Another, shorter excerpt from the opus of my life. In this one, some cows play witness to strange activity.

The cows were spooked, and with good reason. Over their herded heads a dark object had appeared, hovering silently. Had there been any humans in the vicinity, they would most likely have remained completely unaware of its presence, but the cows were aware. Cows were very sensitive to the arrival of such inexplicable objects, as they had become quite the hot-button topic in modern bovine society. To humans, these things were still largely things of science fiction, and therefore, of no general interest whatsoever. But the cows remained wary, although they knew they were not the sort of cows that were so often endangered by the presence of such objects. They were Pennsylvania dairy cows, and although attacks on dairy cows were not unheard of, they were rare enough that the cows avoided a stampede. They simply herded closer together and idly sauntered off, away from the object, which had now begun to slowly descend on the pasture below. The cows watched it nervously, quietly, from a relatively safe distance.

As the cows watched the dark oval object descend, they themselves remained unaware of another object approaching from the west, an object that humans would have taken immediate notice of, had there been any humans in the vicinity. But this particular sort of object cows had long ago become bored with, as cows are wont to do. Occasionally, they would glance in the direction of one of these objects as it passed by their fields, but only because some idiot occupant had felt the urge to lean out of it and yell, “Moooo!” at them. Cows still had no idea just what this was meant to accomplish, but they had long ago stopped caring. This new object was, if you haven’t already guessed, a car. To be more specific, it was what would appear in broad daylight to a trained eye to be a 1970 Cadillac DeVille. The car looked brand-new. It crept almost silently into the pasture with its lights off, a dark shadow moving among darker shadows. It stopped several meters away from the mysterious oval object, which now hovered silently in the air twenty feet over the grasses of the pasture. The cows waited, apprehensively.

Slowly, a small circular hatchway on the underside of the oval object slid open, and a small platform descended to the ground below. Standing on the platform were two tall figures clad in dark coats. Once on the ground, these figures moved silently towards the Cadillac as the backseat doors swung open. The dark figures slid into their seats as the platform slowly raised back into the oval object, and both panel and car doors were quietly closed. The oval object then ascended as silently as it had descended, and vanished into the starry skies above. The Cadillac sat for a moment, not moving, and the cows now turned their attention to the eerily silent terrestrial vehicle. Suddenly, the darkened window on the passenger’s side slid down, and a pale, pointed face poked out like a small moon in a black sky. It looked at the cows. The cows stared back.

“Moooo!” said the small moon, then up went the window, and the Cadillac drove out of the pasture, headlights still dark, and turned onto a small dirt road headed for the human world.


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I am an ape living abroad, writing to stay focused and to remember the things I think about. I post them here in case you'd like to spend a bit of time thinking about them, too.

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