VENTING (because the world needs to hear this)

Well, I get pissed, god damn it! – George Carlin

We have been facing the same dire issues for the past 50 years. Every election cycle, they roll them out and scream and shout about what needs to be done and how they’re going to do it. And then the dust settles for a few weeks before the campaigning starts again. Fifty years of this bullshit. And still NOTHING has been done.

The climate is still getting hotter and crazier. We are running out of water. We are running out of food. Mass migrations of desperate people have been underway for some time and will only get worse. Plagues and pestilence have made their appearance and despite vaccines, they do not appear to be going away any time soon. They will likely also get worse as the permafrost melts and releases god only knows what horrible prehistoric plagues that have up to now been safely frozen. Not to mention as we encroach further upon nature’s most sacred hidey-holes to escape the hell we have made of our world and to carve up more valuable commodities at the expense of life itself, we will unleash more god-only-knows viruses. You think the COVID-19 Delta variant is bad? Wait ’til you see Ebola: The Andromeda Strain.

Yet our so-called elected officials only use their mouthpieces in the media to cough up a bunch of idiotic non-issues for the dunderheads of the world to shout about from our electronic screens. Gender-neutral bathrooms. Dirty books in libraries. Statues of people who died two hundred years ago. You worried about gender-neutral bathrooms? Tell you what – go shit on a statue while you read a dirty book. Who gives a fried rat’s asshole? WE’RE DYING.

We have been facing the same emergent civilization-ending disasters since they killed the Kennedys (read THAT to get to the root of this madness), and still our so-called “leaders,” those power-thirsty psychopaths who just want to take your money and watch you self-consume and die in debt, have done Jack Shit about any of it. At all. Occasionally, they pander to the louder environmentalist groups and collect money debating the pros and cons of fresh air and clean water, and then finally agree to limit carbon emissions by three percent over the next fifty years. Three percent. That’s their fifty-year goal. Do you know what that amounts to? It amounts to Jack Shit. And their big game of take-the-money-and-burn-the-world continues. Now some might say, “Wait, didn’t they pass Clean Air and Clean Water Acts back in the early part of this century?” Yes, in fact, they did. Have you read those acts? As with most things sporting such pleasant-sounding names created by government, they do the exact opposite. They basically allow corporations to treat air and water like commodities, to be exploited and/or sold. Remember, Dick “Halliburton” Cheney pushed those acts through and we got the Deep Water Horizon disaster out of it. Killed the Gulf of Mexico, it did!

I particularly love this bit of theatrics, when the scientists of the world cry out for attention and wheel out this little prop, the ‘Doomsday Clock.’ Does anyone give a single tin shit?

The fact is, these psychopaths seem to delight in how much they can kill with endless oil-spilling and radiation-spewing “accidents.” And it’s always in the poor neighborhoods, isn’t it? Meanwhile, the cost of living continues to skyrocket and your wages stagnate. This is no accident. Believe me, brothers and sisters, if those assholes you call “leaders” wanted to do something about it, they could have done something a long, long, long time ago. But they simply do not feel that to be in their best interests. They put on a show, pretend they are debating the issues, tell you, “Oh, we’re trying, but those other guys won’t play nice!” It’s a Punch-and-Judy play distracting the masses while their tentacled goons are robbing us all blind. They are ripping apart our world and selling it back to each other piece-meal to try and garner more of their imaginary power. They’re LORPing the fuck out of the real world and killing everyone and everything as they go. (*LORP, for you Boomers, means Live-Action Role-Playing, and they are playing gods to our anthill.)


Simple incompetence cannot explain the vastness of this scheme. And they get away with it time and again using the old Divide-and-Conquer method. Every time a populist movement rises up, they use their media mouthpieces to divide it with more non-issues for people to fight over. They send out their agents provocateur to stir up unrest in the ranks of the people and a populist movement devolves into more shouting dunderheads to distract the masses while the Punch-and-Judy play continues in the center ring. The Republicans overstep the law to advance their draconian measures, blocking voter rights, dehumanizing women, and spreading lies, and the Democrats continually point out all the ways the Republicans have blatantly broken the law — and then they do nothing to hold them accountable. ‘They’re still doing it!’ they cry. ‘Well, you’re the legislature – stop them!’ we cry back. And they do nothing. They just sit there and let the crime wave roll over them like the inept, culpable dunces they are. The Democrats are all talk and no action, and the Republicans are all action and no brains. The Republicans and their orange Messiah fomented an insurrection, and the Democrats still can’t see their way to prosecute anyone at the top. They can’t even enforce a subpoena. This is not simple incompetence. This is collaboration.

“I’ll get you this time, you nasty old Mitch!” Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell perform the usual act while their masters burn our world to ashes.

