PROSECUTE! Why Biden Can’t Let Trump’s Atrocities Slide

The election may be over, but the election isn’t over! How the F*** does that make any sense? We’re dealing with the United States, an irrational land buried in legalese bullshit, that’s how. Biden MUST act to save it, and he must act NOW.

Donald J. Trump LOST the election, fair and square. If you have any problem at all with that statement, then kindly fuck off because I will not waste time arguing with idiots. If you do not recognize that Trump lost, then YOU are an idiot. Now that Trump has lost and Joe Biden has won, Biden must tread cautiously because the whole country is expecting him to fuck it all up.

The majority of people didn’t vote FOR Biden, they voted AGAINST Trump, and Biden will have to understand that as he moves forward. I, myself, voted against Trump. When the DNC selected Biden as their candidate, I did a hard face-palm and muttered “It’s 2016 all over again!” And it damn nearly was! Fortunately, not THAT nearly. The final tally was 306 electoral votes for Biden, which the Trump campaign itself called “a landslide.”

This is in no way a mandate for Biden, however, and he needs to understand that. The majority of Americans see him as a poor choice, but the only viable option. So now Joe needs to step UP. I won’t go into the legal and Constitutional details of this subject because they are boring, and you do not read blogs like this for legal mumbo-jumbo citing precedents and extoling the virtues and shortcomings of the electoral system. You read blogs like this to laugh (hopefully) and once in a while to get riled up about something. So allow me to rile:

Once in office, Joe Biden MUST pursue strong legal action against Trump and his GOP enablers. During his time in office, Trump lied relentlessly, spread damaging conspiracy theories, stole children from their parents and locked them in cages where many were sexually abused, stoked the fires of racism and national divisiveness, broke the law (look here for a list of his crimes), put the lives of American soldiers at risk, and is now actively undermining our very democracy with the help of his cronies in the GOP (Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham being two of the biggest sycophantic turds in the punch bowl). 

Joe Biden is already coming across as a bit of a limp noodle as he sits aside and waits for Trump to allow him to proceed with the transition of power. If, once in office, Biden lets all of this slide, he will be forever branded as a spineless wimp who cares nothing for the rule of law, and who will allow someone who flaunts their abuse of the law to get away with it with no accountability. He will become, as I have already chosen to dub him on social media, Boneless Joe (#BonelessJoe). 

Actual footage of Biden asking Trump if he can be president now.

Now, Joe has said that he hopes to do just that — let Trump slide in the interests of unity and moving forward. But make no mistake: Allowing Trump to slither down to Mar-A-Lago to continue his attack on the American system — attacking the judicial system, the electoral system, and the Constitution, weakening it in the eyes of his vast cult as well as every other American who believes there should be repercussions for such assaults on our civility — would be an egregious error for many reasons.

First, this would allow Trump to continue firing up his cult, and TrumpCult2024 will only grow, as will the division of our nation. Secondly, it will only signal to Trump’s base of conspiracy-brained idiots that Trump has dirt on Biden that Biden is afraid of. They will say that Biden is afraid to go after Trump because QAnon was right, and Trump has The Evidence of a vast Satanic pedophile ring in which Biden is a High Priest in charge of Baby Sacrifices. These delusional dipshits are so far gone, there is no hope of bringing them back to reality so long as they have any inch of ground to stand upon, and Biden’s silence on these issues will provide them with a football field of bullshit on which to hold their ground. Third, allowing Trump to avoid prosecution will send the message that one can manipulate the system, lie, cheat, and attack American democracy with no atonement required. This will give rise to an entire generation of Mini-Trumps, and will literally destroy our democracy in favor of divisive cults of personality. This is unthinkable, and simply cannot be allowed to happen.

Biden cannot kick this can down the road. He cannot pass the buck and hope that someone comes along after he is long dead to fix this issue. He must act NOW before we slide any further down that black rabbit hole of political implosion. I voted for Biden simply because he was the only step back from that brink, that eternal pit of corruption that Trump and the current GOP are trying to drag us into. And God damn it, Joe better start STEPPIN’, or the USA is dead. And that is all there is to it.

If Joe thinks NOT going after Trump will allow the country to move on, and bring back some sense of unity, is he sorely mistaken. Allowing Trump to slither away, and to allow him to keep promoting his brand of political insanity, will only prevent us from moving forward, and will only increase the divisions threatening our great Republic. 

Trumpism is a cancer, and unless it is cut out or killed, it will kill the United States of America. It is just that simple.

So GET ON IT, Boneless Joe. Prosecute Trump. Prosecute the GOP. Prosecute McConnell and Graham and Cruz and anyone else that brought us to the brink of our own national destruction all in the interests of partisanship and big business and just stupid, mindless, human greed. Seriously: How partisan do they have to be before they are tried for TREASON??? I don’t want to let this continue long enough to find out. They chose party over country, which is an attack on America.

Prosecute NOW. 


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