Of Revolution and Russian Women

This is going to be a Jackson Pollock post. I’m just throwing words at the canvass. Does it make any sense? I will claim that it does, but who the fuck knows?

I emailed this to a friend tonight:

Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, but they demand a high price. I don’t mean hookers, I mean the lifestyle they expect. And it’s sad – back in the early post-Cold War days, they all wanted American men. But now they have seen us, and they know we are boorish and poor. Now they won’t give me a second look. Still, I am currently chatting with two of them on Bumble, and I am depressed because I know my hopes are doomed before I even meet them.

Many things can be surmised from this brief electronic communication, the least non-humiliating of which is that I am on Bumble. Yet my point stands, I believe. I am chatting with two very intriguing Russian girls, as I am sure they are currently chatting with at least five other men each. However, both conversations have moved off of Bumble and into our DMs (that’s Direct Messages for you old geezers out there who are not hip like me – this means only that we have exchanged phone numbers and are chatting on the phone and through messaging, like real people). I take this as a good sign. In this day and age, I assume this is first base? I really have no idea. I haven’t dated in years. But I am encouraged.

And yet I know both girls will drop me as soon as they realize I am a poor refugee, a migrant worker, a penniless pauper without a yacht to spare. Some of my fellows here in Asia have lofty opinions of themselves. We’re university professors, after all, and we command respect and four months of paid vacation! But I am a realist, and I have been here long enough to know that a university here will drop us when the economic winds shift, and we go where the work is. And they pay shit these days, so yes, we are migrant workers, if glorified. Call me when you get tenure.

I realized a while back that I need to get out of teaching. I am not doing anyone, least of all myself, any good here. I am tired of it, and it is not rewarding. I do actually deserve better. I have put in a lifetime of being a nice person. It is time for me to bring in the evil. Well, not evil, but I do need to start speaking out and being more direct with my message. I have spent my youth and adulthood trying to save humanity, trying to save the world, and while the world still remains redeemable, I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that humanity is not worth saving.

I think that, at least, should be obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Now I see a new path before me. Well, not so much a new path. It is a path that has been in front of me my whole life, but now it is finally clear and unlocked. This path has made me a Gnostic. This path has made me an ‘Experiencer’ (as nut jobs like me are called today in certain circles). This path has made me Enlightened. And yes, I know that sounds arrogant as all hell, but it’s true. And now I need to stop bullshitting and start walking the path of the True Gnosis. Actually, everyone needs to be doing this, but… this is why I believe humanity, by and large, is not worth saving.

But there are a few scattered about. I know. I have met them. And it is to these few that I am writing now. Our time has come. It’s time for OUR Cult to rise and absorb or destroy the other idiot cults. Give me your disheartened, disenfranchised, disillusioned, and just the generally confused. All of those who see QAnon and Evangelism as the idiotic frauds they are, and yet who do see a very clear and present danger in the way our world is governed. All of those that have always felt there should be something more but have just never seen it.

I’ve seen it. If you read this blog, you will learn about some of the things I have seen. There is a reason the U.S. government is publicly interested in UAPs (UFOs) again. They need to try to control the narrative. They can’t. But they are trying like Hell, God bless ’em. Largely, their draconian machinations are inspired by the climate crisis.

Climate change is going to kill millions. Water and food shortages and population displacement as people flee uninhabitable regions add up to huge death numbers. The current food shortages attributed to the Russia-Ukrainian war and “shipping issues” are just the beginning. These are factors, but they are not the real underlying cause. World leaders are well aware of the impending disaster and are doing their very best to distract the public. John Oliver’s show, “Last Week Tonight” recently did a piece on the water shortage, but they were told not to discuss the Lake Mead situation (more on that later).

The USA is prepared for it, and not in a good way but a realistic way. By that, I mean the emerging authoritarian government, forced relocation and internments, and lethal crowd control as we are now seeing with our brutal militarized police force and the “Spot” kill-bot dogs people are suddenly so worried about. Why have killer robot dogs? Because they won’t hesitate to kill crowds of their fellow citizens like some military police might. All of this is in place, and it will all happen a lot sooner than you expect.

The Democrats and the Republicans are just two sides of a single-party US government, and they are working together to implement a fully authoritarian government to be in place before things really start to fall apart. I would expect things to kick off when Lake Mead, already at unprecedented lows, drops another 100 meters. Lake Mead feeds the Hoover Dam, which provides electricity for the American Southwest. And those people need air conditioning to live. When the power goes out, things will get real very quickly. Entire regions will become uninhabitable. Riots will begin and need to be put down quickly. Interspersed throughout this post are some pics that explain how to remove the battery from kill-bots, but they will be the least of our worries.

