A Good Day to Blog

Hello, Dear Readers of This Blog — all 3 of you! I had a positive interaction online today, and that always puts me in a good mood. And when I am in a good mood, I tend to write. And so here we are. Let me tell you a bit about that positive interaction:

As you may have surmised from frequent posts on this blog, I love to troll the QAnon crowd. I have several different Twitter accounts I use for this purpose. Today I posted the following:

(If you follow the Qonspiracy, you may have heard that many Qidiots believe JFK Jr faked his death and is actually Q.)

Within moments, I received a reply from someone Q-splaining:

Now, I could have pointed out that a lot of QAnons claim that Q answered ‘no’ because JFK Jr is actually still alive, and therefore would not, indeed, “come back from the dead” as he is still among the living. However, I decided to respond to the DJT-Russia comment and share the recent conclusion of the Republican-led intelligence committee report that Trump’s campaign had, indeed, colluded with Russia:

We went back and forth like this for a while, but I noticed that this fellow’s replies were not as venomous and stupid as most replies I receive from the Q crowd. In fact, his main message seemed to be, “Do your own research and always check your sources,” a sentiment that I wholeheartedly agree with.

The Tweet that won me over.

This led to actual civil discourse — something that is sorely lacking these days. To show I wasn’t such a hard-headed dick, I said, “I do agree that there is a pedophile ring operating in the upper echelons of government, religion, and entertainment. That seems irrefutable. Q, however, delegitimizes investigation with their BS predictions.”

I agreed that there is a serious problem in the world, but I still needed to prove that Trump (and Q) is NOT the guy that is going to fix anything. THAT is where we disagreed.

See the full photo at the end of this article

Eventually, the guy conceded. He said he would no longer promote Q in hopes of drawing serious attention to the real problem of powerful people believing they are so above the law that they can molest children with impunity. And just like that, I made an ally. We got to chatting, and it turns out, he is from New Zealand, so he was not as dangerously brainwashed as the American version of the Q-cultists.

He was able to see the real danger inherent in such nonsense as spouted by the QAnon crowd. It makes a mockery of any serious investigation of REAL conspiracies that are truly afoot in our world. If you have read earlier posts on this blog, I have gone into this on several occasions, so I will spare you my usual diatribe here. See my many previous posts for that sort of commentary. Today, I just wanted to share my experience with successful, civil discourse. As Dave Mason so famously sang, “There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy, there’s only you an’ me and we just disagree.” The world needs more civil discourse and less venom. Only in this way can we all unite against the REAL enemy among us: The evil of the wealthy elite that have been using their divide-and-conquer tactics on us since the dawn of modern civilization.

No, Trump is NOT the hero. He is just another scumbag elitist, and a damned STUPID one at that.

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