Waking Up to a New Reality

UFOs are now UAPs and the U.S. government has admitted they are real. And a new book — published by government contractors connected to the DoD and Congress — says that they are not just otherworldly, but that there is a connection to all sorts of paranormal activity. So, what’s going on?

Before I get into the answer(s) to that question, please indulge me as I gloat: I told you so. I even wrote a book about it that no one knows exists, let alone bought. My sincere thanks to those friends who did buy it, even if they did so out of a sense of obligation to humor a dear friend who is off his nut.

My book, The Big Blue Turtle: The Meaning of Life and How to Survive Death came out two months before the book published by the U.S. government contractors. Oddly, despite the support they received from said government and the $22 million in Congressional funding that was allocated to their efforts by Sen. Harry Reid (Ret., Deceased) and others, I still seem to know more about what’s going on than they do.

I read their book over the past few days, and was blown away. I could not believe that an actual government agency was confirming what I have been saying for most of my life. No one listens to me, however, because I am neither wealthy nor charismatic. I’m just another nut howling into the abyss. As I have promoted my own book on this blog before, I will now promote their book. This is it:

As soon as I read the foreword by Sen. Harry Reid, I knew that he and I were, at least in this regard, kindred spirits. And by the time I got to chapter 3, I was simply gobsmacked. There is no better word to describe how I felt, and still feel. The book details scientific investigations into a darkly mysterious region of Utah known as Skinwalker Ranch, a place that decades ago earned infamy in paranormal circles. Let me share one excerpt from early in the book, and keep in mind as you read that this was written by well-credentialed people working for the new Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AASWAP), within the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Defense Warning Office (DWO):

Since 1994, the 500-acre property known as Skinwalker Ranch located in northeastern Utah has been continuously studied by humans and sensors. Metallic UAPs, flying orbs of varying colors, otherworldly creatures, discarnate voices, poltergeist, electromagnetic anomalies, and orange “portals” have co-located as well as materialized separately on the property.

And that’s just in the introduction. Since The New York Times broke the story in 2017 with their article “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program”, and videos taken from military aircraft of mysterious flying “Tic-Tacs” have appeared on television screens around the world, the inevitable crack in the veneer has finally appeared, and what has already started trickling out is jaw-dropping.

The book gives several detailed accounts of strange encounters with UAPs and all sorts of inhuman ‘entities’ in various shapes or forms from all over the U.S., not just Utah. And one of the more curious points it makes is something the authors refer to as the “hitchhiker” phenomenon. This is where one person who experiences something strange can pass it on to others, like a pathogen. For example, someone has an encounter at Skinwalker Ranch. They return home, bringing “something” with them. Soon, their roommates or family members have encounters with shadow people, orbs, even werewolf-like creatures. And in at least one case, the “pathogen” spreads to other members of their local communities — people outside of the initially “infected” household who had had no prior information about any strange goings-on. And several of the people that have such infectious encounters quickly develop some sort of auto-immune disease. So, could this all be some sort of hallucinogenic flu? That is certainly something to ponder.

Yet a pathogen still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Why does everyone hallucinate the same types of things? What is the connection to UAPs (UFOs)? Why do some UAPs appear as metallic objects, and others seem to be something else entirely, if not holographic? Why, if these things are hallucinations, do they show up on RADAR and fighter jet cameras? Why do so many witnesses develop autoimmune disorders? And why do so many who develop autoimmune disorders develop such a wide variety of such disorders – everything from Grave’s disease to Sjogren’s syndrome to rheumatoid arthritis to lupus? The book mentions a paper published in 2016 in the Journal of the American Medical Association that showed gun violence follows an epidemic-like process of social contagion that is transmitted through networks of people by social interaction. Gun violence isn’t a pathogen, but it, too, can behave like one. So is there a similar connection with people who have paranormal experiences? Perhaps, as I discuss in my book, the connection lies with a sort of collective consciousness. For more details, check out the Global Consciousness Project conducted at Princeton University. I’ll talk more about this later.

Although UAPs (UFOs) are mostly thought of as physical “extraterrestrial” objects unrelated to such things as poltergeists, Bigfoot, and shadow people by most laypeople, this book makes a very strong case that there is a connection between all of these time-honored boogums.

So what is it?

If I may: Read my book. I have spent my life pursuing these very topics, and I have had my own experiences. A lot of people who were once against the idea of extraterrestrial or ultra-terrestrial (pan-dimensional) visitations are now piping up to say that it must be some sort of Psy-Op perpetrated against the peoples of the world in order to bring about that New World Order we’ve been hearing so much about for so, so long (and which – surprise! – is already here). Well, let me tell you — it ain’t that. I’m not getting paid by anyone. I’m not in the Bilderberg Group or the Trilateral Commission or the National Security Council. I’m not Illuminati. But I have encountered these entities.

