The Red, Red Flags of the GOP/GQP

I feel it is my civic duty to post politically again. And before you get annoyed, please read this as I do feel very strongly that this is a serious issue that will have very dire consequences if it is not taken seriously. Even if you consider yourself a Republican, read it so that you know what your enemy is thinking. That’s just good strategy.

And yes, if you still call yourself a Republican in this post-January 6th, GQP Trumpist dystopia, I am your enemy. I feel it is important now to clarify which side of the line I am on, especially after the treatment ‘normal’ Republicans like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney have received lately. I hate that it has come to this, but here we are.

The GOP, or what was once considered by all to be the Grand Old Party, has veered off into a dark nether region that is so far beyond the pale that most people can’t yet even see just how horrible it is. Up until the Trump years, I disagreed with the GOP on many things, such as gun control, education, economics, abortion, and socialized medicine, but that was all it was: I disagreed. I still respected their opinions, and considered them to be rational people – my fellow Americans who just held different perspectives, and that was all well and good. It takes all kinds to make America. I was open to discourse, and willing to compromise for the good of the nation.

These days, however, the mainstream GOP has become more of a GQP (see previous posts regarding the malevolent and misleading ‘QAnon’ movement as well as the right-wing Evangelicals who misuse Christ in a sick and damnable way). This new formation of Republicans has followed that fat orange idiot Trump off the path of normality and into a mass delusion promoted by their propaganda network and absorbed and regurgitated by his zombie-like followers. Drawn by the numbers Trump has managed to pull out of the moron mines, the once-rational GOP has become… something terrible. They see the mindless mob behind Trump, and they want to tap that zombie-like zealotry of hate, ignorance, and delusion.

Let’s do something the Republicans now refuse to do and look at the facts.

First of all, Trump LOST the 2021 general election fair and square! There were audits, recounts, and thorough investigations, and NO shenanigans were detected. Well, there were SOME shenanigans — all perpetrated by Republicans — but not enough to ring any serious alarm bells.

And someone please explain to me how being progressive is a bad thing? It means ‘moving forward.’ It means learning from our past mistakes and making ourselves better as we go. It means moving on from the past and into a better future for all. To paraphrase the film Annie Hall, a civilization is like a shark. It either keeps moving forward or it dies. And what the GOP is creating here is a dead shark.

The rest of the world is leaving the USA behind in every aspect of human development because the radical right keeps holding us back. New world-changing innovations like cold fusion and warp drive technology (yes, you read that right – warp drive technology) are coming from places outside the USA. We are not a part of the future. We can’t be, as the Radical Right insists on digging their heels into the past. They keep making us fight them and their deep-pocket political donors over such outmoded issues as fossil fuels, gun laws, and basic human equality. Progressives are like frustrated parents, trying to drag a tantrum-throwing toddler who has gone dead-weight into a future of growing the f–k up. And still they are shrieking their angry little toddler heads off about nothing because they are afraid to try something new – scientific facts. The radical right are holding human progress back by clinging to outdated ideas that have been proven not only wrong, but harmful. 

Let’s run with the toddler analogy. Think of our country as one person. Right now, with the Biden presidency, we are the developmentally challenged little brother chasing after the regular kids (representing the rest of the developed world), trying to catch up with them so that we can be a part of the big-boy world. We still stumble from time to time, but we also make some progress. That is, until the GOP mindset takes over the brain again and starts swatting at butterflies because they spread The Gay. This is exactly what is going to happen in 2022 when the midterm elections roll around. And it won’t be fair, because the GOP has been devoting all of its time and resources to rewriting election laws in key areas across the country. Their game is voter suppression, disinformation, and gerrymandering. They redraw the districting lines to favor their own party, and they prevent entire demographics that generally vote against them from voting at all with new Jim Crow laws like those recently passed in the racist state of Georgia. (Honestly, how any TV show or movie production company can still film in that state is beyond me. They should all be boycotted, and many of my favorite shows have that stupid Georgia peach displayed at the end of the credits). 


In short, the Republicans know they cannot win in a fair election because the majority of Americans do not like the shit they are peddling. They know they will have to cheat to get what they want, to bring their evil corporate-fascist fantasy to reality. It’s a playbook we have seen before in countries like Russia, China, and North Korea. They dismantle the educational system to get a populace devoid of critical thinking skills, then fill their unprotected heads with dogmatic propaganda as they take down the democratic system. Trumpites would hang portraits of The Donald on their walls and have TVs that can’t be turned off blasting Fox News into their homes 24/7 – just like North Koreans under the Kim regime.

