That’s Just Crazy Talk!

In my last blog post, I suggested in no uncertain terms that within the next 10 years, Americans will be herded into designated labor zones by the ruling elite. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound! Try this information on for size.

In earlier, even stranger blog posts, I describe encounters with “entities” from elsewhere (i.e., intelligent beings not from this world). So next to these earlier posts, my claim of labor zones in the USA seems downright plausible. But that’s not all! You also get this new set of claims, ABSOLUTELY FREE! And away I go —

Since publishing my book, The Big Blue Turtle: The Meaning of Life and How to Survive Death, I have been hit with a spitball of inquiries from various sources. Admittedly, they were mostly from people back home who knew me before I became an aimless wanderer of the world, but one recent inquiry came from an unexpected place: Kazakhstan. This individual was curious about the details of the “entities” that I have encountered, such as their biology, and the propulsion systems of their craft.

I assured the individual that all of that information was in my book, to which they replied, “No, it’s not.” So, I dug out my own annotated copy and flipped through it, and realized that they were right. I touched on the concepts briefly, but I offered no details. I told that person I would write out a more thorough description of these topics and send them along. As I was writing, I figured, “Why not put this crap on the blog?” And here we are.

I’m just putting this here to break up the text, and people are already in a Christmas mood and I
am a fan of The Simpsons, and I like to make my own memes. So there.

Let’s start with the thing I know the least about, simply because it involves physics and I am not good at math. They never showed me any schematics or popped the hood, so to speak, to give me a detailed tour of how the physical craft move (not all of them are physical), but I garnered enough to know that these craft repel gravity from three sphere-shaped devices at the bottom of the craft. Not all of them use this same configuration, but they operate on a similar principle. It’s like reversing the polarity on magnets, flipping two positives or two negatives against each other so that they repel. Except these flip gravity against gravity using highly-pressured plasma from super-heavy elements. That’s how they stay afloat, but as far as movement is concerned, they generate an ionized field around the shell (hull) of the craft, and create a vacuum in any desired direction, essentially sucking themselves along. So yes, UAPs suck. This is why, when they go into the oceans, it looks from the inside as though they are traveling down pre-existing tunnels in the water, when in fact they are merely repelling the water around the craft to create a vacuum. The craft never actually touch the water, and the shell stays dry and can travel to any depth without fear of pressure. So too can they travel through any atmosphere without feeling the effects of G-forces or friction of any kind. This is how they can achieve such incredibly high velocities in any atmosphere.

As I said, not all of these craft are physical. Not all of them have pilots. Some just carry the consciousness of the pilot, and some are themselves conscious. This is a very advanced form of A.I., I believe, but who the hell knows? All I know is that they react to emotions, and can communicate through a type of hyper-empathy, if that makes any sense.

And that, I am afraid, is all I know about the propulsion systems. Except, of course, that they are controlled by thought, so there are no buttons or levers as usually depicted in Sci-Fi films. And they use gravity wells and gravity bubbles to traverse the great distances of outer space, but all of that has already been told by Robert Lazar based on his work at the infamous (and so-called) “Area 51.” (There is also talk of a “hyperspace highway” through our solar system, so one may assume that if our solar system has one, then others do, as well.) So, let’s move on to biology. But before we do, speaking of “Area 51,” I am told that that place has become a showcase for “nothing to see here.” I have also been told that if you want to find really other-worldly weirdness, check out the lesser-publicized Atlantic Underwater Testing and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) located at the “Tongue of the Ocean” (TOTO) – and right in the Bermuda Triangle. Working with USOs and interdimensional portals is the game there. “TOTO, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” is their motto. OK, so on to biology.

Here’s another text-breaker. Not a very good one, I admit. Superman II, anyone? Anyone?

The entities that I have directly interacted with are human, but they exist on a different frequency than we do. They can tune in and out of our reality like tuning into a different radio station. Humans were created by an extraterrestrial race from this frequency around 200,000 years ago. This caused a huge problem because such genetic tampering violated a sort of “prime directive” against any tampering with natural biomes. Our creators were greedy, and apparently either unaware of the rules of interplanetary exploration or they just didn’t care. Upon finding the Earth to be rich in gold and other useful resources, they colonized and their working class was put to work extracting what they needed. Working conditions were bad, and the workers revolted. So, their scientists went to work creating a trainable slave-race from the indigenous Australopithecines. They did this through trial and error, eventually splicing their own genetic material in with the indigens, and boom – baby humans.

