CLIMATE CRISIS: What You Will Be Facing

The climate crisis is an unavoidable certainty, and the elites of the world know it. They have known it for some time, and have been busy with constructing new devices to prevent you from getting all pissy about it.

Hello again, faithful readers! I see there are 75 of you now. That warms my hearts (I have three, like an octopus). To thank you for reading my idiotic ramblings, I thought I would take this opportunity to warn you about an inconvenient truth of which you are likely already aware. I will also talk about a few specifics that might help you in the coming crisis. Or not. I really don’t know. You may be far better prepared for the impending crash than I am. After all, I am not prepared at all. As I said in a previous post, I am just here to observe. As strange as that previous comment may sound, I don’t actually have three hearts like an octopus. That was just one of my weak attempts at humor.

Me, just sitting here watching the world

Anyway, let’s get to it.

The coming climate crisis is unavoidable, and it is coming sooner than the world expected. In fact, it’s already here. Don’t worry about your so-called “leaders” and their endless squabbling over how little they care to do, it’s already a moot point. It’s too late to do anything. Something should have been done thirty years ago, but the leaders then were just as useless and corrupt as they are now. In fact, many of them are still the same awful people. And so, buckle up. Not everyone is going to survive. In fact, most of you won’t. And that’s no joke.

Of course, there will be mass migrations from the poorer regions of the world as people are forced to move to find access to the necessities of life: food, water, a survivable climate and whatnot. And the Elites use fear of Others to create more divisions among the hoi polloi and keep us fighting each other instead of realizing our true enemy and turning on them. The name of their game has always been Distract, Divide and Conquer. Remember that. The mass migrations have already begun as we see large numbers of people moving from the Middle East, Africa, and Haiti as regions like the Middle East will soon be uninhabitable to humans. This is only the beginning.

The push of populations into the remaining habitable zones will only exacerbate the problems in those zones, as supplies dwindle. The world is already experiencing a shortage of water, and that will only get worse as temperatures continue to rise and demand continues to go up. And the problem is not immigration, it’s greed. The world yet has enough resources to keep every single human on the planet comfortably alive. But greedy corporations like Nestlé have been buying up the remaining resources like potable water, and water has become a commodity, which was a huge red flag from last year. This means it is no longer considered a God-given human right, but a possession that will be consumed only by those people with enough money to afford it. And guess what? Soon, you will likely not be one of those people.

The water shortage and rising temperatures will also result in a food shortage. This has also already begun. Have you noticed a steep rise in your grocery bill of late? Heard murmurings of a “shipping crisis”? This is not coincidental, and it will not get better any time soon. This is the trend, and it is going to continue upward as selection and quality trend downward. Eventually, your local Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are gonna be offering some mighty slim pickings, and the prices will be unaffordable to the majority of you. Do you have children? Imagine if you had to choose which one you would feed and which one would have to starve? And then imagine no more! You will be living that Sophie’s Choice.

Within the next three to five years, you can expect to start to see riots – actual food riots, and actually right in your own neighborhoods. Unless you are one of the wealthy who can afford to live in a gated community or better. Still, the food supply within the gated communities will eventually run out as well. I hope I am still here to see riots break out in the upper-class neighborhoods. They will probably find it amusingly horrifying when they watch the poorer sects battling each other for fresh produce and potable water, but how will their attitudes change when their affluent neighbors Robert and Taylor McKenzie are at their door, flashing smiles and hiding bats with nails in them? “I say, Todd, do you happen to have any whole-grain cereal, or perhaps some fresh avocados? Then taste the nails in my Louisville Slugger, which is now ironically made in China!”

The riots will begin in the poorer communities, of course, as the wealthy white Republicans blame everyone but themselves. And, of course, the authorities are already preparing for it. They have recently unveiled new crowd control technologies that will ensure that crowds will disperse or die. And if they disperse, they will of course die anyway, of either thirst, starvation, or running into someone who is angry at facing their own dire situation and is more heavily armed than they are. In short, these people will die in the riots or die in the shadows. Which is preferable, do you think?

Imagine fighting for the last bottle of Dasani and one of these little bastards runs up and shoots you in the ass. If you have been paying attention, you have probable seen or read about these robodogs with guns. You may have even seen them in person, as they have been “training” these robodogs in urban settings – acclimating their AI to human society. And it’s not to help you – it’s to prevent you from getting to any of the privileged elites.

Panic will be unavoidable at a certain point. The Powers That Be have been putting it off for as long as they can by refusing to allow the major news outlets to reveal just how dire the situation has become, but soon they won’t be able to hide it. People are going to notice that their local grocery stores only have canned beans for sale, and one can costs $85. And people will start to get suspicious when Nestlé jacks up its prices to $100 per two-liter bottle of water. Whatever the costs, there will be so many more people unable to feed themselves, let alone their families, and this tends to make people aggressive.

The idea is to herd these people into one location where they will attack and kill each other rather than the elites like Sen. Joe Manchin who have the delusional belief that they can somehow survive the inevitable outcome of climate change by amassing their own wealth as the world burns. As the mob rips each other to shreds, the new mob-control moveable police walls that spray tear gas and bullets will keep everyone on the killing floor, and those that try to overcome the walls will be taken out by the robodogs. The moveable police walls are made by Kalashnikov, the Russian arms manufacturer made famous by the AK-47. And these will of course be supported by the ever-present MRAPs armed with LRADs, or Long-Range Acoustic Devices that will use piercing soundwaves to make you nauseous and drive the rioting crowd into an entirely new level of ferocity. And these are just the devices we know about. Who knows what other tricks they have up their sleeves as the result of a bottomless black budget and technologies that are not made public? Perhaps the recent flap in UAP activity is a hint of things to come?

