prophecies and Our Haunted Planet. Forewarning, tho — they will keep you up at night.]

So watch your vibes, people. Don’t let the assholes bring you down. Don’t let the evangelical types tell you to fear perceived threats based on nothing. So-called “Christian” evangelicals are just as bad as any other religious zealotry, they have their own Sharia Law, the very thing they fear so much. They are ALL ISIS. Every religion has that dogma, and they all have those zealots. Those assholes are Hell-bound. ALL of them.


Remember the REAL threat — the negative energy those zealots are promoting. Honestly, what WOULD “Jesus” do? Would he hate your neighbor for being Muslim? Would he scorn the homosexual? Would he kick out the immigrant seeking refuge for their family after his government destabilized their government and turned their neighborhood over to some local warlord? Fuck no. There is room for everyone. If you don’t agree with someone else’s choices, love them anyway. Fuck your superiority complex.

I have said this before and I will say it ’til I die: TWO RULES, people.

  1. Never hurt any other sentient being, either physically or emotionally. When you do (and you will, we are human and we make mistakes), apologize.
  2. Never enforce your opinions, ideologies, or beliefs on anyone else. Share them, discuss them, learn from them, but never enforce them. Live as you choose, and let others do as well.

That’s it. Anything that doesn’t violate those two rules, have at it. Or, as all of the Teachers have always said and yet we STILL ignore: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. BE NICE, you fucking idiots. You don’t have to love everything, but for the sake of the Heaven frequency, BE NICE. And not that fake, judgmental “nice” the evangelical types puke up with a side of perceived superiority. Be GENUINELY nice. Seek the truth — don’t believe the bullshit the negative-owned media is promoting, trying to instill more fear into you. (Example: No, schools are NOT teaching children to be homosexual. But DO watch your schools for any other indoctrination outside of these rules! Look at the idiot in charge of education in the U.S. today. Good Lord!)

Be nice, seek truth, fuck fear. That’s what Jesus — YESHUA… Essau? I don’t really know — CHRIST would do. Anyone who does otherwise is not a Christian. It’s that simple.

Raise the frequency, folks. Let’s stop turning on each other, and tune in that Heaven we’ve been hearing so much about.


-Ape Out.

[In remembrance of President John F. Kennedy, murdered by conspiracy on this day 56 years ago.]

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