This did not sit well with other advanced races around this remarkable yet remote little blue-green rock, and “there was war in Heaven” as our own old sacred books say. Eventually, it became clear that the new human population had gotten out of hand and was proving to be a bit of a pythons-in-the-Everglades kind of situation, so it was decided to let them be mostly wiped out by an impending natural disaster (the same one that tilted the Earth on its axis by 23.5 degrees and required an artificial moon to be brought in to restore balance). An Ultra-terrestrial race from another frequency (dimension), of whom I know very little about, took a shine to some of the early humans and took them over to their own world.

It was these other-world humans that I have met (and haven’t heard from in a very long time, I should say – a fact that worries me a bit). They are just like us, except far more technologically advanced and enhanced. They are sort of like our spoiled siblings who were adopted by wealthy families, given condos and Porsches while we were left to fend for ourselves in a shitty apartment on the lower east side. These human-Entities are cyborgs as they have nanotechnology well beyond the concepts we are developing today implanted in their bodies to provide them with amazing abilities such as eidetic memory, disease immunity, incredible eyesight, etc. (Technically, we are cyborgs now, too, as we are never without our smart phones.) They still consider us their brothers and sisters, if poorer relations, and they want the best for us. So, on occasion, they drop a note or a clue to help guide us along the best path for our own progress, even seeding beneficial technologies to us either through direct contact or telepathically. Sadly, all too often we do not listen or even understand these clues when they are sneaked over to us. You see, they are not supposed to be helping us (they are still very much under the watchful guidance of their mysterious adoptive “parents”), but there are those among them, a “fifth column” if you will, that do their best to guide and protect us. But their biology is the same as ours, if healthier and enhanced with what we have come to think of as “transhumanist” technology, only much more advanced. Speaking of which, let’s talk about our creators.

As far as I can gather, these creators are the so-called Anunnaki that Zecharia Sitchin fans are always talking about. When they first arrived on Earth and created us, they were only a few decades more advanced than we are now. All of the technologies they had – space travel, cloning, gene-splicing, etc. – were very much like the things we are developing today and should be commonplace by 2050. However, it has been a while, and as our technology has evolved, so has theirs.

Now think of how much our own technology has developed in just the last fifty years. Now imagine if we survive another 200,000 years. What do you think our technology might be like by then? We can’t even get our minds around it, but that is where they are now. They passed the singularity – the merging of their species with their technology – eons ago. They are now essentially pure energy/consciousness. Their ruling class (elite Anunnaki) were already essentially immortal when they created us. Now they have evolved beyond the need for physical bodies. The “aliens” people claim to see are really just avatars, biological androids that carry the consciousness of these entities from wherever they happen to be in the universe. If an “alien” dies, it just means the consciousness has left the avatar and is focused back in its immediate environs.

The kicker is, that is essentially what we are ourselves. When we die, we simply go back to our original environ. As above, so below. Consciousness existed before the physical, leading some to wonder if we are here by choice or if we are prisoners in this corporeal world. Considering how many of us choose to reincarnate after death, I am guessing we choose to be here. Then again, perhaps we are just returned to our prisons like escaped convicts that got apprehended after hopping the fence in the yard or tunneling out of our cells Andy Dufresne-style. (Incidentally, when I die, if I get a gravestone, I want the epitaph to read “He escaped.” Hm. I’m thinking a bit too much about epitaphs for my tombstone these days. In my post from yesterday, I say I want my epitaph to read “Told you so.” Ya know what? Either is fine. Surprise me!)

I ordered a pot of gazpacho…

They can create avatars just by thinking about them, so they are a wild mixed bag of materials and designs. They come in all shapes and sizes. Take the commonly-reported short Gray models. They operate on a sort of central pump in the chest cavity that does the work of the heart and lungs, keeping the biological avatar “alive” and the consciousness safely contained within. They do not have a digestive system, and instead absorb minimal nutrients through the skin (fingertips) to keep the biological components fresh and functioning. This eliminates the need to relieve waste, as noted in the classic children’s book, Everybody Poops but Aliens! And it’s not just our progenitor species that has evolved to this level. We are seeing explorers from all over this universe and others popping in from time to time. Thank goodness that at that level, they are generally benevolent, or at least benign. However many number of these different races/species there are, they all seem to get along and there are rarely skirmishes, let alone all-out wars. As far as I know, war only broke out once, over the creation and handling of us. There are skirmishes from time to time, as depicted in this print from Nuremberg, April 14th, 1561.

