Fascism Will Come to America (it’s already here, it’s just waiting)

This started as a post on Facebook, but as I was writing it, the website got all twitchy, and my post was deleted before I could even finish writing it. This makes me think I was on a roll that they didn’t like. Let’s see how WordPress handles it. So, here’s the truth:

I was reading this article from The Atlantic about Trump’s ties to Russia. And I thought, “This is nothing new. All of this and more was already substantiated in Sarah Kendzior’s book, Hiding in Plain Sight. The article in The Atlantic, titled “It Wasn’t a Hoax,” discusses how no one in power really likes Trump, or even respects him – they all just see him as a useful tool in achieving their own nefarious goals. No one really likes Trump except for his cult of brainwashed devotees that follow him like so much mindless flotsam and jetsam. And the media mouthpieces of the power brokers repeat and promote every single one of Trump’s Big Lies just to keep those people (and their votes) in useful play.

Look, I will go on record yet again and say that I do not believe the official account of the September 11th attacks. I think it’s a bunch of horse shit. And I do believe that pedophilia is a guarded secret in the top echelons of government, entertainment, and religion. However, I do not buy into the Deep State network of Satanic cabals. No one in the U.S. government is that organized. Our government is splintered, shattered, and the top players are all vying for the top-dog position. If any one of them had that kind of dirt on another, they would leak that shit so fast it’d be on TV before I finished typing this sentence. They all want power, and Trump is merely a stepping stone for their Machiavellian schemes. Splintered though these political players are, they are all moving toward a common goal: A reorganization of society and elimination of ‘undesirables’ to reduce the population to a more easily-controlled number. The survivors will be herded into designated labor areas to grow food and fix the machinery that keeps the world of the upper-layer wealthy elites running smoothly.

Ever seen Fritz Lang’s Metropolis? Yeah, like that.

And the QAnon movement do not stand in opposition to this. They may think they do, but in fact they are being manipulated and used to enable it. Even I look at the QAnon nutballs and think How can people think like that? How stupid are these people? Most look at the QAnon movement like the circus of idiots that it is. But powerful politicians see it as a means to an end. It serves two purposes: It totally discredits people like myself, moderates who have serious doubts and suspicions that deserve honest investigation, and it promotes a mad wave of mindless foot soldiers to shout down any reasonable discourse in government – local, state, and national. We see them every day now on the news, popping up at school board meetings and town halls, disrupting useful discourse by shouting about masks, vaccinations, books on anal sex, and, of course, that old chestnut Satanism. As Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” In the U.S., it has been concentrated into an incredibly powerful hallucinogenic, and these people are out of their goddamn minds. The U.S. is no longer capable of rational discourse, and this is a death knell for any democracy.

The stage is now set. And if you think there is any political opposition to this, you are as deluded as the QAnons. The Democrats position themselves as the force against the GOP’s grab for total control of the democratic system, but they have the same goal. They aren’t really in opposition. They are just trying to find their own path to the position of Dear Leader for Life. Look at how feckless their defense has been. The GOP launched a full-on coup on January 6, calling up their QAnon Army to storm the U.S. Capitol. Trump’s people had a plan in place, they just needed a mob to violently attack the Capitol and disrupt the proceedings inside so that they could overturn the results of a legal election. The evidence is already public that the assault on the capitol was pre-planned and organized, with insiders using anonymous burner phones to communicate with their mob leaders on the ground. These pro-GOP accomplices provided directions to guide the mob inside the Capitol. The culprits should have been rounded up in the days and weeks that followed and executed for treason. But here we are, ten months later, and not only has not one single organizer of this attempt to overthrow the U.S. government been brought to justice, but Trump is positioning himself for another run at the presidency. And the Democrats, will all their vim and vigor, are going to run an 80-year-old man who is showing signs of dementia and whose approval rating is hovering around the 35% mark as their opposition candidate. They even failed to pass their Voting Rights Act, which they cried and cried was so central to saving our democracy. The Democrats have no intention whatsoever of opposing this take-over. They fully intend to hand the 2024 election to the GOP in exchange for better position on the ‘Who Gets to Be Dictator?’ game board. The GOP are already poised to sweep the midterm elections thanks to their unchecked power grabs in key electoral states, passing oppressive anti-voting laws and gerrymandering the hell out of each district to give themselves an overwhelming advantage. After that, even a landslide victory for Biden (which obviously will never happen) will be open for contention.