I don’t know where I will go, but I get the feeling Korea will not be a safe place for me when this global crisis hits in the coming years. Ah well, I had a good run. But won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?! 😃

Seriously, though, this is the greatest threat to ever face life on this planet since the asteroid that killed all the giant lizards, since the invention of the atomic bomb. I am certain millions will die, but there is a very real chance it could reach billions, if not all life on this little rock. Unthinkable, yes, but perhaps something similar happened to Mars long ago?

But there is hope, and here it is in a nutshell: We have never been alone on this rock. There is a Higher Consciousness here with us, and it has been called “God” for many ages by many people, but I just call it “It” because it reminds me of the entity that was the fictional town of Derry, Maine, in that fabulous book by Stephen King. There was a reason this book struck me so deeply when I read it in my early teen years. It’s because I knew then that the entity of It was very similar to the Higher Consciousness of this world, only this one is benevolent. I have known it from memories carried over from past lives. We do reincarnate, folks, we just don’t recognize ourselves in our new suits when we do. Memories are locked away for a reason – and it is educational. It is to promote our development as individuals, and thereby as a collective, as a growing part of this Higher Consciousness.

Early in our existence as modern humans, this consciousness led some of the more teachable of our species into a different realm, a frequency or dimension slightly above our own. These ‘chosen’ humans were groomed and given the guidance to develop a much more advanced civilization as we, the less desirables or perhaps just the spiritually immature, where left here in the “wilderness,” sort of a nursery for developing consciousness. Every so often, however, our more advanced siblings reach through that veil to us to provide guidance when necessary. Now, “Graduation Day” as I like to call it is fast approaching – and not everyone will be graduating. Most, in fact, will not. This is the event that pseudo-Christians have misinterpreted as “The Rapture.” Modern-day right-wing “Christians” Evangelicals are idiots, they have misinterpreted all of the true teachings of the Christ, and they will certainly not be graduating. But I won’t waste time by talking about them anymore. You can read previous posts about all that.

Speaking of previous posts on this blog, this is what I have been on about. The world of physics is just starting to catch on to this: Consciousness creates reality. They struggle because modern science has become like its own religion with its own dogma, and those in that system either preach the accepted dogma or they are excommunicated and lose funding. I have discussed this many, many times before. And I have encountered this Higher Consciousness, spoken with It directly, and It is always a part of me. It is always here with me. Just as it is a part of you, and it is always here with all of us. And believe me: It is not concerned with governments or leaders or wealth. It is only concerned with PEOPLE. It is only concerned with LIFE. It is only concerned with GROWING CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is why “aliens” never land on the White House lawn. What would be the point? To talk to the clowns? No. And yes, there is an extraterrestrial presence here as well now, but they are not here to talk to us. They are here to talk to It.

This is why we are here. This is the meaning of life. And this is why there really is no such thing as “death.” These bodies die just as our clothes wear out. But we rest, shower, and get dressed again. And now we are starting to realize this. Well, at least a few of us are. And I have been waiting for this. I have studied the Gnostics, I have been tutored by Christ Yeshua and the many other Christs – Hermes Trismegistus/Thoth, Buddha, Melchizedek, Emil Cioran, Epictetus, the Stoics, Carl Jung… the list goes on. My life of leisure has enabled me to study the lessons of those that have tripped upon this path before. And many is the time when a text or a lecture or an enlightening thought would just appear to me at just the right time.

I have been led to this, as some of you may have been as well.

This is how we save the world. Not with guns and violence, but with consciousness and an inwardly focused awareness.

This is the revolution.

And this will get those Russian girls to love me. Well, one of them. I only need one. You see, I have grown up. Not in the sense of this broken, corrupt, and decrepit system. I never wanted that. I have grown in consciousness. My question is, will anyone else be joining me? Or will everyone still pay attention to the clowns at the front of the party, blowing balloons and snorting confetti and killing the planet for money? The global system that humans have constructed for themselves is inherently flawed and collapsing. We have allowed the wicked to rise to power, and they are ruled not by sensibility but by greed. The climate is changing, water and food are running short, and this is only the beginning of the end. So what’s next?

This is it. This is It. This is IT.

Are you IN?


Contact 33baphomet33@gmail.com (There is no religious significance to the address, it is just a burner email I use for this blog.)


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