Many skeptics try to explain this report away as a natural celestial event like “sun dogs,” but since when do sun dogs crash “from the sun down upon the earth ‘as if they all burned’ and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke“?

And their regard for humans seems to be just as non-confrontational. Granted, many regard humans in the same way many of us regard chickens, cows, pigs, and other factory-farmed animals, and that’s awful, but they don’t want to wipe us out and take our planet. They have much, much grander objectives and cannot be bothered with the likes of us.

This is not to say that there aren’t malevolent entities – evil ones – around. There are. But they are kept in check by conservationists that want to preserve humanity and allow us to go our own way. This does not prevent an isolated incident here or there, but largely these entities just enjoy fucking with us for fun or experimental purposes. They feed on emotional energy, and creating powerful emotions like fear is very fulfilling to them. As I say in my book, such outside entities run the gamut from very kind to very evil, just as we mehumes (mere humans) do. Largely, the ones we encounter are benign and have agendas that do not involve us. If you ever happen to stumble across any of them doing their thing, just go about your business like you saw nothing. And never run from anything immortal. It draws their attention. (I remember that from a cartoon called The Last Unicorn I saw as a kid!) But seriously, if you encounter these entities, just pay them no mind. They have no interest in you. If you initiate contact, you are at their mercy.

If they ever directly contact you (and they might) then that is your choice to welcome the contact or to shut them out. I welcomed it, and look at me – they broke my brain. I have no idea what’s really going on, and I cannot be certain of anything being real at any point during my day. But then again, honestly, who can? But I have troubling dreams, I get weird phone calls, I see shadowy figures… I have learned not to talk about it at all because then people think you’re “weird” and you find yourself isolated. This happened to me when the contact first started. I was in middle school, and I found myself ostracized pretty damn fast. I learned to shut up, and when I see these things, I just nod at them, acknowledge them, and STFU about them. A bit of advice: If you do not recognize the entity, it is a very bad idea to let them know that you see them. And I certainly do not let anyone else know.

For all those people in movies whose powers make their noses bleed.

This blog is a necessary outlet for me. So was my book, although I do regret publishing that now. I don’t know what got into me. Well, I do – my family read it and they really liked it. It felt good to clear the air, and I thought it would be good to “clear the air” with the world. It was not. This is why I published under a pseudonym, and on this blog I am “PookaBazooka” (because Pookas are kinda my jam) or simply “Ape.”

Contact was initiated with me first by what I thought was my imagination (I had a very vivid imagination as a child). And then it got scary. As I grew into my teenage years, I began to worry I was schitzophrenic. I saw so many psychologists and psychiatrists. They assured me I was fine, and I should go back to school. I didn’t want to, being all ostracized and all. I think the real problem was that I was a spoiled child, and I had a developmental problem with my brain, so this first contact sort of knocked me off-kilter. It’s hard to explain, but I got it all boiled down to basic OCD and it has been manageable without medication since then. And by ‘manageable,’ I just mean I am a functioning adult, but I write shit like this as an outlet. After I started to regain my composure again, a more direct form of contact was made and many new things were explained to me. It seemed the entity that had tapped me felt bad for the stress I was enduring, and wanted to make it right. And it worked. I felt a lot better and I got my GED and went to university, where I excelled, both academically and socially. And my life was good again.

But by then I had the bug. I continued to research everything under the “paranormal” umbrella, but was particularly drawn to what were then called “UFOs” (now UAPs). And then, years later, living in Pittsburgh, I got my hands on a copy of John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies. And contact was initiated again. This time, it came in the form of a phone call. But that story is in my book, so I will leave it at that. After Pittsburgh, I was contacted again while overseas, but this was nigh on eleven years ago now, and I haven’t heard a peep since. I did recently read a book called Skinwalkers at the Pentagon which struck such a strong chord with me that I had to write about it.

But aside from that book stirring up a lot of wild memories, I still have not heard anything from “the other side” in a long time. My feelings on that can be summed up by paraphrasing a line from The Shawshank Redemption (since I mentioned Andy Dufresne earlier): “the place [I] live in is that much more drab and empty that they’re gone. I guess I just miss my friend.”

And on that note, I think I will stop talking about it and STFU.

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