The Pit and the Pendulum: The Very Real Threat


Alright, fun’s been had. Food was eaten. Gifts were exchanged. Booze was drunk and weed was smoked. A new year is dawning, and now we need to get down to brass tacks. This is a warning and a call to action. (No, seriously.)

For the two of you who follow this blog, I would ask that you forward this or a similar message on to anyone you can find. This is important. You may not see the big picture right now, but very soon you will, and by then it will be too late. Indeed, it may already be too late.

This goes beyond politics, although that is a big part of it.

This goes beyond corruption in religion and entertainment, although these, too, are a big part of it.

This goes beyond our physical senses, and this is a very, very big part of it.

You might recall that about a month ago, I posted an article to this blog entitled, “A World of Frequencies.” After you read this, I would suggest reading that one for a more in-depth explanation of what is going on and how it is affecting our world in a very real way.  A World of Frequencies explained how our perceived physical world is really just an illusion projected by our nervous systems as a hologram inside our skulls. Our reality is actually part of a much larger, more fluid world that is based on frequencies — vibrations of sub-atomic particles and other mysterious crap that only CERN physicists can understand. In short, we only perceive a very limited portion of the full spectrum of the entire “world,” or “macroverse,” or “spiderverse” or whatever you want to call it. We are adrift in a vast sea of frequencies in our little skull-boats, only perceiving what we see as being in the skull-boat with us. There is so much more — and a lot of it is pretty damn scary.

A lot of it is pretty damn good, too, so there is that. The problem is, the energy, frequency, or vibrations we put out draw us closer to either the higher end of the spectrum (what some religions call “Heaven”), or to the lower end (“Hell”). It is analogous to the atmospheres of our earth — the higher up, the more pleasant the view. The sky is full of beautiful, singing birds (at least, it used to be), the land we occupy has some lovely things and sunny days, the upper atmosphere of the ocean is also similar, with its sprawling coral reefs (at least, it used to be) and gentle creatures like dolphins, seals, and narwhals. There is a fair mix of danger and nastiness in there, too — black mold, bile, centipedes, oil spills, and evangelicals — to represent the balance of our macroverse.

The further down you get into the depths, however, the uglier things become. There is evil down there. Darkness. Death.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin - Stenella Plagiodon
Higher frequencies…                                              and lower frequencies.

The same is true of the invisible world around us — as above, so below. And as I discussed in A World of Frequencies, we can move our reality in a collective way, up and down those frequencies. And right now, we are moving faster and faster toward the bad end of the spectrum.

As a result, we are seeing less outside influence from the higher energies — the good entities that are kind and helpful — and more influence from the lower energies — the bad entities that want to drag us down into their Hell-like world and feed off of our energy.

In fact, I dare say that this negative influence has already firmly sunk its gnarly fangs and claws into our collective consciousness by taking control of every pillar of our society: Religion, politics, entertainment, and press/media. They did this by manipulating the power-addicted wealthy elitists that own all of these pillars.

I know people say, ‘Well, things have always been seen as bad at every point in history,’ and ‘people have been saying the world is ending for centuries,’ and yes, they have, and we have somehow managed to move back up the spectrum, swinging from the dark back to the light and then back again like a pendulum. But have you noticed that each swing of our collective pendulum seems to carry more force than the previous swing? For example, the pendulum now has access to nuclear weapons, and nuclear reactors, and nuclear waste. In short, there is a lot more killing power in each new swing. Or, perhaps more accurately, we are losing energy, and the pendulum is settling at that lowest frequency as represented in this crude drawing:

Perhaps it is cyclical, or circular. That would seem to be an ‘as above, so below’… and we are swinging low, folks.

Either way, we hear a lot of talk in the mainstream media that we are heading for an ELE — an Extinction-Level Event — that we are facing down our world’s sixth big extinction: The Holocene Extinction. And this is a big one because, well — it’s US! This isn’t the dinosaurs or the Atlanteans or the giant sloths or the Martians — it’s you and me and all of our friends and family.

