So What Does The Future Hold?

Well, here we are, seven months past the 2020 election. Is anyone still clinging to that sense of hope, that relieved feeling that we have banished the bad people to the far corners of social media and the political fringe? If so, have you not been paying attention?

The Democrats have failed to stop the filibuster, have done little to nothing to stop Republican legislators across the U.S. from implementing sweeping voter-suppression laws, have made no headway on getting justice for the Insurrection of January 6th, have not managed to take any actions against the illegal activities of T***p, Giuliani, Barr, DeJoy, DeVos, or any of the other members of the Legion of Doom, and the list of the Democrat’s failures just keeps on a-growin’. Meanwhile, the GOP keeps getting unhinged people like Matt Gaetz, Michael Flynn, and the ever-batshit insane Marjorie Taylor Greene onto the national stage to incite further violence.

I think it is safe to say that the Biden Agenda (if there ever really was one) is a weak, feckless failure. In fact, it has failed so fast and in so many ways, it only convinces me further that I am right – that the Democrats are in on this whole scheme. Despite their hard-won “victory” in November 2020, the U.S.A. has continued its steady slide into pseudo-theocratic authoritarianism. Obviously, the Democrats are ineffectual – suspiciously so, which suggests to me that the midterms of 2022 should flush away any remaining illusions of a two-party system.

If this proves to be true, then I will have lost all hope for humanity, and will welcome our new overlords as we are obviously too inept to be responsible for our own lives. I take small comfort in the fact that T***p is obviously too feeble-minded and unstable to be brought back in to fill the role of “Dear Leader.” He was likely the blunt punch to the face to distract from the needle. I do wonder who will be (to use a Star Wars reference) the real Emperor? Mitch McConnell seems to be able to maintain his stranglehold on the U.S. government despite no longer being the majority leader, so I was thinking him, perhaps. My sources in the U.S.A., however, are hinting at Josh Hawley or Ron DeSantis.

Doesn’t he look the part, though?

Whoever is put in charge of the U.S.A., I do believe they will ultimately answer to Russia, as there is strong evidence – from Trump to Moscow Mitch McConnell himself – that Russia was (to keep the Star Wars motif going) the Phantom Menace behind all of this.

My only caveat would be that whoever takes control does a complete 180 on our environmental policies. If I may let my tinfoil hat shine for a moment, I hope they adhere to the Tenth Commandment of the Georgia Guidestones: “Be not a cancer on the Earth. Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.” If Agenda 21 is a real thing, then by all means, at this point I will support it. Humans may be too stupid to survive, but there’s no reason for us to take the planet down with us. Oh look – it is a real thing. Now, to listen to the “conspiracy theorists” tell it, a big part of Agenda 21 is to move the human populace into urbanized settlement areas (or labor camps-I-mean-zones) and to allow nature to take back large swaths of land. I cannot say that this is the actual plan, but at this point – fuck it, it may as well be. I’m fine with that.

And, of course, a big part of the plan is population control – culling the herd. Or, as the Georgia Guidestones’ First Commandment sayeth, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” Sounds brutish. Really? Reduce a global population of over 7.5 billion to a mere 500 million? That is one HELL of a reduction. And yet, if I am right, and the Democrats and the Republicans have all this time just been puppets on the hands of the same monster – a mere Punch and Judy act to distract us as their goons moved through the crowd and stole our rights and freedoms from under our very noses – then I am fine with this, too. Hell, I had a good run. Does that sound selfish of me? Well, apparently, that’s the name of the human game, so yeah – I had fun. Fuck the rest of the herd.

That sounds terrible of me, I know, but you must understand how angry this complete betrayal makes me. Betrayed by our leaders, betrayed by the people who bought into their machinations and marched willingly off to slaughter, betrayed by my own damn sensibilities when I should have had more confidence in my own convictions and shouted a lot louder about all of this. Who would have listened anyway? Even the minute amount of shouting I did do got me labeled a kook, a crazy conspiracy theorist.

My only saving grace is that I did not take the bullshit bait and jump on that damned “Trump Train.” I knew he was a mentally-challenged tool, an enraged orange bull released in the china shop of our Democracy to distract from the looting taking place in the jewelry store next door. Jesus, even my allegories are suffering I’m so incensed. At least I can stand above all of the so-called “Trumpers” and Q-Nuts and say, “What the fuck were you thinking, you stupid, stupid idiots?” After all, in their ignorance and fear, they opened the door for the very monsters they were so sure were coming from everywhere else but where they should have been looking. They should be mortally embarrassed by their own depths of dumb-assery. If you are or ever were a Trumper, all I can say to you is this: YOU are a complete moron. You got played like the tin horn you are. Your stupidity hurts my sense of reason.

But it doesn’t matter now. Come 2022, or even 2024, it’s all over. The U.S.A. is a failed democracy and an emerging dictatorship, a pseudo-theocratic authoritarian state. I have friends and family there who are, at last, seeing the writing on the wall, and making plans to emigrate elsewhere. I admit, I take a small sense of pride in knowing that I told them to get the hell out YEARS ago. Yet that is little solace. You see, this isn’t going to stop at the American borders. This monstrosity is going global. It’s already begun in France, Germany, the U.K. Look around. Things are starting to look similar. The New World Order is finally taking shape. And all of those Q-Anon Trumper-nutters that were led to believe they were fighting against it? Why, they were helping it all along. Talk about stupid.

We had a good run. I had a good run. It’s all over now. If you still don’t see it, believe me: you will.

I don’t care anymore. I just hope they clean up the mess we all made in building this brave new world. As I write this, the water wars are about to start. Our oceans are dying. Our landscape is being slashed, burned, and poisoned. I say, go ahead and kill us useless eaters. Obviously, we are too incompetent to survive.

Just leave room for nature.

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