This is not to say that one or more of these nefarious groups won’t latch onto this phenomenon and try to use it to direct public opinion and behavior. I’m just saying they didn’t start it. This has been around since the books of the Bible were written. Where do you think a lot of those wacky stories really originated? This has been around since before humans walked the earth. Ancient tales from the antediluvian period right on up to Ezekiel’s Wheels in the Old Testament show a world that was rife with strange influences and Fortean activity. Only back then, people lived a lot longer and met a much kinder variety of entities (“angels”). It has only quieted down as human civilization developed and began taking a keener interest in the natural world. Every once in a while a local newspaper would light up with a story about a noisy ghost or a mystery airship, but it was quickly lost in the buzz of the day-to-day of humans developing and destroying the world.

But now we have come to a crucial point in our collective evolution. Now we have brought the natural world as we know it to the brink. And now the Old Gods are returning with even more mind-blowing technology than they had when they first created us. Think about how fast our own technology has developed in just the past fifty years. These ‘entities’ were already more advanced than we are today, and that was over 150,000 years ago. They have evolved into completely non-physical beings of pure energy, or moved their consciousnesses into artificial vehicles. They are immortal. And if you listen to the transhumanists, we could have been, too. But I fear now it is too late for us.

But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. This is probably far, far too much for most humans who are still looking up at those weird lights in the sky and thinking “spaceship…?” Most people are still grappling with the idea that these things called “U.F.O.s” really do exist. (Of course they exist! It just means “Unidentified Flying Object.” Drones exist, don’t they? Chinese lanterns exist, right? Unmarked helicopters and big-ass birds exist. These can all be “U.F.O.s”.) But even with only this rudimentary grasp of the concept of a larger reality, the average Joe Six-pack and Sally Housecoat are going to have to come to grips with a much larger sense of an entire reality — a reality so much further beyond even the concept of extraterrestrial spaceships. We are experiencing a quantum leap of Biblical proportions.

We are talking about extraterrestrials. Some UAPs are physical, and we are seeing more of them as well. Likely, I suspect, as I have mentioned in previous posts, these other beings are coming to catch the end of a great show. They want to get in and check out the life here before it vanishes forever. Of course, the rise in smart phones and pocket-sized video capable technologies has also added to the rise in reports, but believe me — they are as curious about us as we are about them. Specifically, they want to study a dying species just as we would.

We are also talking about ultraterrestrials — entities from beyond the reach of our physical senses. Remember, that everything you experience in this life is only what is filtered into your brain through the various holes in your head and nerves in your skin. You can only see a very small portion of the light wave spectrum, good ol’ ROY G. BIV. Everything above the infrared or below the ultraviolet is invisible to us. And we only occupy one thin frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum. Realities can tune in and out around us like radio stations on the AM dial on a lonely midnight drive through the desert. The reality you experience is only the one you are built to receive, the only one you are tuned into. But as our civilization is dying, largely due to our own stupidity, that is changing. Other frequencies that have been monitoring ours from Day One are starting to get involved. Other realities are bleeding into our own.

Perhaps it is just us from another timeline, stopping in to study how we have killed ourselves so that they can learn to avoid the same dismal fate? Perhaps there are various entities from various realities, all converging to collect the spoils of a falling civilization? Perhaps we are just some stupid reality TV show broadcasting to other worlds, and we’re in the final season so the fans are getting a little invasive? Who the fuck knows? It is beyond our grasp.

But here is what I do know, and it is something I describe as The Great Work in my book (the unfortunately-titled Big Blue Turtle: The Meaning of Life and How to Survive Death). This is the idea that every little individual consciousness is meant to join with other little consciousnesses and form an eventual network of consciousnesses until we achieve one great collective consciousness, a “god-mind” if you will. And in that condition, we would be able to create our own reality just by thinking it into existence together, as one powerful consciousness. This harkens back to the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University. And, as the Pentagon Pals point out in their Skinwalker book, a growing number of highly respected scientists are suggesting that consciousness may very well be primary and give rise to the physical, not the other way ’round. If you want details, then go buy my book.