If you look back at the Earth’s record, it goes back a long, long, long way. There have been other advanced civilizations on this planet before, either seeded by a foreign species or home-grown, but they have always met with the same fate. Every time, that pendulum seems to slow and disintegrate at that low point on the frequency spectrum.

My point here is this: How many times are we going to fail and fall back to Year 0? Right now, immortality is truly within our grasp! That precious golden ring of achieving a perfect civilization that can live on forever, seed itself to new worlds, and spread life and good television shows throughout the universe is almost within our grasp. Look into it — it’s true. Science is making incredible leaps ahead every day. There is talk of warp-drive space travel being an attainable goal. Nanotechnology can allow us to stop the aging process and repair worn-out bodies on the cellular level. Death could, in a generation or two, become a thing of the past for our species and any species we choose to share our technologies with. Every day, we see articles about new biotechnologies that can repair the damage we have done to our planet — plastic-eating microbes, a machine that can turn plastic into fuel, devices that can clean our oceans, new energy sources that HAVE ALREADY made fossil fuels obsolete.

We are so close.

So what is preventing this tremendous leap forward? Religion. Politics. Money, and the hold it has on our media.

SOMETHING does not want us to achieve true Fulfillment, SOMETHING wants us right there in that dark pit of despair and debt-slavery and death. And this SOMETHING is what I would call “Satan.” Or whatever. It’s EVIL, that’s the point. It is the dark evil forces at the bad end of the frequency spectrum, the very ones that are pulling us down right now, the ones that has always been there, the very same that all Enlightened beings have been warning us about since we first developed language. And the closer we get to them, the more influence they have on our perceived reality.

This is the same story we have all heard since we were babies — both as individuals and as a civilization. We are created, told we can become like “gods” ourselves… remember the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge? I put it to you before on this blog, and I am saying it again here, that in the book of Genesis, the Serpent represented the GOOD guy — a being whose sigil was that of the serpent. S/he was a healer, and this is why human DNA is often represented as two serpents intertwined, and why the caduceus, the symbol for the medical profession, has two serpents intertwined.

The noblest profession. At least, it used to be before money and Big Pharma and Big Insurance got into it. “First, do no harm.”

I go into this in more depth here (same link as above, I know, but it bears repeating), but the point of this bit is that we were told how to achieve the higher frequencies time and again, and time and again, this information was hijacked by the negative forces: Religion, politics, and their hold on our media.

Look at where we are now. I’m going to talk about the United States of America here, but it is a global problem as it is happening everywhere. The USA is just the most blatant example. The United States is at a point of such civil disorder that there is actually talk of the possibility of a second civil war. The USA has never in its history been so divided, except… well, during the FIRST Civil War. The Trumptards are at war with the Libtards, and no one on either side is going to change their mind at this point unless there is a gun pointed at it, and it just may come to that.


Look, I am not going to take sides in this heated debate as I can see merit on BOTH sides, and this is important. If I had to choose a side, I’m with the Libtards on this one, but I can understand where the Trumptards are coming from. We all fear the same thing — to become slaves to something dark and sinister. But as we fight each other over this same point, the TRUE dark and sinister force is enslaving ALL of us. It’s the old Divide & Conquer ploy.

Let’s look at the political issue in the United States as it is a micro-representation of what our very reality is facing today.

What is happening in the USA today goes back more than fifty years, to the creation of the central bank (“The Fed” which is not a Federal institution at all), and the Business Plot of 1933. The United States started with such promise and light that it became a target for those dark forces that exist outside of our physical senses. They do not register in the skull-boat illusion, and that is where they have the advantage because too many people do not want to believe anything exists outside of their safe little skull-boat — certainly nothing with a sinister mind. Slowly, however, the sciences are catching them out on the quantum level. This is why religion is a bad thing, but we’ll get to that later. (Spoiler alert: Religion hates science.)

