A Hot Mess: Q-Anon Exploits Pedophilia for Political Gain

Funny to see so many people telling each other to “open your eyes” to see what they see as the truth. Open eyes are deceived eyes. Close your eyes and open your mind.  — Ape

Today was a weird one — and that is how I like ’em. So much information coming at me today. If you follow this blog, you know that I am at war with the Q-Anon Qult. And this morning, I awoke to national news out of the U.S. that rattled me — a report out of Georgia that 39 missing, sexually-exploited children had been rescued by U.S. Marshalls in Operation Not Forgotten. And this is wonderfully good news! I applaud the men and women of this task force, and I am thrilled beyond words that they rescued these children — one as young as THREE.

Now before I go any further, I must state again — and I cannot overstate this fact — that YES, there is an elite pedophilia ring operating at the top echelons of government, religion, and entertainment, and at every social rung down into the sewers of humanity. THIS IS A SERIOUS AND DISGUSTING PROBLEM WE AS A SPECIES NEED TO DEAL WITH — and deal with it harshly. I recommend the death penalty for anyone contributing to it.

And this serious and disgusting problem is one that the Q-Anon Qult has latched onto and exploited for the purposes of promoting their ideology and recruiting people into said ideology. Yes, there is a vast pedophilia problem in our world, but the Qs hijack it to promote Donald Trump’s presidency, and THAT is horribly wrong and vile. Lumping such an issue in with their Q-Anonsense only causes people to think that the entire narrative is a hoax, and allows these sick pedophilia rings to operate with impunity. I can practically guarantee you that Trump knew nothing about Operation Not Forgotten. Just ask him. He’ll probably spout some gibberish and then try to grope his daughter.

Here is the Q propaganda video posted by the Q-Cult promotional channel “X22” that got me wondering:

Specifically, jump ahead to the 15:40 mark. Now this was very problematic for me: Q actually got a prediction right! How is that possible? This video was posted at least 24 hours PRIOR to the actual press release by the U.S. Marshall Service on Operation Not Forgotten. They even got the number of children right! I was stumped, and I began to question my own thinking on Q.

Late tonight, however, it hit me: Occam’s Razor. The Q-Qult has embedded itself deep, burrowed into the American psyche and system like a diseased tick. It’s gone global. They have people getting elected to public office in the U.S., and one of them is on her way to Congress in November. So what is the simplest solution? Someone on the Not Forgotten task force tipped off a Qultist. This is why this ‘prediction’ was made just hours before the actual press release. Hail Hydra, my ass!

Unfortunately, all of the brainwashed Q-Qultists that are using this as evidence of their correctness are brainwashed, non-reasoning drones. Anything that supports their likely-Russian-inspired ideology is touted with banners, but anything that disproves their logic is shouted down as “fake news.” There is no reasoning with these people. Believe me, I have tried. Even when I agree with them on the Pedophilia Plot (which I do agree with), the minute I question their god Trump, they get hostile and shut down. Discourse cannot continue beyond that point, and that is the crux of the situation.

They do not read. They do not reason. They swallow like-minded memes and YouTube videos like the propaganda parasites they are, and they just regurgitate it to one another. If you raise points that cast doubt or outright disprove their belief system, they scream ‘fake news’ and shut down. They are the ISIS of American politics. And I do believe Russia is behind it. Just look at this actual* photograph from Putin’s personal SnapChat account:

So what does all of this mean? It means that the U.S. is facing a threat like it has never faced before — an insidious propaganda machine embedded deep within its own collective psyche. Putin has done his work well. And the U.S. cannot combat this kind of ear-worm because we have free speech, freedom of the press, and the internet. All of which are what truly make America great. And yet, Putin has found a way to make our freedoms our downfall.

Trump will “win” in 2020. Russia will finally succeed in killing the United States of America. Things will go very badly in November. The problems we see unfolding in our streets today are a dress rehearsal. I am not saying Biden is the solution, only that Biden is a step back from the brink, and perhaps our last chance to put America back on the right track. I wish that the DNC was a little more progressive, and understood the thinking of average Americans a little more so as not to always insist on putting up their weakest candidate, but if we get rid of Trump, there may be hope — hope of a viable THIRD PARTY in 2024!

Good luck and God bless.


*Not an actual photograph, but it gets my point across, and that’s all Q does anyway — they suck up easy-to-digest memes and video clips and call it “research” — so fair’s fair.



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