Pardon Me While I have a Strange Interlude

Something is coming… and I call it “Graduation.” Is it too early to be speaking of such things? I hope so, because there is still one more reading assignment coming due. And you’re not going to like this one. But I have to submit my book report before I can graduate, and quite frankly, like any student, I just want to go HOME.

Well, I’m back from dying again. It’s been a while. We’ve talked about dying before, haven’t we? You can easily tell, I am sure, that it is one of my favorite topics. Ego death is getting old. It used to be exciting, like first-time-on-a-roller-coaster-cresting-the-first-big-drop exciting. This one was different, however. This time, I didn’t want to come back and share details of my brief departure. I wanted it to be a permanent departure.

I wrote a book recently, you see. And it’s being published. And now I feel like my work is done. I left the only thing I can leave the world, and now I am ready to depart. I want to return to those higher frequencies like a backpacker wants to return to Europe after the first trip around The Continent. Except now I want to live there. As David Byrne famously sang, “I’m tired of traveling, I want to be somewhere.”

But it seems there’s always something else to be done. “You have something else to tell them,” they said. No, I don’t. I really, really don’t. It’s all in the book, I said. But then this burst into my brain and it’s been floating around in there since I got back. I came straight home and have spent the last two days lying in bed. I don’t want to share this because you’re not going to like it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. And humans love to assassinate the messenger, despite everyone always saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger!” No, they won’t shoot the messenger. They’ll fucking crucify the messenger.


But here it is. I have to share it so that I can leave.

As I was growing up, all we ever heard from society’s messengers — the TV, the schools, the comic books, video games, you name it — was this message: “DRUGS BAD!” Smoking the pot would make you stop caring about life and you would die. Dropping acid would make you go insane and you would die. Eating mushrooms would cause internal hemorrhaging, your guts would rupture and you would die. And peyote would cause your genitals to rocket up into your skull and your head would explode or something. Your brain would be an egg in a frying pan. Only the truly deranged opted to ignore these government-sanctioned warnings. Only the mad. Only the suicidal. Only the adventurous. After all, the government wouldn’t lie!


Tune in to 2021 and the USA is legalizing cannabis (that’s marijuana to you anti-Mexican propagandists) left and right. Colorado and a few other states are decriminalizing mushrooms, and California — those godless Hollywood liberals! — are on the cusp of decriminalizing LSD as well. So what happened to “DRUGS BAD”? Well, now these jagoffs are figuring out what we social degenerate drug-loving hippies figured out back in the 90s: These hallucinogens have their merits. Now I prefer the organics (cannabis, mushrooms, peyote, etc.) but I have done more than my share of LSD as well, and LSD has always been good to me, so I make an exception. And if you are familiar with the story of Albert Hofmann’s discovery of LSD, then you can see how the Hand of God may very well have been involved. Like the Spirits of the Forest telling the Natives of Peru how to synthesize DMT and make ayahuasca from the roots and leaves of the local flora, LSD (like the organics that nature provides) is a gift, a ‘hack’ if you prefer, for solving many problems of the human condition. Today, many “new” studies are proving that these drugs have shown tremendous benefit in treating PTSD, OCD, and improving the outlook of the terminally ill.

But this is not new information. It is just information the rulers of our world didn’t want the common folk to know about. So they spread their lies that DRUGS BAD. Now, don’t get me wrong: Drugs can be dangerous, but so can airplanes, aspirin, and artificial sweeteners. Everything has a negative as well as a positive potential. It’s all in how you use them. I don’t condone drugs like cocaine, heroin, OxyContin, or even alcohol. My advice is to avoid them. But I adore the drugs I mentioned in the previous paragraph. But like I say in my book, once you stop having mind-opening “Ah-Ha!” moments, stop taking them. These drugs should NEVER be used “to get fucked up” or “to party.” They should be used in the presence of nature, away from the madness of human civilization (As Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote, “L’enfer, c’est les autres” – Hell is other people). These substances should be used to explore your own mind and its place in the universe.

So why is the government changing its tune? Why are they now slowly admitting that there is something beneficial here, and allowing the people to finally purchase these substances, or at the very least, removing the shameful stigmas they had once spent billions of dollars to promote and drill into the heads of the population?

It’s because they know what’s about to happen, and they know it’s too late for you to do a damn thing about it. And they figure they may as well let you have these “hacks” that they were so dedicated to denying you your entire life. And they may as well start to turn a profit on these items while they’re at it, because that’s all the rulers have ever been about. They never gave a shit about you, or your children, or your happiness. They just wanted your money, and it was easier to deny you the chance of enlightenment to sell you overpriced medical care and pharmaceuticals that did nothing but increase your dis-ease and keep you unwell. But now they don’t care. They got what they wanted, and there’s nothing you can do at this point. And this is where we get to the thing you are not going to like but I have to tell you anyway.

