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What if planets are nurseries for infant consciousness? The consciousness develops on the planet like a fetus in an egg, exhausting its resources as it grows to emerge into a higher realm of existence, leaving the planet behind like a spent shell. Mars may be an ancient spent shell, and now our own Earth is heading that same way as we have taxed it to total depletion. Find this idea interesting? Then read on, McQuack.

Oh, you’ve decided to read on? Well, gee, this is awkward. I really don’t have much else to say. Except this: What if this planet of ours has been producing advanced civilizations for eons, and at least one of these advanced civilizations has left some tech behind, like graduates of a high school leaving fun clues to the incoming freshmen? Technology like the Black Knight Satellite and the Eltanin Antennae?

If you’ve never looked into these items, here’s an interesting video:

And now, here’s one of my favorite Far Side cartoons to occupy you while I buy myself some time to think of something to babble about:

Still here, huh? Well, no matter. Look, I know things look bleak in the world today, especially if you’re living in the United States. I know, I get it. I was born there, but I left. And since I left, I have decided to never go back. I will go back to visit from time to time, as long as I can be assured that they will let me leave again, but at this point I would not be surprised if the USA became the new North Korea and going back even for a visit would prove to be a very bad decision.

Although things are bleak, step back and look at the Big Picture: Things have always been bleak in the world. Life on this earth has generally always been one of suffering for all beings who experience it, but there’s also a lot of good here as well. And also understand that our collective suffering is about to get really, really bad as we run out of water and the sun roasts us and all life alive. Yeah, that’s pretty bad, and whether you accept it or not, it will happen in the next ten to twenty years. There will be severe food shortages due to aridization as our planet goes full-on desert mode, causing mass migrations and therefore warfare as we have never learned to get along with others. But this will be short-lived and soon we will all be taken by death and our suffering will be over. Won’t that be nice?

Still too bleak? Here’s another funny cartoon:

Look, life is just a learning experience. As I have said many times before on this blog, the world is a school. And there are a lot of lessons here. In fact, the natural world itself is designed as an interactive system of information that connects you to layers upon layers of interdimensional realities. And there are all sorts of hidden materials left for us by the instructors, from the Emerald Tablets to the Book of Thoth, from the Kybalion to the Book of Enoch, from the Vedas to the original texts that make up the Old Testament. Ideally, however, this information is encoded within your very DNA, and all you have to do to access it is quiet your mind, meditate, and look inward. The false outer reality is only a distraction, a test of your focus and dedication.

And the instructors themselves are still here with us, all around us, unseen until they feel they need to make an appearance to guide us in one direction or another. Collectively, humanity is failing this course in spectacular fashion, but that does not mean that you as an individual cannot excel and rise up to an entirely new perspective and join the higher consciousness. Here’s a big tip: If you’re a right-wing Evangelical, you’re fucked.

And here is where I split with the atheistic intellectuals. While today’s so-called “Christians” are the exact antithesis of what the Christ actually teaches, they do have a few things right. For one, there is a “God.” That is, in the sense that God is a higher collective consciousness, not an old bearded white guy sitting in a cloud. This “God” is what I call The Phenomenon, or “It.” It has appeared to humanity throughout our existence in many forms – angels, faeries, UFOs, anything “paranormal” that we, as infantile consciousness, cannot yet explain. You are also a part of this consciousness, and you can communicate with It just as I have described above, by quieting your mind and going inward.

For another, prayer works. And water is conscious. Look at the studies of how positive thoughts and words affect water. Then remember that 70% of the food you eat, even your physical body itself, is water. This is why we were taught to pray over our food before we ingest it. It changes its qualities and makes it healthier for us to consume. As I always say, before you eat that cheese sandwich, tell it you love it. Sing to your water before you drink it. It will greatly benefit your biological system. Water was the first medicine, and this is how it was utilized. Better foods, positively charged, are how advanced humans lived to astonishingly old ages.

But everything else the so-called “Christian right” talk about is utter bullshit, evil, ignorant, and anti-Christ. As I often say, “The Christian right are not the right Christians.”

Only by exploring the expanse of our own consciousness will we ever be able to explore the expanse of this and other universes. And make no mistake, this world is dying. It is drying up like the depleted husk that it is, which is terrible. But what’s worse is how many of us have not yet developed their inner consciousness, cultivated their connection to It (“God”), and prepared to move on from this depleted physical realm. One other thing these so-called “Christian” zealots got partially right is the idea of a Rapture. Spoiler alert: They are not going to be the ones who make it out. Only those who have truly connected to the Higher Consciousness will move up. Everyone else will be “left behind” to suffer whatever harsh existence these nutters like to impose on their perceived enemies. In short, the modern “Christians” are misguided and have lost touch with the true teachings of the Christ, which were the same teachings handed down by other enlightened masters, instructors like Thoth, Buddha, and Melchizedek. Indeed, Yeshua (“Jesus”) Himself even claimed to be a priest in the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:13-17).

You see, “Christ” is not a man. It is a consciousness that comes ’round every few millennia to guide humanity. It is “It.” Yeshua was merely adonai vassu, a vessel of this Light or Consciousness. When He talked of a “second coming,” he certainly did not mean that He Himself would come back to Earth just as he was, riding a unicorn on a rainbow out of the clouds as a host of angels blared trumpets. This is childish thinking, and this is Evangelism. What He meant was that the Consciousness, “Christ” (Teacher), would come around again, as it had done before Him and will do after. There have been many Christs. In the Book of Genesis, when “God” says “Let there be light,” it means “Let there be knowledge,” as in “Here are some lessons you should learn.” This is why light is often used to depict knowledge or wisdom in art, from Rennaissance paintings to the light bulb over Ziggy’s head. The Bible is a multilayered text, rife with hidden codes and mathematical truths meant to guide adepts. Sadly, the original texts have been mistranslated, misinterpreted, and edited by the power-hungry so much so that very little of these truths still remain. The Bible is a fractured text.

Here’s another cartoon:

I’ve said all of this before. You are probably already aware of it. You can peruse the posts on this blog to read more about It and my experiences with It, among other things. Take my advice, though: Turn off the screens. Sit quietly in a comfortable place, preferably someplace with a nice view of the natural world and go inward. Explore your subconscious. You will probably find a lot of stuff you have already been aware of but buried. I believe everyone has had contact with It, the Phenomenon. These experiences usually start early in life, but too many of us are pushed onto the path of ignorance and social control, and we repress these encounters into more comfortable packaging, relegating them to dreams or childhood fantasy.

Reconnect. Explore. As the Buddhists are fond of saying, “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.” You may find all sorts of interesting information, books, movies, and encounters coming your way. We’re running out of time. You should start cramming for the final.

Good luck!

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