The Evangelical Doomsday Cult Behind the GOP

The ugly turn politics has taken in recent years in the U.S. is disheartening for most, but while most people just think of it as “crazy,” if you dig a little deeper, you will see a method to the madness. And that method is seriously intended to bring about the End of Days.

I am no fan of either of the main political parties in the United States. Although my political leanings are more to the left, I see the mainstream Democrats to be just as corrupt as the Republicans. I tend to view both parties as sock puppets on separate hands of the same monster, fueled by corporate greed and a disgusting disregard for the well-being of the masses.

These days, however, the political rivalry between the ol’ Red and the Blue has taken on a much deeper meaning for many people, and this is because of the rampant misinformation available to those who have stopped listening to the mainstream media because they are sick of being manipulated by corporate mouthpieces. Alternative news has given rise to a shockingly disproportionate understanding of the world we live in. On one side, you have the Democrats, a group of child-sacrificing Satanists hoping to turn the world over to their dark demonic masters led by the Clintons and Obama. On the other, the Republicans, a group of Holy-Warrior racists hell-bent on creating an American Taliban of ultra-right-wing, Old Testament “Christian”-Shariah law in which the wealthy elite rule supreme over a serfdom of debt-slaves. In the balance hangs the fate of the soul of America and all of humanity.

This deep divide is largely due to the internet and the perfect environment it has created for conspiracy theories to thrive unchecked. Of COURSE we all know John Podesta kidnapped, raped, and murdered then-three-year-old Madeleine McCann. Just look at the sick artwork he collects. And he was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, and we all know about her connections to Pizzagate.

Actual artwork owned by John Podesta. No kidding.

And we all know that Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” But how many of us know that Anthony Weiner, disgraced dick-pic congressman and ex-husband to Hillary’s BFF Huma Abedin had a file on his computer labeled “insurance” in which he kept a video of Hillary and Huma cutting the face off of a small girl and wearing it over their own as they laughed and laughed? No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, ask your local QAnon fan and I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you all about it.

And what of the Republicans? Unlike the Democrats and their shadowy deep-state skulduggery, the GOP’s shady shenanigans have gone mainstream in the media these days, thanks to the insane ramblings of their God-appointed leader, Donald J. Trump. I mean, seriously… he must have some form of dementia, right? Is he even aware of where he is? But ask his base and they will all tell you that he is a super-genius, the best president ever, and yes, perhaps even the Messiah come back to finally kick those damned Democrats back into Hell where they belong. Throw in the GOP leaders who will protect him no matter what he says or does, and you have an untouchable cult of personality the likes of which would make Kim Jong Un blush. Even if Trump carried out his threat of shooting someone dead in broad daylight on 5th Avenue, the likes of Senators “Moscow Mitch” McConnell (R-KY) and Lindsey “The Southern Dandy” Graham (R-SC) would say that he is above the law and refuse to see any other evidence or hear any witnesses that might contradict that line, even if it were spelled out in the U.S. Constitution itself.

No matter which side your personal views fall on, whether you believe the unproven (but still not completely dismissable) claims against the Democrats or the widely accepted and often admitted Constitution-defying atrocities of the GOP, these two parties have never been so divided, and so ready to sacrifice country for party. It is painfully obvious that the United States is currently in a state of Civil War, albeit a cold one. And the chance is very real that, come November 2020, it will go from cold to hot. Whether you just don’t like the liberal ideals of the Democrats or the conservative views of the Republicans, regardless of the internet rabble, very few people, no matter how level-headed, are going to cross party lines.

Why do Americans always have to go to such extremes, that the Red and the Blue are now so irreconcilably divided in the U.S.A.? (We may have to remove that ‘U’ from our moniker, unless we change it to ‘Uncompromising’.) But what about those of us firmly planted in the non-racial White of our tri-colored flag, those of us sitting in the middle, calling for reason from the two now-extremes with appeals of, “Now, now — you’re BOTH awful!” Perhaps our numbers are growing as the more reasonable flee from the extremist views and blatant corruption of both parties? Where is the balanced third party that the U.S. so desperately needs? So far, the best chance of reunification we have appears to be Bernie Sanders, that cantankerous old coot who appeals to the corporate-corruption haters on both sides.

Well, there I go again, letting my own true colors show in an article that is supposed to be about the very real threat posed by the group behind the group in power. The group in power is, of course, the GOP, who control the Senate and the White House, and can therefore stop the Democrats cold no matter what evidence those deep-state liberal loonies produce to support their causes. And the group behind the GOP today? The power behind the throne?

Evangelicals. And one of the top Evangelicals sits at the POTUS’s right hand, and, perhaps, has been whispering in his ear this whole time.