America, it is over. You are locked onto a direct path to total subjugation. The only thing that will save the American democracy now is organized armed revolution. And look at us. The circus of idiots has successfully divided us all to the point that we can’t even sit down and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with our own families without erupting into angry arguments. What they have planned for us can’t even be called “civil war.” There will be no definitive sides. It will be chaos, pure and visceral. And it will provide the perfect excuse for these political and wealthy elites to unleash their new brutally militarized police force and all of their shiny new killbot toys. And then their own final solution will be played out. The ‘undesirables’ will be murdered en masse, the survivors will be relocated into designated labor areas, and the elitist utopia will take shape. The elites will be like gods, and the rest of us will be their subjugated slaves.

And yet I still say organized armed revolution is the ONLY chance the U.S.A. has of saving its democracy. Each day that passes without it only reduces its chances of success. And those chances are already razor thin as the opposition has already stacked insurmountable odds in their own favor. They’ve been working on this since at least 1963, if not since the Business Plot of 1933 (see my article on the Kennedy Assassinations). They have already all but established their draconian dictatorship. The only “debate” among our leaders is over who will be the ultimate Top Dog.

Quite frankly, I do not see an organized revolution happening. As I have said, the mass-media mouthpieces of the wealthy elites have us all so deeply divided that the “organized” stipulation will never be realized. I am telling you now – mark my words – after the 2024 elections, you are going to wake up to a very different and very ugly reality. And it will spread globally, and this is why the rest of the world is watching the events unfold in the U.S.A. with such concern. As one of my Canadian friends put it, “I am very worried, too. It’s honestly disturbing, I worry that with all this fighting within… it will open up a crevice for other Power countries to come against you… I’m not a politician and see the chaos, imagine what leaders are thinking? The U.S. looks unstable.” And I hadn’t even gotten into how we look from the outside — a sitting duck, ripe for the plucking. Maybe it really IS Russia behind it all?

Either way, it’s all over but the screaming.

But here’s my position: I don’t care. I can’t care. I’ve tried caring and it only brings misery. In the past, I have tried to organize people and failed repeatedly. There is absolutely NOTHING I can do. And I will be dead when it all takes shape anyway, so what concern is it of mine? In fact, I hope they succeed. I hope they herd our idiot population into labor zones and put us to lives of toil, growing their food and maintaining their machines so that they can live the lives of lustful idolatry that they crave and deserve. They played us well, and to the victors go the spoils. On the bright side, they will want to preserve the planet then, so once they no longer need the divide-and-conquer strategies, they will likely implement all of the progressive ideas that are just sitting there, ignored. They will abandon fossil fuels and rely on green energy like wind and solar power. Of course, nuclear fusion is not far off. They will finally begin using all of those biodegradable alternatives to petrol-plastics, and clean all of the old plastic shit out of the oceans. They will clean the earth because it will finally truly be theirs. (And when I say “they will clean the earth” I mean “YOU will,” because you’re the labor force and they have better things to do with their time.) The reduction of our population, and the centralizing of us in cramped, easy-to-manage labor zones will allow nature to flourish and retake areas decimated by our urban sprawl. Just as one of their gang carved on the infamous Georgia Guidestones, Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature. I approve of that message.

As another friend of mine recently said regarding the Critical Race Theory debate and the white-washing of American history of our treatment of Native Americans and other atrocities, ” It’s amazing that communities want to hide these facts from students in the name of patriotism – which simply doesn’t mean what it once did. The plan is in place to eradicate the next generation of Americans from knowing their own country’s history. Only focusing on the good parts while hiding the bad is the building blocks of a fascist state.” If anyone of their elite children one day get too curious and asks, “Why do we keep the workers in those fenced-in camps?” they will simply show them the pollution and environmental devastation of our world today and say, “Well, if we let them out, and allow them to procreate unregulated, they do this.” As for their own society, they will develop transhumanist and gene-splicing technologies to prolong their lives and eliminate such horrific diseases as Parkinson’s and cancer. And they will begin exploring and colonizing space, ensuring that the human species never fades from the cosmos.

Oh, they won’t share any of that with the lowly worker class. The workers cannot be allowed such luxuries as extended disease-free lives because this will give them free time, and free time leads to thinking, and thinking leads to problems. The workers will labor and die, and their children will be taken to be the sexual playthings to satisfy the predilections of any elites that desire them. Eventually, we will likely evolve into two separate species: The enhanced Elites and the unenhanced slaves. But if that’s the way it has to be to ensure the protection of our planet and the survival of our species, so be it. I tried. I screamed into the abyss. I wasted time and energy and emotion. And I won’t be here to suffer the final result. That’s for you survivors to endure. I’m OUT.

They say that a dictatorship is the only system of government that will work. The trick is finding a dictator who cares more for the people than they do for themselves. Well, nothing is perfect in this world. All I ask is for a humble grave marker, placed somewhere in a labor zone in the north east, to show that I was here. And I only want three little words for the epitaph.

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