To anyone who is a rational thinker, who can see the clear and present danger represented by this new brand of “conservativism,” I must ask that you not turn away from it. We must confront it. It is easy to beat a Republican at debate because their whole platform is based on easily-disproved lies that are woven from fear, xenophobia, and conspiracy theories. That last one is hard for me to admit, because I love a good conspiracy theory! But theirs have been debunked time and again, and yet they still recite them like prayers, refusing to see the truth. Eyes closed, heads empty, mouths open, just repeating and repeating the same bullshit as though that will make it true. Who does that?!

The arguments of the Republicans only work in their echo chambers like Fox “News,” where the ignorance festers. Biden is coming to take your hamburgers. You will be forced to drink “plant-based beer” (what kind of beer are the Repugnicans drinking?). “Cancel culture” is a real thing and it is taking away your freedom of speech. Meanwhile, in the real world, the new administration has spent the first 100 days getting the COVID-19 epidemic under control and replacing the previous administration’s superstitious nonsense with proven scientific methods. They are finally showing us a path out of lockdown where the Republicans were creating super-spreader events to keep the lockdown going despite their vociferous objections to it.

And yet the talking heads at Fox still rant on about any scare tactic they can muster. Good Lord, most of the programming at Fox “News” isn’t even really news — it is listed as ‘entertainment’ in the FCC files. This is why they can froth at the mouth about any number of idiotic and unhinged topics. For this reason, the network has been banned in every other country in the world. No other country wants their population to be misled by dangerous idiots who will spread any falsehood to get their way. Germany (and the world) learned first-hand the evils this sort of thing begets. Yet apparently, America has not. Not yet. But we will.

This goes back before Trump. I’d go so far as to say it goes back to the Silent Coup, the killing of the Kennedys. But this was the plan all along, beginning with the GOP’s dismantling of our education system and Reagan’s erasure of the Fairness Doctrine, the law that once kept the news honest. Now they have their adult population that lacks critical thinking skills and they are programming them with their poisonous crap via their propaganda networks like Fox and OANN. The GQP are blatantly lying, rigging the elections, and corrupting minors (Matt Gaetz et. al.) And like the truly insidious schemers they are, they accuse their enemies of the very things THEY are doing.

As I said, rational people must confront these Wrong-Way Republicans with the facts. Don’t just shake your heads and walk away. Facts to a Republican are like a crucifix to a vampire – they will hiss and spit and make threats. I know they become violent when they are out-argued, and I know they have guns. Will there be bloodshed? Yes. Hell, there already has been. January 6 was their Beer Hall Putsch. They tested the gates, and now they are regrouping, preplanning, and preparing to try it again, this time in the midterm elections. We cannot allow them to doom humanity. As their hero Jefferson himself once wrote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” The thing is, the GOP are NOT the patriots they claim to be. They are the tyrants. They are the insurgency, egged on by foreign powers like Russia. Look for it, do some digging, the evidence is there. I won’t go into it all here, but I would recommend reading Sarah Kendzior’s book, Hiding in Plain Sight, for all of the background on the Russia-GOP connection.

Make no mistake. The GQP/GOP is an insurgency. Their voter suppression tactics clearly show that they are anti-democracy and therefore anti-American. They should be declared illegal and their leaders arrested for treason. Write, email, and call your representatives. Organize locally, because you can be damn sure the GQP are. Demand that Congress act to defend America and lock these criminals up. Start with Cruz, Gaetz, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lindsey the Southern Dandy-Graham. It’s terrifying because they already have large portions of the military and nearly all of the police on their side (that mindset seems to draw them in, and let’s face it — the police are already becoming the military under the GOP’s machinations). We must act in self-defense – defense of ourselves, our country, our planet, and our very existence. It IS us or them.

The GQP is wrong about everything, from their world view to their domestic policies to their distrust of science. They are responsible for the deadly failures during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are just now starting to move the numbers in the right direction, now that their twisted brand of science-denying ‘leadership’ has been sidelined. But this is only temporary. Midterms are coming. Their misguided idiocy could put us right back into an even deeper pandemic lockdown. The time for talking has passed. It should be obvious to anyone watching by now that there just is no talking to these people. The GQP and their anti-democratic methods must be stopped NOW. I would say nip it in the bud, but it has already flowered and spread. It is time to take a scythe to their garden of lies. We are out of time. If the GQP take back the House and the Senate through their Machiavellian means, then it is over for the U.S.A. There will either be a dictatorship, or another civil war. And I do not like the idea of either of those options.


#TheGQPismyNME – Ape

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