When things boil over, of course, none of it will be televised. At least, not for everyone. I’m sure the elites will be curious enough to watch it on a private channel, perhaps closed-circuit TV, as they view it like a real-life Hunger Game, or Squid Game to be more relevant. They will sit back and watch with nervous laughter as they enjoy the food that never made it to your local grocery stores, just like the warlords that used to earn international condemnation when they stole bags of rice and boxes of medicine from UN relief workers. They may even place bets as they watch Joe Six-Pack and Sally Housecoat use whatever weapons they can get their hands on to take out their neighbors whom they suspect of having a stash of Nabisco products in their garage. Social media and TVs will still function, but they will only show you smoke and mirrors. Any attempts to coordinate protests, what will then be called “terrorist actions,” will be silenced.

Goodbye, taco trucks, hello, violent oppression. These will replace your local food trucks in short order.

All of this new technology has been developed in anticipation of the climate disaster. The climate disaster is now here, and they are starting to unveil their new toys. And years ago, I had sincere hope that the people of the world would organize and unite and stand up to these so-called elitist leaders that have led us all down this path of doom, and (more or less) peacefully set human civilization back on the path of social prosperity for all. That courageous young woman from Sweden and her movement have been very touching for me to watch. I respect them and their efforts, but let’s face it – the time for signs and chants and peaceful demonstrations passed a while ago. The so-called “leaders” of the world do not give a tin shit. As I said in a previous post, the only things the “leaders” and elites understand are money and violence. And you do not have money. And they have made sure that your ability to resort to violence will be curtailed and directed onto yourselves alone.

Police have already been attacking Native American Water Protectors simply for defending their own water supplies. The Black Lives Matter riots and the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021, were preplanned events, with instigated escalations by plain-clothes officers acting as provocateurs within the crowds. They are testing their abilities and preparing their forces. Surely you’ve noticed that the police have become much more aggressive and militarized over the past decade or so? They are just as likely to shoot you in the face as give you a citation for disturbing the peace. They seem to delight in the sadistic abuse of protesters, intentionally spraying even the most peaceful activists – including children – with eye and skin burning chemicals, and even going so far as to hold activists down as they swab their eyes directly with horrid chemical irritants. Evidence of police brutality are rampant, and countless videos are available with a simple YouTube search. Finding articles about the aforementioned tactical retractable wall for use in herding rioters and other implements are hard to find, but not videos of police brutality. It’s as though they want people to see them so as to desensitize the population and normalize such brutality. Mission accomplished. Most police officers, even if they are charged with abuse, are never convicted.

My hopes that people would unite and actually force the greedy, psychotic elites to change course died back in 2016 when I saw how irreparably divided the USA had become along political lines. The elites turned everyone against themselves so fast and so fiercely, with so many potent disinformation campaigns and divisive rhetoric on their so-called “news” networks, that the outcome is now inevitable. Even they cannot control the monster they have created. Maybe they never intended to control it. Maybe the plan all along was to turn the monster loose on itself and watch it rip itself to shreds. There will be no peace. And what is coming, I would not classify it as a “civil war” as there will be no clear sides, and it will not be at all civil. And as the famous line goes, baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

This tribulation will not be confined to the USA. It will be global. Human civilization will fall. It is falling. The elites have capitalized on fear and collapse so as to shore up their own coffers with the hopes of riding it out and surviving on their riches, and they have taken every measure to ensure that they remain untouchable when the shit hits the fan. Don’t worry, though. Ultimately, the climate crisis will reach them and they, too, will suffer. Their delusions of wealth and power may have insulated them from the larger riots, but they will not save them from thirst and starvation. What do they say in disaster movies? The living will envy the dead? So what can you do to avoid this crisis and save yourselves? I wrote about this recently in another blog, but the answer is as short and simple as our future:

Not a damn thing.

Well, perhaps that’s a little too short and bleak. Moving yourself off the grid in the next year or so might be worthwhile. This means buying arable land with a source of potable water, and learning to be self-reliant. Build yourself an ecodome and equip it with solar panels. These options have been around for decades. If more people had chosen this ecologically-responsible option, then perhaps we wouldn’t be facing the crisis we are facing today. If you require medication, then hopefully your new all-natural lifestyle will cure whatever ails you because you likely will not be able to get your medication in a few years. Insulin in the USA is already unaffordable, and people who need it rely on it to live. People are already forced to ration medications for life-threatening conditions. How insane is that? Still, even if you manage to find your little off-the-grid slice of heaven, when the survivors of the urban wars begin to form gangs and move out into the wilds in search of food… well, I hate to say it, but you’d better be well-armed. When you move off-grid, it might be a good idea to invite friends and neighbors as there is strength in numbers. Good luck!

Aren’t I a joyful little ray of sunshine? People used to tell me I was paranoid at best and too negative at my worst. Nowadays, people see me as a realist. And that more than anything scares the bejeesus out of me. Look, civilizations have risen and fallen on this little space rock many times in the distant past. This is just our time. So go ahead, eat the cake, drink the wine, indulge your inner child. Just be kind to each other. I know that’s asking the impossible these days, what with all the ugly Trump-inspired hatred out there, but I can at least ask, right?

“It’s the suspense that gets me. Remember, Doc, keep smiling!”

“I’ll still be here when your entire civilization has been reduced to nothing more than a puzzling layer of plastics in the geologic record.” — Friend of Mine from Somewhere Else

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