I have said it before, and I will say it ’til our civilization collapses and I can’t post on this blog anymore: There is no Republican versus Democrat. There is no Black versus White. There is no Immigrant versus Native. It’s just the Wealthy versus YOU. And that is all it has ever been. Yet we keep falling for the puppet show and its divide-and-conquer plot, again and again and again.

How did they do this? I have explained this before as well, and again, I will keep saying it. Here’s the abridged version: There was a coup. It started back in 1933 with the Banker’s Rebellion, AKA The Business Plot. It went covert, creating the Military-Industrial Complex and resulting in the killing of John and Bobby Kennedy. Ever since then, there have been endless wars and non-issues for people to fight over, and no real progress has been made. They’ve ensured this by removing the Glass-Steagall act, allowing their banker buddies to run amok. They also removed the Fairness Doctrine, allowing for Project Mockingbird to create monsters like the twenty-four-hour “news” cycle and Fox “News” and offer opinion as fact. Then they gutted the education system and destroyed people’s critical thinking skills at the elementary level. And now those children have grown up, and oh look – there they are!

Yes — on the RIGHT wing, mostly.

And I don’t mean to just attack the right-wingers here. They aren’t the only ones trying to crash the plane. The left-wing is out there as well, with their devotion to gender-checklist lunacy that is not intended to create equal rights, but rather to create fear and discord from the right that will further tear the country apart. Nancy Pelosi is such a shit-spewing fraud that I can’t even bear to look at her turkey-skinned face. Can you imagine what she must look like without her wig on? But I don’t mean to degrade myself to attacking someone based on physical appearance. Lord knows, I’m no prize duck m’self. It’s just she makes me so angry with her blatant kowtowing to the Big Money Bosses, being the soulless politician she is. Remember how she was pushing so hard for student loan forgiveness in a well-intentioned move to free a bunch of debt-slaves to drum up voters for the upcoming elections? She fought well alongside her contemporaries like Chucky Schumer and Elizabeth Warren until her big real-estate buddies, the Swigs, told her to shut her yap. So she did, and now stands in opposition to something she once touted as a necessary move for America’s economy.

Let me pause here to say that when I say “gender checklist-lunacy” I do not mean to discourage the Alphabet Crowd. What is it now? LGBTQIAPKOMWZNlh+? That h+ at the end refers to Transhumanists, and I support it — all of it. I will call you by whatever pronoun makes you the happiest, I really do not care. Live your life however you choose, just remember to afford others the same right and do not enforce your opinions or ideologies on anyone else. I see you, and I support you. But stop scaring the stupids, will you? We need everyone working together if we’re ever going to topple this corrupt world order. The world is big enough for everyone. Don’t let the scare-mongers tell you any different.

The point is, ever since, say, the 1960s, the USA has been on a steady decline. We’ve had Republicans in charge, we’ve had Democrats in charge, and they’ve all ranged on the spectrum from moderates to extremists. They have all known what the real problems are, we have all known. We have even known what we need to do to fix it. And still nothing has been done. Not one damn substantial thing. WHY?

Every week, I see some new breakthrough touted in the lesser media, the feel-good, give ’em some hope sites: Plastics made from hemp. Just as good as the plastics killing our oceans, but they are biodegradable. Want to keep the old petroleum-based plastics? Why the fuck would you? But okay, here are some petrol-plastic eating bugs! Hemp batteries have proven to be better than lithium batteries. There was a car that ran on water once, too, wasn’t there? Or hydrogen power? Cold-fusion? Where the fuck did all of these potentially world-saving genius innovations go?

In a word: the Economy. We can’t let hope topple the all-powerful economy, the One True God that our psychotic leaders serve. And when they talk about “the Economy” they really mean their economy. Their money. Not yours. You’re not even the same species to them. You’re not in their game. You are their game.

And it’s not just the United States. This is happening globally. This stupidity and systemic corruption is everywhere. And again, nothing has been done. The Climate Accords were a nice gesture, but in the end they are meaningless. Nothing substantial is being done. WHY? You can’t profit in a dead world. So why continue killing it? As I said, they are psychotic. That’s all there is to it. We have created a social system in which the most demented, narcissistic, psychotic, reptilian-brained assholes rise to the top. And when they get there, they pass laws to get more of their buddies in there with them. They pass those laws without a hitch every damn day, but they can’t pass a bill that will provide clean drinking water to people who desperately need it? WHY? Psychotics.

They give us social media to keep us occupied. It lets us think we’re fighting the evil, but we’re only fighting ourselves and amusing them.

