I am disheartened to see the world response to Ukraine’s situation. We are letting them, and ourselves, down.

This is just a quick post to voice disappointment. The Ukrainian People are showing the world what real courage looks like. They are reminding us of the true human spirit. Their words of “Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself!” and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy‘s legendary line, “I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!” will live on for ages — even if their independence does not.

And that’s the thing. They are showing the world what human heart was supposed to be like. They are sending us brutal images and brilliant inspirational actions, and what are we sending them? Thoughts and prayers. The least we can do, the least anyone can do. We sit on economic wealth and military might unmatched in the solar system (that is, any military that would deign to involve itself in our petty affairs), and as we watch a sovereign democracy fall to a fascist bully boy, all we can offer is, “Yeah, you go get ’em, dudes! We’re there in spirit!” And our late night TV talk show hosts praise the bravery and honor of the Ukrainian forces (which include frekkingrandmothers fighting for their homes and families), but then turn it all into jokes.

Jokes. I love them. Thoughts and prayers, not so much. But in the light of what we are witnessing, to quote American President Joe Biden, “COME ON, MAN!” Biden told the corporate puppet people sitting for his State of the Union Address this week, “Stand and send an unmistakable signal!” And they stood and waved flags and blankets. Yes, that’s an unmistakable signal — it signifies that really, we’re not gonna do jack shit other than stand up and wave a towel. If you’ve been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for the past ten years, you know how well that works. I’m sure that will stop Russia’s military assault. Don’t send signals, you dolts! Send TROOPS, TANKS, and TRUMP! Yes, Trump. Put him on the front lines. Let that spoiled moronic motherfucker face the war he created.

I do believe in a higher power, but don’t all those Christian zealots say “The Lord helps those who help themselves”? Well, Putin is helping himself to a great nation of great, democratic people. So is the Lord on HIS side? What the fuck are we doing? Thoughts and prayers? I don’t know if you’re hip to this jive yet, but here’s the math:

thoughts + prayers = eat shit

Ukraine deserves better. Ukraine deserves better than humanity. I am old. I ache from the lumbar down. As a Douglas Adams fan, I feel like Marvin the Paranoid Android in many ways, but especially in the fact that I have a pain in all the diodes down my left-hand side, and I bet when I meet my maker, my entire body will have been replaced except for those pained and aching diodes.

But Ukraine deserves better than we humans seem to be capable of being. Well, maybe not me. I’ll die, sure as shit. I have no delusions of grandeur. But for fuck’s sake, WHAT HAPPENED TO US? When did the struggle for human freedom become a god damn spectator sport?

So, Ukraine Foreign Legion: Do I just buy a one-way plane ticket? Do the airports work? Can I cross the border and find a fight? HOW DO I STAND WITH UKRAINE? Because it seems shamefully sure that the world will not.

Thoughts and prayers, kiss my ass. Hail Eris and pass the ammunition. Oh wait, should I bring ammunition? I am in South Korea. Ammo is kind of hard to come by here as I am not military, and even if I could, I doubt I could get it on the plane. But I am serious. I will Google it, but… how does one join the struggle?

Email Ape:

UPDATE: Good God a’mighty:

A lot of steps, but I am gonna try ’em. Have passport, will travel. And I’m already abroad, so…


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