You see, our world is about to change in a fundamental way. Our reality is about to split, much like our species is about to split (as above, so below). And the lines are drawn, the die is cast, the teams have been chosen, and none of it can be changed. We are past the point where you can decide, “Oh wait, I want to be on the other side!” Since I live in Korea, I will use an analogy of the Two Koreas: The war is over, the border is set, and there is no crossing over. If you are on the South Korean side, good for you — life is about to get better. If you are on the North Korean side, well, you’re fucked.

I tried to keep my book apolitical, but if you have read this blog before, you know I find it very hard to do that anymore. I don’t like politics, and frankly, I dislike both sides of the lousy U.S. “2-party” (read: 1-party) system. But now it is so divided, I may as well run with that. I think they overshot their goal in faking a divided system and now the people are at each other’s throats and the new administration is going to try to “unify” by being more conservative than their supporters will like, and this will cause confusion and they (and I) thrive on confusion. The name of the game has always been “Divide & Conquer,” after all. But screw it. As I said, the die is cast, so I will simplify by using the two political parties in the U.S.A. So here it is:

If you are on the GOP/Republican side, you are on the North Korean side. Your leaders lie, your religion lies, your media lies, and you suck it up like servile cult members. You would have portraits of Donald Trump hanging in your home like North Koreans have portraits of their own Dear Leader, and you will vilify anyone who does not share your devotion to your Cult of Personality. You’re fucked.

If you’re on the Democrat side — more specifically, the progressive side — then you still have a chance, but you are not out of the woods yet. Remember, Yeshua (“Jesus”) was a liberal. And the real Yeshua — not the horribly mutated GOP-Evangelical version — is a good entity to listen to. Remember, though, that you can take liberalism too far, too. It is a circular road, and both ends of the extreme lead to fascism. Frankly, I prefer “progressive” to “liberal,” but both are preferable to “conservative” these days.

Neither “side” is exactly a winner

Again, I do not want to imply that these two bullshit parties should be the litmus test for who’s moving up and who is falling down, but it is a pretty good general broad-brush guide. Just looking at the U.S. today, reading the endless posts on social media from people on both sides, I’d say it’s a pretty accurate indicator. Really, however, what it comes down to is Love v. Fear. The people who tend to side with the Democrats generally have more love for the world. They want people to be welcome in their country, they want to feed the hungry, shelter the cold, and clothe the poor. They want education and health care to be free and accessible to all. They want the Earth to be honored and protected. They will risk their own happiness to be sure their neighbor is safe.

Republicans generally don’t do these things. They want to force women to have babies and then will not help care for that baby when it is born. They defund schools, they promote a violent police force and military, they shun their neighbors who come in search of safety and shelter, and they say “Me first!” (“America first!”). They draw from racism and prejudice. They will sell out the last acreage of our shrinking natural environment to squeeze one more gallon of planet-killing fossil fuel out of the ground so that they can drive their Humvees to the next gas station. They have endless money for war, and no money for peace. And they adore false prophets and a distorted, hateful version of Christ. They are zealots cut from the same cloth as the zealots they vilify and use to justify their poor choices.

If you read this blog (or my book, which will be available sometime later this year), then you know about the frequencies. In the real world that we cannot perceive within our physical forms with our limited physical senses, there are higher frequencies and there are lower frequencies. The higher frequencies are what we might think of as “Heaven.” The lower frequencies are therefore what we would think of as “Alabama.” Or, more truthfully, “Hell.” And which one you attain depends on which one you are tuned into, which one matches your own frequency or vibration.

I often write that this world is a school, and the Meaning of Life is that we are here to learn to be more empathetic, caring, loving souls, and to develop integrity. This is true: this world is a sort of school designed by beings beyond our physical comprehension — and graduation is fast approaching. And not everyone is going to graduate. Some of us have succeeded and shown progress. The rest… not so much.

Some will move up to the higher frequencies. The rest are going down to the Dark Place.

And it is too late now to do anything about it. You should have a good idea as you’re reading this which one you’re heading for. So Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and all of their fan base are not going to be very happy in the near future. If you support the viewpoints of these types of people, you’re fucked.

The Hell-bound. Did you follow them down?

This does not mean all Democrats go to Heaven. Democrats suck, too. It depends on how genuine you are in your sense of empathy as an individual. Just voting for Joe Biden won’t help you. Joe Biden might very well be heading down where the goblins go, below, below, yo-ho, just as fast as the idiots mentioned in the previous paragraph. Look at the person in the mirror and think to yourself, “What kind of person is that?”

I churned out a book about this recently, and it is a guide to how to prepare for death. And it was time. I churned that thing out fast at the behest of my own Teachers. Some tried to stop me from writing it. It’s all in the book. But it’s done, and hopefully it will be available before we start seeing even more indications in the mainstream of this impending split. We are out of time. The Graduation Ceremony is about to begin. I am trusting in my Teachers who basically said to me, “OK NOW! Write it and get it out there!” that there will be enough time. There should be — it’s a short, friendly book from a tall, friendly man.