Oops, wrong photo. Here:


That right there is VP Mike Pence, a man who is deeply into the Evangelical movement, a man so “Christian” that he can’t trust himself to be alone at a table with a woman unless his wife is present.

Many people see the Evangelicals in America as an out-of-touch group of stupid white people, and yes, they are precisely that, by and large. But there is a LOT of money there as well, and in America, money is power. And power corrupts. It has certainly corrupted their interpretation of the Gospel. Christ Himself would be disgusted by these cretins. So let’s take a closer look at these Evangelical “Christian Fascists” and the influence they have on the current United States Government.

First of all, as the Good Book says, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Well, the Evangelicals apparently never got that far into their reading of scripture, because boy howdy! Do these people love to judge! They tend to assume that freedom is meant only for white, straight, protestant, economically-advantaged English-speaking folk from the United States. Anyone else… well, there’s a sliding scale. If you’re of a darker hue in flesh, and a follower of a fellow called Muhammad, and English is not your first language, well… you might be Satan. And if you’re the sort that prefers the physical company of same-bodied individuals, well, you’re definitely going to Hell to burn for all eternity. Therefore, you may not be entitled to the same freedoms that the United States was promised to guarantee to everyone — freedoms like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to vote, and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you’re pregnant, however, your fetus is guaranteed these rights right up until it draws its first breath. Then it is on its own, and subject to the same prejudices.

Of course, to support their claims, they will quote you their favorite cherry-picked bits of the Bible, chapter and verse. Never mind that the laws of the United States were never meant to be subject to Christian Biblical interpretation. And never mind that the Bible will contradict itself several times, depending on the chapter and verse you are reading. And never mind that these pseudo-Christians ignore other “laws” within the Bible, such as sharing what they have with the poor (Luke 3:11), observing the Sabbath on Saturday (Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 20:8-11; Isaiah 58:13-14; 56:1-8; Acts 17:2; Acts 18:4, 11; Luke 4:16; Mark 2:27-28; Matthew 12:10-12; Hebrews 4:1-11; Genesis 1:5, 13-14; Nehemiah 13:19.), and not wearing clothing of mixed fabrics (Lev. 19:19, Deut. 22:11). And that bit about removing the beam from thine own eye before addressing the speck in your neighbor’s? Yeah, where’s the fun in that?

Evangelicals are hypocrites of the worst sort. They have no concept of the actual teachings of Christ. They think his name was actually “Jesus,” and they still address him as such despite there being no /J/ in the Aramaic alphabet. Biblical scholars vary somewhere between Yeshua and Essau as the correct pronunciation, yet these phony Christians in their phony hair, phony faces, and flashy jewelry go into their big glass mega-curches and wave their flabby arms around, shouting the wrong name, and throwing their money behind any greasy politician that will pass laws that support their corrupted views.  It’s as though they believe there is a passage in the Bible that says, “And Jesus rode up on His jewel-encrusted mare, His hair resplendent in golden highlights obtained at the hottest boutique in Judea. Adorned in the finest silk robes of highest fashion and expense, He entered His mega-church of many windows. He flashed His jeweled rings and gold chains at the multitude as He strode up to the pulpit, and, taking His solid gold staff from its velvet coffer, tore into the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.”

Creepy Doomsday Cult of phony Christians praying over the guy they are paying to destroy the Earth so that Jesus will come save them

The hypocrisy is theirs, and they appear to revel in it. They seem to forget, or be totally ignorant of the fact, that “Jesus of Nazareth” meant “Yeshua of the poor.” The city of Nazareth didn’t exist until 100 years after the crucifixion, and Nazarene means “poor.” Yeshua was likely a member of the Essene, a sect of Jewish people who took a vow of poverty — standing in stark contrast to those Evangelical cult leaders who buy private jets like they’re collecting baseball cards.

The worst sin of the Evangelicals is not greed, gluttony, pride, or even lust, however. Their greatest sin is in their push to bring about the End of Days by destroying the Earth in order to hasten the return of their white-skinned, golden-haired Jesus. And this is where their Chosen One, Donald J. Trump, comes in. See, they do not think Trump was chosen as the Messiah. They are well aware of his sins and his stupidity. They believe he is here to herald the Rapture and the subsequent Apocalypse, and they are throwing money at him and his GOP enablers to give him carte blanche to destroy the Earth. And he is carrying out this mission of destruction with gusto.

So far, the Trump administration has rolled back no fewer than 95 environmental protections. From air and water pollution to toxic substances and protections for animals, Trump is a one-man planet-killing machine. And they love him for it, because they can see their dream of the End of Days in every destructive stroke of his stupid pen. And there is big money behind this Evangelical doomsday cult today, throwing cash and prizes into the pockets of every GOP enabler that is helping Trump to destroy everyone’s future.

