“What Is Happening to Our Country?”

Yet another mass shooting. Yet another mass shooting in a school. Nineteen dead elementary school children and one dead teacher. They died terrified in violence. And everyone is outraged (well, most of us anyway). And everyone is asking this question. Do you want to know what’s happening? I’ll tell you. And it will be short.

“What is happening to our country?”

Republicanism. That’s what’s happening. People saying “thoughts and prayers” instead of doing anything REAL, that’s what’s happening.

People like us posting memes and liking comments and thinking they are victories, that’s what’s happening.

People laughing at late night comedians’ jokes and applauding their commentary as though they mean things will change. That’s what’s happening.

A “Supreme” Court taking away our rights as humans and giving them to corporations (SEE: Citizens United). That is what’s happening.

Not actually getting the scum out of our government. THAT is what’s happening.

Let me tell you a story:

There was a corrupt police officer who was also an arsonist. He started fires all around the city, burning hospitals, schools, grocery stores, fuel refineries, destroying health care and education while driving up the cost of living. He got very wealthy doing this.

The fire department would come to put out the fires. The people would see the firemen standing around the fire and say, “You awful firemen! You must have started these fires! I guess that’s why they call you fire-men! Boo! Get the cop over here!”

And the corrupt cop would come, and instead of helping, he would make up laws forcing the firefighters to use smaller, shorter hoses. He made up laws that limited access to water, and cut funding for fire-fighting equipment, making it harder for the fire department to do its job.

To make matters worse, the firefighters were completely incompetent and couldn’t stop the corrupt cop, even when people started to realize what was really going on. So, the city burned and collapsed to ashes.

(SPOILER: The corrupt cop is the GOP, and the fire department is the DNC.)

Shocking Plot Twist: The fire department wasn’t really incompetent. They were in on the scam, and they were also getting very wealthy from the fires. They and their buddy the cop (GOP) had all invested in fuel and food and pharmaceuticals, and they burned the schools so that the people would stay stupid and never figure out what was happening to their country.

And that is what’s happening to our country. And voting hasn’t done a damn thing to change this since 1960. Can you guess why? More importantly, are we finally ready to fight and actually make a real change?

Or will we let them push us into serfdom while they murder more children? Incidentally, the GOP’s policies kill more babies than abortion ever has or could.

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I am an ape living abroad, writing to stay focused and to remember the things I think about. I post them here in case you'd like to spend a bit of time thinking about them, too.

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