Now we are in the End Game of that plot, a plot that will result in us all ending up enslaved to the dark forces, regardless of our religious or political opinions. Donald Trump is an idiot. He is a selfish, narcissistic, mental man-baby and there’s no arguing that even though some of you might try. However, Hillary Clinton is an evil entity in her own right, and she is clever. Her side is darkness, too, and she is perhaps even more dangerous than Donald Trump because her evil is backed up by a conniving intelligence.

And that is what happened to us. That is where the lines were drawn. Like the Ghostbusters who had to choose the form of their destruction, we had to choose between a big, dumb marshmallow man (a bull released in the china shop of our fragile democracy), or a demonic woman who treated everyone as fodder if they were not gods like her.

I love this scene in the movie, because it so perfectly represents what America’s political system has become. Poor Ray, knowing he is powerless, still tries to effect change by voting — “as a duly-designated representative of the city, county, and state of New York.” Venkman, on the other hand, sees the futility of this and says sarcastically, “That oughta do it, thanks very much, Ray.” That is exactly how I feel when I see people thinking that voting will change anything at this point. Poor Ray’s pointless attempt is met with derision and an attempt to wipe him and his friends out completely.  In the end, they had to cross the streams — cross partisan lines and join forces.

This is the American political process today. It DOES NOT MATTER if you vote Republican or Democrat, you’re still voting for Zuul. You’re just getting to choose which embodiment of the same evil you want to kill you.

I have said this time and again, and I will say it until we are all extinct or until it is carved into a granite slab hovering 1,000 feet in the air and encircled by a ring of fire and singing cherubs: It is not Republican versus Democrat. It is not Black versus White. It is not Christian versus Muslim. It is and has always been the Wealthy Elite versus YOU. You have served your purpose as a work force, building the world as they want it, and now your usefulness is done. Now they need you gone because, well, quite frankly, all that hard work has made you stink and they took all your clean water away so you can’t bathe.

They are taking EVERYthing from you. As they get us fighting over the same bullshit, they are destroying our world, and telling us there’s nothing that can be done about it, and this just compounds that negative energy we are producing.

They took the teachings of those wonderful, kind, enlightened beings and corrupted them into the religions of the world today. So-called “christians” (evangelicals) love a good Dark Age, when the church controls the world, and science, education, and reading are the Devil’s playthings. And at the risk of receiving a good ol’ fashioned Fatwa, Islam is no better. Before Muhammad, the Arabic cultures were at the forefront of mathematics and scientific breakthroughs that still benefit all of humanity and the world today. Look at their world now, torn apart by war and suffering. And don’t get me started on the Jewish folks!

That previous paragraph is very tongue-in-cheek and should be taken with a block of salt and a bit of a sense of humor. I am wagging no finger at any one religion. They ALL suck, and they ALL harbor pedophiles. My point is, ALL religion is bad. My biggest problem today with religion lies squarely with the so-called evangelical “christians” in the USA. I use quotations and a lower-case ‘c’ for them because if anyone should fear a return of the Christ, it’s those judgmental assholes. They will be the first to be cast down into the lower-frequency “Hell.” True Christians, true Muslims, true Jews, true Buddhists, true Pastafarians, true what-have-yous, are those that follow the True Teachings. They can be summed up by the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In short, be kind. Don’t judge. Don’t assume that you have the inside dope on the “right” belief system. You may remember my own two suggestions for living a holy life:

  1. Never hurt any other sentient being. And when you do (because you will; you are human), apologize.
  2. Never enforce your opinions, beliefs, or ideologies on anyone else. Share them, discuss them, but never enforce them. Live as you wish and allow others the same freedom.

I cannot tell you how much it pisses me off when people break that second rule. I want to set them on fire. I really do. But then I am only feeding that negative energy.

