Somebody’s Coming (They Never Really Left)

While you’re all out there, watching Doctor Strange and the Phantom Phuckery or whatever the hell is happening in the Marvel movie megaplexes this weekend, the world is going to Hell. And I think I know why. Bear with me…

The Old Gods are returning. Now as I said, bear with me. This goes back a long, long way, but I will try to nutshell it for you. Not because I think it’s too complicated for you to grasp from the get-go, but because I am lazy. Lazy in life, lazy in writing. I must have done a HELL of a lot for this world in a previous life and in this life, I’m just tired. This life is my respite before I am born again and come out fighting once more. Think of these weird little blog posts as my “the story so far,” fractured though it may be. Hey, it’s tough recalling events from past lives. It takes an inordinate amount of free time to sit and search the old memory banks and poke around the Akashic Record.

The core concept here is that there is no singular “God” as most of humanity’s major religions describe it. The closest thing we have to that is the collective universal consciousness, and we are a part of that as is every rock, tree, and galaxy. The gods of the old religious texts are beings from other planets and yes, even other dimensions. They are the progenitors of our current incarnate species. I am a bit foggy on who progenitored what, exactly, but the basic concept is truth.

Take the ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets, the earliest written accounts of human history to which we have access. According to these, humankind was created as a slave species by a race called the Anunnaki. These Anunnaki have a dual society – a labor class and a ruling class. And as they created us in their image (Genesis 1:26), they instructed us to structure our civilization as they had theirs: With rulers and slaves. Then they decided to wipe us all out after another race intervened and told the Anunnaki they had created an abomination and that they had violated all sorts of natural laws, threatening to throw the very nature of this planet if not the universe out of balance.

I believe this other race was from this planet, but that they exist on a higher vibrational frequency – that is to say, in another dimension. The Anunnaki were an arrogant race, so they protested, and “there was war in heaven.” The Anunnaki lost and agreed to let their newly created slave race (us) to be wiped out by a cataclysm – the Great Flood that is depicted in all ancient cultures, and which was caused when the earth shifted on its axis by 23.5 degrees. This did throw the Earth out of balance, and an artificial moon had to be brought in to restore the balance and the life-giving tides. Think this is far-fetched? Have you ever looked into just how bizarre our moon is? Have a look:

However, the team of Anunnaki scientists that created us were not willing to see their creation destroyed. They had worked hard, after all, to get us just right (there were many failed hybrids which became the monsters of myths and legends), so they told one of their favored human servants how to build a sea-faring craft to help them and some of their DNA samples (“two of every species”) survive the catastrophe.

As the new select human lineage was allowed to continue under close control and quarantine by both the extraterrestrial and ultraterrestrial (interdimensional) civilizations, the same system of self-governance was gradually introduced. The early queens (humanity’s first leaders were female) and then kings were of non-human origin and were regarded as they were called: Gods. Then mix-breed offspring carrying these lineages were put in power. And as you may well be aware, these lineages continue today. San Greal (Holy Grail) to Sang Real (Holy Blood) – the blood is the life.

Yeah, it’s too long to fit into an image, so just Google it.

The system put in place was one of the Ruling Elite and their subjugated laborers. Then our overlords faded into obscurity to observe unseen from the shadows of our world, but always in our peripherals, to observe our civilization’s progress as a sort of social experiment. They subtly intervene from time to time, often by placing ideas into the minds of those humans that were genetically susceptible to subconscious communications. History is dotted by the marks of these great men and women who had tremendous individual influence on human society, through philosophy, science, and other creative pursuits.

This brings us to H.P. Lovecraft, who was, by all accounts, a dreadful racist. For the time in which he existed, this was not an uncommon curse within society. And now, more than one-hundred years later, racism is still a curse in our society. Why do you think that is? We’ll get to that. Let’s focus on Lovecraft, the mad racist from the earliest 20th Century. Vile as he was, his mind was one of those that tapped into the collective subconscious, and he became vaguely aware of these powerful entities operating from beyond our perceptions, or as he himself wrote, “not in the spaces we know, but between them. They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.” In his twisted mind, these “Elder Gods” as he described them took on a nightmarish form. To a mind like his, I would imagine anything unfamiliar to him would be nightmarish, ignorant twat that he was.

And so, humanity developed, appearing on the outside to be a free-range species, and indeed we were largely left to our own devices with seemingly only a minimal amount of nudging or cajoling from our unseen overseers. Every once in a while, some inexplicable event would take place, shifting the growing collective human consciousness in one direction or another. These events were often considered “supernatural” in some regard, but what is that, exactly? There is no such thing as “supernatural.” There is only the nature we can explain, and the nature we as yet cannot explain. Sometimes, proxy wars were ignited to test new social orders on our civilization, yet no matter how noble the fight or libertine the order, they always somehow devolve into the same Ruler/Subjugated system. World War II had us defeat the Nazis and now we have Nazis embraced by a major political force in the USA. Perhaps it is just human nature, perhaps it is something more sinister, and perhaps (as it usually is) it has been a little from column A, a little from column B. Yet here we are.