In the book, however, I also describe frequencies above and below our own. The frequencies above us continue onward into a more positive energy, light — the “Heaven” frequencies. The frequencies below us are the darker, “Hell” frequencies. And our fledgling, infantile collective consciousness has been steered to embrace the negative, and this lowers our frequency, and “brings us down, man,” into those Hell frequencies. All of the negative activities of humans — the destruction of our natural environment by the corporate entities we allow to run our world by allowing them to control our governments, and all of the negative feelings they force us to experience as we must sit back feeling powerless as we watch them kill everything. The unchecked growth of the military-industrial complex breeds hate-thinking that creates 24-hour bullshit news networks that only spread more fear/hatred and negativity. The corruption of a wonderful teaching from the Christ consciousness into the horrible Beast of right-wing evangelical assholishness… ALL of it. All of it is pulling us down.

In their book, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, the authors conclude that the entities they have been encountering are not nice. They are dark. They are dangerous. They are demonic. Why do you think that is? It’s the negativity of our consciousness bringing us down into the Hell frequencies. We are literally at the gates of Hell now, and these entities are coming through the floorboards and through the walls of our reality, through our video screens via Fox News and OANN, and pulling us further down. And our leaders are allowing it to happen. Hell, they’re probably trying to make deals with these entities.

But not all such entities are evil. There are still some positive ones around, helpful, angelic types. There are just a lot fewer of them because who wants to follow our stupid asses down into Hell? Some of the physical extraterrestrials are benevolent. They have tried repeatedly to warn us, but we didn’t listen. We brushed aside their messages as hoaxes or delusions, or we just didn’t see them because our brains are not wired to receive them anymore. The guy we like to erroneously call Jesus, was he truly the last Christ consciousness? Or have there been others, but their voices grew fainter as we allowed ourselves to sink, until we could no longer hear them anymore? We’re apparently seeing a whole lot of venomous orbs, menacing shadow people, and monstrous manifestations bringing war, famine, pestilence, and death. But have you noticed we don’t see so many angels, faeries, unicorns or leprechauns anymore? Yes, I am being humorous, but all of those benevolent entities that gave us such literary representations, they come from the same realms, just higher frequencies.

But getting back to “Jebus,” I should tell you this: When Christ talked about a second coming, “second coming” only means that the Christ consciousness would return in another form with more positive lessons for our young species. It certainly doesn’t mean the bullshit the evangelicals believe, that one day a great trumpet will sound and Yeshua bin Yosef (AKA “Jesus”) himself will descend from the clouds with a flock of angels, all white-skinned and blonde hair flowing gloriously out behind him. How infantile is that? No. Christ is a title, it means “Anointed One.” And it is a consciousness with a connection, a direct line to the higher consciousness — what we have come to think of as “God.” And not that Old Testament “god” either. If you haven’t noticed, that guy was a bit of a jerk. And the Pope is full of shit. Again, if you want details for all of this, then buy my book. It might still be available on Amazon. Incidentally, one of the subjects that this government group studied intensely was how to survive death. I tell you how to do that in my book. They couldn’t figure it out.

One final thought on the so-called pathogen theory mentioned earlier: Interestingly, although I have had contact with at least one of these mysterious ‘entities,’ I have not had the “hitchhiker phenomenon” develop. Apparently, my entities aren’t contagious. This supports my thinking that the ones that I hang with are the good ones. Sadly, it is the negative influences that hold sway over our world at this moment. Extremism, Trumpism, Fox News — if you have been wondering why the U.S. political system seems to fail on purpose and make things more difficult for everyone, it’s not an accident. These are the lower frequencies bleeding through, pushing their negativity and trying to bring everyone down. Keep in mind, these people experiencing the dark entities like shadow people, they are tied to the Military-Industrial Complex. You don’t get much darker. And who doesn’t already suspect that Tucker Carlson is a demon?

The darkness of creatures like Carlson, Stephen Miller, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell, the clueless and feeble flailing of the Democrats as they feign “opposition” to this darkness… it’s all just Hell coming for its own. You know how angry it makes us? It is important that we not let them drag us down with them. Smile, wish them luck in Hell, and keep your eyes on the Rise. Keep it positive. Bring some GOOD into the world in your day-to-day actions. Perhaps this will be the “Rapture” those evangelical nuts keep ranting about? Only they aren’t the ones who will be “taken up” because they got duped and lured away from the true teachings of the Christ. They’ll be going down where the goblins go, below, below, below, below…

Ding-dong, wicked Mitch is dead…

The hard part will be remembering not to rejoice in their fall, or we may be joining them. We must remember to pity them. If this is true, then they are going someplace unimaginably horrible. We must remember that they were once children like us.

My point is, every experience I have had in my life, every bit of information I have gleaned from “mysterious” sources, everything I talk about in my book? I was right. The fucking Pentagon just confirmed it.

So what are you going to do about it?

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