Then there is the entertainment and media pillars that tell us what to think. They don’t wait for us to elect a candidate, they TELL us who will be the choice given to us. They did this with Hillary Clinton. Every media outlet was saying, ‘Yeah, look, we know a lot of you like that Bernie Sanders guy, but it’s gonna be Hillary, OK? So don’t waste your vote on Bernie or you’ll get Trump!’ And how did that work out? And now they are doing it again, only this time it’s another corporate lackey, Joe Biden. Do you think he’s gonna change the system?

Look at the past fifty years of elections in the United States. During their campaigns, they always talk a big game, they always make it sound like they have opposing plans, but what has really changed in the last 50 years? REALLY? They argue over ineffectual non-issues to create an illusion of change, a smoke-and-mirror show of new laws being passed and old ones being repealed, but at the core of their policies, what has really changed? You still can’t afford decent health care. You still get taxed to the gills while the mega-wealthy pay $o in taxes. You still get that same big dick shoved up your ass and the only thing that changes is the color. One year it’s red, the next year it’s blue.

There’s your real choice America. Choose and perish!


This is why we need a new 3rd party. But guess what the media tells you every year when you try to get a third-party candidate in there: “You’re throwing your vote away!” or “He’s a socialist, and socialism is EVIL!” Yep, anything that is good for you but bad for them is “evil.” Always has been. Fuck them. You’re throwing your vote away anyway when you keep voting for the same assholes.

And all of this — ALL of it — all of the nonsense, the debates, the late-night comedians telling you three months before the primaries, “Yeah, you’re gonna vote for Hillary,” or “Yeah, it’s gonna be Joe,” all of the Trumptards screaming at the Libtards and threatening to go fetch their shootin’ irons if anyone tries to remove the Godlike cult-head from office, because fuck the Satanic Deep State…

People, people, people. It’s ALL the Satanic deep state! It always has been, ever since they spun the Old Testament to make the evil one “God” and the wise, friendly one with the serpent sigil who tried to teach us how to rise above servitude “Evil.” It’s the same old story, 2000+ years on, and NOTHING HAS FUCKING CHANGED.

We are still sliding faster and faster into those evil frequencies, and THAT is what is really happening. THAT IS THE VERY REAL THREAT.

It makes you mad, doesn’t it? It makes you angry. Everything the “Other” side does, it just pisses you off to the point where you could see yourself happily setting the other side on fire. I get that, too, when I see shit like this:


Or this:


Or this:

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Mobile, Alabama

Or this:

And I hate more than anything to see my fellow humans at each other’s throats over it all, because it’s ALL THE SAME BULLSHIT. All of it is just a puppet show luring us further down the frequencies, killing our world and ourselves.

We are so close to the Eternal Life and Salvation promised by every Enlightened being ever. As the Christ said, “The Kingdom of God is not above or below us, but all around us. It is in our midst!” But these Dark Ones do not want us to have that. They want that for themselves, and they want to feed on our energy to get it. So whenever a new breakthrough is made, they take it away and keep shoveling the same shit on us: Fossil fuels. Bad health care. Today, Americans are taking antibiotics made for fish while their representatives in Congress enjoy top-notch health care for life at a fraction of the cost dumped on the rest of us. Bad education. Religion. If it’s endless war and suffering, they have endless funds for it. If it’s something that could HELP us, then no, that’s out of our price range. Their logic is full of shit and it shows. And it shows everywhere in our world, in every country. And it will only get worse because that’s the plan. That has always been the plan.

We need to stop. We need to turn it off and turn to that higher light AND I DO NOT MEAN RELIGION. I mean Truth.

I am not your enemy. You are not mine. All of that shit I’ve been rambling about above, THAT is OUR enemy. Our COMMON ENEMY. And we need to start recognizing that RIGHT NOW or we’re done. It’s all over. We will all go to Hell together.

THAT is the ONLY Truth we need to agree upon, and we need to agree on it NOW.


This is not what winning looks like. It’s time to fight.


— As Always,

Your Loving Ape


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