This nutjob actually has an office in the White House.

If destroying the environment is not enough, then destroying everything else is also on the agenda. They want to start World War III with Iran, North Korea, Russia — ANYone, as long as it brings about the Apocalypse. These pseudo-Christians do not really like Jews, but they really like the prophecy that once Israel retakes the Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem and reinstates the practice of animal sacrifice, the End of Days will commence. And when Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, they got a holy hard-on for their orange Antichrist.

All the while, they are trying to wipe their fingerprints from the weapon that will murder a world, by dumbing down the general population and enforcing their dogmatic idiocy on public schools. Betsy DeVos, Trump’s hand-picked Secretary of Education, is the poster-woman for the typical big-hair, bad-make-up face of wealthy, out-of-touch, stupid Evangelical women. She didn’t get appointed to her position because she knows anything about education. She’s there because she threw money into Operation Rapture. A LOT of money. And the Evangelical masterminds behind her tell her what to (not) teach in our schools. So much for separation of Church and State. The big glass mega-church IS the State today.

This is the Church AND the State. Seriously. WWJD?

They openly lie, blatantly flaunt the law, and face no repercussions. The way the GOP is blocking the entire legislative system and openly disparaging the accepted system of checks and balances seems to indicate that not only do they have no intention of ever giving up power, but that they are already aware that they won’t have to. Their flagrant voter tampering schemes such as voter suppression, purging, and gerrymandering may have ensured that they can rig any election in the foreseeable future. And the incessant floundering and in-fighting of the Democratic Party only furthers their hold on politics.

A quick word on the core problem with the DNC, which is Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allowed billionaires to buy elections. Citizens United opened the door for corporate corruption in the electoral process, and the Republicans make no bones about that being their very platform. They as much as openly state that billionaires should rule like gods. The DNC’s platform is supposed to be the antithesis of this, and yet in order to stand any chance against corporate money, they must play the Citizens United game and cater to that same corporate money. This seemingly oxymoronic, hypocritical situation makes them look dishonest and shady, and, well, they ARE, after all. And this does not help to quell public suspicions that they are, in fact, a Satanic deep-state.


And let’s not forget the mega-millions of people like Foster Friess in Wyoming and the uber-pseudo-religious Greens of Hobby Lobby craft store chain-fame whose family is among the richest in America, right up there with the Waltons of WalMart. The list of publicly-quiet, big-money individuals, families, and groups goes on and on. You don’t fill a multi-million-dollar megachurch with only a handful of people. How much money do you think is represented in that one church in the photo above alone? And every cent is being put toward their concept of “praxis,” or “faith in action.”

And their action is not to help the poor and downtrodden of the world. It is not to clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, or feed the hungry. Their action is all about bringing about the End of Days, because of all of their misunderstandings about the teachings of Christ, their greatest misunderstanding is this:

They think that they will be the ones to be Raptured up to Heaven. In truth, however, these Evangelicals will be the first to get kicked down to the deepest shit-pits of Hell, simply because they used all of that money, all of their power, not to help the needy and improve the world, but to destroy God’s greatest work — our home. Our Earth. The cradle of life in this vast, cold, seemingly empty corner of space.

We were placed here as stewards, to look after and care for God’s creation*. And look what they are doing to it. Look at what they are doing to ALL of us, as they throw money behind the blathering, chosen idiot-in-chief, and the GOP parasites that cluster around him to lick up whatever drips off his fat, orange, vagina-necked chin. Watch as they shamelessly corrupt the system, poison the air, land, and water, and kill every living thing on Earth for corporate profit.


Whatever your views on American politics, however much you may distrust the Democrats — and justifiably so! — we must step back and, together, see the shadow behind this current administration and its GOP enablers as they turn a blind eye to the evils being done to our planet. Forget the political bickering. I don’t care about the current impeachment trial, other than the fact that it is showcasing how the GOP blatantly mocks the rule of law that once held our Republic together. Did Trump abuse his power and attempt to manipulate a foreign country to assist him in an election? Sure, probably. Is he the first to do that? Of course not. But whatever.

Whatever gets these people out of power and removes this Evangelical doomsday plot from our midst, we need to support it.

We are running out of time.

The Evangelical Doomsday Cult must be stopped.


[*I am no creationist. I do not believe the Bible is meant to be read literally. I have written about this before. Noah did not line up the animals two-by-two and put them all on a boat. I believe the Bible is truthful in the way Obi-Wan was truthful when he told Luke that Darth Vader had betrayed and murdered his father. I believe there is a balance between science and scripture. God is not some bearded white guy floating in the clouds. “God” is, in shortest definition, the consciousness of life and creation, and we are all a part of that. Read some of my earlier posts for more on this.]


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