We Done Had Us an Election!

Well, here we are — November 7th has come and gone, and look at the condition we ae in. Why Nov. 7? Because it was my birthday! … and also because Biden was called as the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

The United States and the world are trying to move on and return to a sense of normality, but, of course, Donald Trump is digging in his heels and screaming “Unfair!” like a petulant child being pulled from a toy store without his new toy.

Now, I am not one to kick a man when he is down, but after the past week (let alone the past four years. Let alone the course of his entire life) can we even call Donald J. Trump a “man”?

That is not for me to say. Hell, look at my own past ramblings here on this blog. I’m a bit of a man-child myself, and I just had a birthday! (Did I mention that already? I accept gifts. Just sayin’.) Not only is Trump whining and crying and rushing to implement a scorched-earth temper tantrum to close out his disastrous four years in office, but we also have the likes of Moscow Mitch McConnell and The Southern Dandy-Graham clinging to their posts as well. Not only will they try to block the new administration at every turn, choosing party over country and acting like selfish, spoiled brats themselves, but they are also vocally supporting Baby Trump’s tantrum and joining in as a chorus of “Waaaaaa!”

At long last, Americans, can we not just call the Republicans for what they are: Divisive, partisan hacks who will sell out human decency and resort to sexism, misogyny, racism, fear-baiting, and hate in exchange for more selfish claims to power? Can we not just declare them as a dead and defunct political party of hypocrites and move on?

And how ’bout dem Dems? They are not much better, in my opinion. I made it through the past four years, watching the political divide in America pull life-long friends and family apart. And I will admit that I, too, felt the need to cut certain people out of my life. But throughout the entire ordeal (which will, sadly, continue), I maintained that I would be open to discourse so long as it remained respectful. The moment someone resorted to partisan name-calling, I deleted them. Still, I have managed to hang onto a few that I still consider decent, if misguided (in my humble opinion). One of them is even a whole-hearted QAnon cultist! Do I think his ideas are silly? Of course. Even after the election, even after four years of no “The Storm” as the Q-Nuts have always been predicting, and have always been proven wrong, wrong, and WRONG about, even after all of Donald Trump’s public failings and displays of outright ignorance, I have been open to chatting with this frienemy QAnon supporter because, despite our stark difference of opinions, he has remained respectful, and even humorous. He has held his dignity… if not his sanity. Just yesterday he sent me the latest QAnon defense — something about “Hammer and Scorecard,” which are allegedly two programs the CIA has used to slip fake ballots into elections via electronic voting machines. The claim is that Q and the Deep-State Defense Force slipped ballots with a secret watermark into the system to detect the use of these felonious falsification files and soon… sooooooon!… (it’s always “soon!” with these people) the trap will be sprung, the arrests will be made, and The Storm will finally be upon us!


I replied with, “Oh good Lord,” and then sent him articles and evidence attesting to the fact that this is simply not the case. He replied, “K.” and sent a GIF of a man shaking his head in frustration. Yet he did not attack me, insult me, or berate me. We once again just politely agreed to disagree and see how the story plays out. Who knows? I could be wrong! I mean, I’m not… but who really knows? Point is, he and I remain friends.

I completely understand why people voted from Trump in 2016. They recognize that the U.S. political system is broken, and we needed something new. We desperately needed something new! And we still do. Trump came along, and he offered us something that was not the usual mainstream teams playing off of each other and sticking us with the usual gallery of political players. Trump was something that could represent real change! Hell, even I was happy to see Hillary Clinton lose. To be honest, I didn’t even vote in 2016 because, as I saw it, I did not have a dog in that fight. But Trump turned out to be a huckster, a selfish grifter who knew how to use television, and God knows we ‘Muricans love the TeeVee!

Still, people chose to blindly believe in him rather than face the fact that they were suckered into an easy answer, and there is still a lot of work yet to be done to repair our Republic. But now, four long years later, anyone should be able to see that Trump just ain’t the guy. If you voted for this fool TWICE, then you and I disagree. And that’s all. We STRONGLY disagree, but that’s it. There is no reason for Trump and the GOP to continue turning American against American, family member against family member, and friend against friend, except for the pitiful political power it gives them — the old Divide-and-Conquer tactic that I have ranted and raged against so many times before in previous posts. And that is just shitty. The GOP is now weakening DEMOCRACY as a whole, they are shredding the public confidence in our sacred electoral system, all for selfish partisan benefit. They are choosing to risk the stability of a once-great nation to preserve their tattered political base.

I am not one to judge a book by its cover, but yeeesh — look at that cover! This is one book I WOULD burn. And we don’t need to judge by the cover. We have read this book many, many times.

And make no mistake, anyone still clinging to the Trump base is delusional at the least, and an outright Neo-Nazi fascist-loving boot-licker at best.

The bottom line is: We desperately need to move on. Sadly, as I hinted at earlier, this division will not heal quickly. And with the GOP’s direction, it will only continue to fester. When Trump leaves office, kicking and screaming, he will shuffle his fat ass down to Mar-A-Lago and start his own hateful, paranoid, falsehood fountain of a cable network to keep feeding the delusions of his base. He and the GOP will continue sowing the seeds of discord simply because it may help them limp back into power in 2024, and provide them with another 4 years to wreak havoc on the environment, on human rights, and on the world as a whole.

Fuck them.

I don’t care if you hate the Democrats. I am no fan of theirs, either. They could have done so much more to heal the country, and given us a better choice than Joe “professional politician” Biden. Biden is just a band-aid on a gunshot wound, a mere step back from the brink that the GOP is trying to drag us over. The DNC had a tremendous opportunity here to show America that things were going to change, that they were going to actually listen to The People, and instead they pulled the same old crap from their same old political playbook.

America needs change — REAL change. THAT is the thing ALL Americans can agree on, and that is what we need to focus on moving forward. We need a party that will protect the environment for our children, that will create new jobs in renewable energies and train the people to move into them. We need to abolish “Citizens United” and restore the Fairness Doctrine to our media. And we need to cut the bloated military and police budgets and put that money into infrastructure — education, health care, safe roads and bridges. (And anyone who screams “Socialism bad!” at this can take a flying fuck into the sun. You’re stupid, and you have your head up the GOP’s ass.) Fuck the GOP. Fuck the Democrats. Let’s focus on US — The People. Let’s get a viable 3rd party together and do it our own damn selves. Then, in 2024, we can finally tell this corrupt, deranged, dysfunctional political system to go fuck itself instead of us for a change.

But before we can do ANY of this, we need to get the current GOP “leadership” out of the goddamned way.

Who’s with me?

(crickets chirping)

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