Our oceans are dying. Entire species are being wiped out at a shocking, never-before-seen rate, and our water supply is drying up. We used to think, ‘Oh, that’s the next generation’s problem.’ But look around – it’s already happening. All of you old bastards who are fifty-plus, you’ll see it happen, but you won’t suffer from it. But believe me, your children will. Are you still so delusional to think that your children will live a life like the one you’ve enjoyed? They will most assuredly not. How far does your cognitive dissonance extend, for fuck’s sake? We are seeing it happen in real time. At least, we would be, if our so-called “leaders” would let their media mouthpieces talk about it. But they won’t. They want to maintain order for as long as they can so that they can keep LORPing their power-thirsty games and enjoying their privilege over the rest of humanity. They’ll keep making their Faustian bargains with their psychopathic pals sitting atop billion-dollar, planet-killing industries and collecting their kickbacks.

If you are someone under the age of twenty-five, or if you are the parent of someone under the age of twenty-five, know this: People in that age group are going to die young and horribly. They will die fighting for a puddle of polluted water, or they will die of thirst. Civilization is going to collapse around them as it cannot survive the climate change that is happening. This has been proven time and again by impartial study after study, beginning with a study out of MIT in 1972 that told us we needed to change course. That study was confirmed this year by another independent study, this time by an Anglo-Dutch group.

I am not writing this piece to try to rally some sort of global movement. That brilliant young woman from Sweden has been doing that with all of the youthful energy she can muster, God bless her. I enjoy watching their protests, #FridaysforFuture. But the wealthy watch as well, and they are merely amused. They do not care for the masses of people, no matter how colorful their signs. We are well beyond marches and protests. This is the zero hour. We are dying. They are killing us. In an action movie, when the villain has his boot on the neck of the hero, and he’s at the moment when he’s about to deliver the kill-shot, what does the hero do? Hold up a sign that says, “Hey, you! Stop it!” and the villain is dispatched? No.

At this point, it is already too late. If anything is going to change, it has to happen yesterday. It has to happen BIG. I mean a full-stop on everything until we can get this shit figured out. And that would take everybody. But that is impossible. Everybody is too divided. Everybody has been duped by the bullshit plan, the Punch-and-Judy act. And even if we did, the police have been equipped and trained to act as a brutish authoritarian force to suppress with bone-crushing violence any substantial action by the people. Yes, our psychotic leaders, the ones who can’t seem to supply us with clean water, health care, or a living wage, have had no trouble whatsoever in providing the police with authoritarian training and military-grade weaponry to assault and brutalize anyone that dares ask for clean water, health care, or a living wage. And now, everybody – you, me, your children – is going to die.

The only things The Wealthy understand are money and violence. And we were never willing to go there. They sure as fuck were, though. How many wars have they enjoyed?

Sadly, much of the natural world will die with us. That is a true tragedy. But the Earth will bounce back. Sure, it could take millions of years if even just a few of our dilapidated nuclear reactors go into melt-down when our civilization collapses over the next twenty years, but what’s a few million years to a fuckin’ planet? This planet is in the life-making business, and it’ll start up production again once it has rid itself of the life-destroying pestilence that is us.

But make no mistake: The trial is over, the verdict is in, and the sentence has been handed down: Death. And the sentence will be carried out slowly over the next twenty or thirty years, probably sooner. And no matter what you may see, read, or hear, believe me now: It will be carried out. It is being carried out.

So why am I writing this if there is nothing to be done? Well, to gloat. You see, I am a petty, petty man. I do not have much in this life. As I have mentioned in previous articles, I have had a good run – better than most, I dare say. But debt and a lack of practical skills have driven me into exile. I live a rather free life in a tiny apartment in a country foreign to the one in which I was born and raised. This will, of course, not make me exempt from the sentence. Like I said, it’s not just the USA. Everyone, everywhere is facing this end. It’s just that the USA has led the charge down this dark hallway to Hell, ignoring repeated signs and warnings to turn around, and ignoring them with purpose. I have been one of those voices screaming, trying to get the herd to turn, and becoming more and more disillusioned and despondent as my voice grew hoarse, my throat sore, and yet the herd never broke pace. We followed those psychotic leaders. And here we are, at the End of All Things human.

So I am writing this just to say “I told you so.” That’s it. I’m not proud of it, I am just being honest with you.

And to anyone who may read this and think, “Well, we still have an election coming up! Vote!” all I can say to you is, really? Really? Have you not been paying attention? We’ve been voting the entire fucking time. If you still think voting does anything, then you just do not understand. You are that idiot on a busy street corner, pressing the dummy-button on the traffic light post, erroneously believing that you can effect any change at all that way. You do know those buttons do nothing but keep the stupid from charging into the street, don’t you? That is exactly what voting became after they killed Kennedy. Maybe it’s time you charged into the street?

Make your peace with whatever you consider to be God and get your house in order. It’s time to die. I began this piece with a quote. I will end it with one:

Well, I tried, god damn it. At least I did that. – Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest


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