The infamous Flammarion Engraving, an early depiction of man realizing there is a world beyond our own (colorized).

Now, however, something fundamental appears to be changing. I think we can all feel it at this point. Some of us have felt it for quite some time, many others are just now realizing something is going on – something far beyond what we perceive as “the norm.” Some started to sense it as early as the Kennedy assassinations which, as I have noted in a previous post, were merely an extension of the Business Plot of 1933. Not familiar with the Business Plot? Funny how that was never taught in U.S. history classes. If the Rulers do not want the Subjects to know of something, they simply do not teach it. Think of the Catholic Church in Europe during the Dark Ages and know that we are headed into a new Dark Age now. Some felt it when the planes hit the World Trade Center, and some when they realize that no matter who they vote for, the agenda never changes. We continue to suffer from the same social ills we always have, and we continue to march toward the very disastrous end we can all see coming.

So, what is this change? The change is that nothing is changing. The illusion of freedom is being lifted, that’s all. For whatever reason, our masters, our progenitors, the Old Gods, are re-emerging from the shadows to take a more direct role in our development. Perhaps there is some great cosmic shift coming, perhaps we are proving to be far too dangerous to ourselves, or perhaps we have simply taken too long to get our shit together and develop a truly open global society. Perhaps, again, a little from each column.

The U.S. Military recently admitted that UFOs (UAPs as they call them) are very real and could be of extraterrestrial origin. And no one batted an eye. The U.S. Congress held open and closed-door hearings on the UAP phenomenon, openly admitting that the phenomenon is a serious concern and yet still keeping the best bits of information away from the public eye with closed-door sessions. And still no one blinked. Are UFO/UAP sightings on the rise? No, but according to the Catholic Church, demonic possessions have spiked so much that they are running thin on priests who can combat the issue, for whatever that’s worth. Indeed, this phenomenon has been with us for our entire existence. It is clearly recorded in our collective histories. But why the sudden media spotlight on the phenomenon?

I believe the U.S. government, the would-be (laughable) flagship of human governments, is trying to get out in front of what they know is coming and to control the narrative as much as they can from here on in. And as most things the modern U.S. government does, they are doing a piss-poor job of it, but they’re tying, gods love ’em. Our lease is up and the landlord is coming back to survey the property. And if you pay any attention to the environment, then you know that we, the tenants, have badly damaged the property. We have been poor stewards of this Earth, and we are facing a serious reckoning.

What’s to be done? Well, our human Rulers are re-establishing their open control on us, the Subjugated. They want to flex their muscle, reign in their sheep, and show their “Supernatural” bosses that they haven’t been the fuckups their record shows them to be. We are moving toward a global system of open Ruling/Subjugation. If it isn’t obvious to you now, it will be painfully obvious in the next three to five years. It is happening fast. Look at what is happening in the USA and realize that this is happening in every country on Earth. They are about to make a mad scramble to grab what they can. Russia is trying to take back its old empire and failing to do so, and China has been scooping up real estate in their own zone of influence for decades. Don’t be surprised when they try to take back Taiwan. This could result in World War III, and if it does, know that it is only because the Chinese see crisis and opportunity as one and the same, as do many of the ruling elites. Chaos, collapse, control.

Ultimately, old gods or no, we are running out of resources. We have squandered our natural environment and its once-plentiful supplies. We are running out of water. The food shortage is just beginning and will get much worse much sooner than we care to admit. The ruling elite are moving to lock everything down before the large-scale rioting begins, and then they alone will decide who gets what they need to live (and spoiler alert: It ain’t gonna be your family or mine). We have sacrificed everything to the gods of human greed. We slaved for their economies and their corporate bureaucracy so that the few of them could get unimaginably wealthy while the multitudes they claimed to serve struggled. Ironically, most of us struggled to make them unimaginably wealthy, gradually making them gods among men while they gradually made our working and living conditions worse. They raised our costs of living, deprived us of human rights like health care, education, and security. They made life-saving medications unaffordable, they increased instability with mass shootings, offering only thoughts and prayers instead of practical regulation of firearms or affordable health care. And, above all, they deprived us of the freedoms they enjoyed.