Conceptual cover art and dedication page

Let’s get back to the drug talk for a moment. If you have ever been one of the Brave who have ignored the government hype and taken hallucinogens to explore your mind — not just taken it for a superficial escape, but to really learn — then you know this. You know how your mind moves when you’re peaking? You are thinking, sharing, and receiving so much input that your mouth can’t process it fast enough, and for a moment or millennium you go near-catatonic and just stare at the sky or the trees or the sea or whatever your eyes may be perceiving at that point and let it wash over you, through you. Well, multiply that by X (1,000? 100,000? 100,000,000? Depends on how hard you have tripped, I guess). THAT is what it is like when you die. Once you leave your protective little shell of meat and bone, you confront reality in its entirety, all frequencies, all worlds. And it is like that until you get used to it and can process it out-of-body, or you reincarnate into a new physical form that helps you filter all of that input. I talk about this in a lot more detail in the book. And this was meant to be a short article, and look at it! I just can’t shut up.

Our reality is dividing, our species is splitting, and some of us are going to “phase up” — our quantum vibrational frequencies will increase, and to those who remain lower-frequency, we may seem to vanish. I believe the Evangelical nut-balls call this “The Rapture.” If I am right about this, how freakin’ funny is that going to be? The Enlightened liberal types (i.e. NOT the conservative Evangelical types) get Raptured up to the Higher “Heaven” frequencies and the GOP-types remain on this frequency which must then sink down into the darker, lower realm. Keep in mind though that the higher frequency the Enlightened will be moving up to is not “Heaven” — It’s not the Ph.D. of existence, but it is a step closer, and it will be a better world than the one we are in now with these ignorant right-wing a-holes. Meanwhile, these right-wing a-holes — the ones that say “Me first!” and use their warped version of “Jesus” to judge others and justify their own ignorance — will be sinking down into a new stone-age of brutality and barbarism. They will have to start over.

It is kind of funny that everything they’ve predicted is coming true, in some sense — just not in any way they had been told to expect. They believed in a “Rapture” what would have Yeshua himself coming down from the clouds with a bunch of trumpet-blowing winged angels to scoop them all up and off to some magical City in the Clouds! So simple they are. To this I would remind them (if they had paid attention in class) that the Return of Christ refers to the Christ Consciousness, not the physical form of Yeshua. Yeshua was one of many Christs. And their idiotic “QAnon” Crew talked of a “Great Awakening.” We call it “Graduation.” And they will be the ones that have a very rude awakening as they have slept through class and now they can’t graduate. FAIL.

Not the brightest bulbs in the class

It’s similar to how our species will divide as well into two subspecies — the Enhanced and the Unenhanced (See: Transhumanism), but as we can perceive it here in our physical form, it is represented in the outer dimensions/frequencies on an entirely different level. What we see here are mere shadows of the outer or non-corporeal REAL World (See: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave). Our world is moving faster, vibrating more quickly (See: The Schumann Resonance), as any cell does before mitosis (again, as above, so below).

In short, we so-called “liberals” — those given to love more than fear — are movin’ on up. And those that are given over more to fear in their thinking — fear of ‘the Other’ — are dropping down. They are not ready to meet the “Other” entities that share the larger world. They have failed, and will have to repeat this level. It will not be fun for them. If you remember your history, you know this level begins with cavemen who die horrible deaths from broken ankles. And it’s still pretty bad with warfare, toxic environments, inequality, etc., right up to the present — largely due to mentalities like theirs: The “reptilian” brain.

So there it is. To summarize: Drugs NOT necessarily bad. In fact, the right ones used in the right ways prepare your mind for what is beyond the physical, and eventually, we all must come to grips with what is beyond the physical. These substances can show you why it is so important to care about the world and everything that inhabits it — even more than we care about ourselves. And this is why these substances have been kept from you. If they were not, you would have tuned into the higher frequencies, learned to care about the world as a whole, and never have let the greedy wealthy elites destroy this world for profit. This world is a school, and graduation time is here. Did you pay attention to the lessons, or did you vandalize the school? Final grades are in, and you cannot change your scores. If you are of a love-based mind, if you are genuinely kind, good times are coming. If you are of a fear-based mind, if you are genuinely an asshole, you’re fucked.

For more information on how to prepare for all things Graduation, check out my book when it is available from Fulton Books (hopefully by the fall): The Big Blue Turtle: The Meaning of Life and How to Survive Death. Hopefully, we still have time. Either way, I did my job. I feel like the apple-polishing A-student in homeroom: “Teacher, I finished the assignment! Can I go home now?”

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