And now it’s about to get really rough, folks, so strap in and get your house in order. You can stockpile all the food and water you can, but you must realize you are only stockpiling it for whatever warlord will take control of your neighborhood. You can fight to try to keep it, but you will most likely be killed and they will take it anyway.

The U.S. is going to collapse internally in the next few years. You are watching it happen now. Mass shootings, political unrest, unreliable health care, and economic inequity are already such common parts of our reality landscape that we are completely desensitized to them, and soon the food and water shortages will be just another part of the landscape as well. And when I say “shortages” I mean “absence” as most of us won’t be able to get any food or potable water at all. And the environment will continue to get hotter and more uninhabitable to us, the subjugates. This is population control, as a reduced population of subjugates is easier to control. If they are fighting for basic survival, they are less likely to fight their oppressors. And of course, as you can plainly see, our leaders have never had any intention of doing anything about it. They’ve been aware of it, seen it coming, brought it about through their various machinations, but this is their plan, you see.

It may all seem unrelated, but it is not. It’s the same phenomenon – just as UAPs and other “supernatural” events are the same phenomenon. The world is only complex on our level because we cannot comprehend the big picture from our perspective. You must go inward to truly see outward. As it is only within, as an introverted consciousness, can we truly look into the situation, step back from the big picture, and see the ages-old formula being played out right in front of our eyes. You must crawl back into your own consciousness to connect to that universal consciousness and see it all as it is. As above, so below.

The formula is this: Divide and Conquer. The Ruling Elite will try to distract from the root cause of our demise — their greed — with their usual divide-and-conquer tactics, screaming about race* and immigration and gender and sexual orientation, and politicize this and politicize that. They will cause all sorts of problems and create new divisional tactics to keep the masses of the subjugated fighting among themselves so that they can never truly organize and fight the real enemy: The ruling class. It’s the Tower of Babel all over again – same problem, many tongues.

*Earlier in this post I asked why you think racism still exists in our societies. This is why: It’s useful to the rulers.

A new (old) world is about to emerge, and there is precious little we, the subjugated, can or will do about it. We’re too busy taking sides in the Republican-Democrat puppet show. It should be obvious by now that they are socks on the hands of the same entity. The Republicans construct the new system of oppression and fear, and the Democrats pretend to flounder and embarrass themselves to the point that voters lose confidence in them and vote for doomed third-parties or simply abstain from voting altogether. Meanwhile, they allow Republican officials in every state to suppress votes that might stymie their ultimate plan. You know damn well such incompetence is not coincidental. It is complicit. There is really only one political party in the USA: The Corporate Party. This is why, no matter who you vote for, nothing changes. We continue this march to its inevitable, tragic conclusion.

The Republicans will take control of the House and the Senate in the 2022 midterms, and they will establish a dictator in 2024. It’s already a done deal. This will further the internal conflict and collapse of the once-mighty USA, and the balance of global power will have to shift to fill that vacuum. And it will shift in the same direction – total authoritarianism. The last of the free-thinking humanist movements will be put down with a swiftness so fierce it will seem as if reality itself has shifted and there never was such a thing as ‘freedom.’

And this is because there never was. Reality has not shifted. The illusion has simply lifted. Once the old system is re-established, perhaps the Elder Gods will return, emerging from the peripherals to reveal the grand scheme and expose our role in the universe once and for all. Will they appear as saviors, punishing the wicked ruling elite that have brought us all, brought our very planet, to ruin? Or will they sit, high aloft and untouchable, with no regard to the subspecies they see before them, just as their human counterparts do today? Time will tell.

The World, or as the etymology of the word goes, the Were-Eld in the Old Tongue, the “Age of Man,” will fade into myth, and we will once again be our true selves: A slave species. Who are these Elder Gods? Are they the Anunnaki, returning to force us all back into the mines? Are they the Elementals, the Ultraterrestrial presence? Will it be a joint-custody sort of ruling? Is it even decided yet? Will there be more war in Heaven, and will our species be forced to fight for one god over another? We have but to wait and see.

I don’t have to prove this. It will prove itself soon enough. If you have been paying attention, it has already done so. Things are falling apart, and the Ruling Class is bringing down the barricades.

This post got political real fast, didn’t it? It’s hard not to these days, what with politics being behind every movement our civilization makes. Still, the point remains: What if there are worlds around our world, unseen realities as described by Lovecraft and so many others? And what if, like the planets that surround our gentle little blue-green rock, every once in a while, they come closer to ours, align, and perhaps even interact? What if the human histories that produced such strange myths, legends, folklore, and superstitions of wee folk, magic, and demons were remnants of a time when our worlds were close, when the veil was thin, and occasionally humanity rubbed elbows with such entities? And what if that time is coming again?

So how was Doctor Strange and the Phantom Phuckery?

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