An Update from Your Ape

I know a lot* of you have been wondering, “How’s it going with those Russian women?” Well, I have news!

(* two of you? Maybe? Maybe fewer? Probably fewer. But here we go anyway.)

Well, the Russian girls are fine, thank you for asking. One likes to go out for very expensive dinners (lobster last time! Imported from Nova Scotia!) and have her photo taken. She is currently away visiting family in her homeland. The other is a true spirit, and she recently moved to a foreign land that is neither Korea nor her homeland to attend university. I worry about her. She misses Korea. I was just chatting with her, in fact, and yes, there may be tentative groundwork for me to finally leave Korea and join her there. I would be happy to be her bodyguard, and in fact, I recently applied for a job in that very country.

But I am not posting today to talk about that. Today, I want to talk about America’s future, and that future is the impending MAGA WARS! Yes, the MAGA Wars are coming soon to a street near you (if you reside in the USA), and I would surmise that they will kick off sometime after the midterm elections. Now, I know the media likes to play off the MAGA Cult as the brainless dunderheads that they are, but there is a very serious threat hiding within that dense cloud of idiocy.

Dense, indeed, but these morons merely mask the real danger and provide a human-idiot shield for the upcoming violence.

There is a very real movement underway to reorganize the Republican Party (GOP) under a militant MAGA banner. And so far, it has been successful on many fronts, and no one in the mainstream is talking about it. Once again, America is falling victim to a silent coup, and this phase of the coup isn’t even that silent. If you have read my previous blog post regarding this coup, I do think that it is the same coup that has been underway since the “Business Plot” of 1933. They initially tried to overthrow the legitimate democratic government of Franklin D. Roosevelt and install a puppet dictator from the ranks of WWI veterans but failed. They then went covert and reorganized under the then-developing intelligence agencies of the USA. George H. W. Bush, during his days with the CIA, helped them to assassinate President Kennedy and his brother, Bobby, and then install their puppet presidency. This is why their agenda has remained the same, and the USA’s march towards authoritarianism has remained unabated regardless of which party occupied the White House or Congress. Reagan forwarded their agenda further, but Bush the First was impatient and tried to bump Reagan off the same way he did the Kennedys.

It is very telling that most Americans have never even heard of the Business Plot, but it is plain to see why it is not taught in American schools. They like their population to be stupid and easily manipulated. This is why Reagan destroyed the education system.

Nonetheless, here we are seeing the fruits of their labors, and once again, they are going to the bountiful field of right-wing military veterans to place their operatives in positions of power where they can minimize push-back from true Americans who value freedom and democracy.

No matter who emerges victorious from the November midterm elections, unrest will surely follow. If the Democrats remain in control, the GOP will follow their current successful gameplan and scream “Rigged!” And the Democrats will do what they always do – shoot themselves in the foot and either respond too weakly or completely ignore the coming “storm.” Soon, a full-on militarized and weaponized putsch will be underway, fueled by the likes of Trump, Steve Bannon, Ted Cruz, Bobo and the Squatch, et. al.

If the Republicans take control, it’s all over, and nary a shot need be fired. But they love their guns and are out for blood, so shots may well be fired anyway. Either way, we have hit a point in American society at which violent conflict is all but inevitable. The sides are starkly drawn now that these MAGA-types have signaled loud and clear that they will support a treasonous strongman dictator who OBVIOUSLY stole classified national secrets to trade with other authoritarian regimes in exchange for support in the upcoming conflict.

Our collective consciousness is nearing peak psychosis. Everyone is turning on everyone else as we enter a self-consumption phase fueled by massive disinformation traveling at instantaneous speeds. Make no mistake, people are going to get killed. People have already been killed.

And it’s not just in the USA – this phenomenon will be global. The USA will just be a major first catalyst that sets of the inevitable collapse of our current geopolitical system. Capitalism is failing. Globalism will fall. This will reduce the excess population considerably. What world will rise from the ashes of the current one remains to be seen. If you follow this rambling blog, you know I am a proponent of the collective consciousness, and I do believe a higher consciousness is trying to guide us to evolve, spiritually, mentally, and socially, to be a better conscious force. Yet there are sinister entities that will try to drag us down to their darker frequencies, and it is these entities that are truly behind the MAGA movement. They claim to be “Christian,” and yet are clearly the antithesis of the Christ’s teachings.

I cannot recommend learning how to provide for yourself and your family enough. Can you build a shelter in the wilderness? Forage for edible plants and potable water? Hunt, kill, clean, and prepare wild game? Treat injuries and illnesses? No? You might want to learn these skills and learn to avoid other people as much as possible. I see a lot of people “prepping” for the collapse by stockpiling food and water in their homes, and that’s great – if you have the numbers and firepower to fend off whatever local warlord rises to power in your neighborhood. Otherwise, you are just collecting resources for the strongest gang, and giving them a reason to murder you and your family.

It’s just not funny anymore.

I know, I tend to sound alarmist. But when you see the global Elites taking extreme measures to prepare for “The Event” as some are calling it, it might be time to prick up your ears and sniff the wind. Many of America’s wealthiest have taken to investing in doomsday bunkers in areas deemed safer – New Zealand has a booming doomsday real estate market these days, and many others are buying up land in Northern Canada near freshwater reserves. They’re beginning the evacuation. Climate change is not a future problem, it is a current crisis, and soon these things we have been conditioned to take for granted – food, water, electricity – will be scarce. It’s already begun.

And the right-wing extremists that now control the GOP want to lock this shit down ASAP and control the narrative to their advantage. And they are doing it right now as we sit around debating democracy, posting hot memes, and voting like it will make a difference. It won’t. This is happening. Batten down the hatches, folks, it’s gonna get rough.

I hope I will be in a position to be with the girl at that university I mentioned so that we can face this together. Thing is, she’s in Hungary – you know, that far-right extremist kleptocracy country run by an authoritarian leader that Republicans simply adore? Yeah, I’ll be heading there. My work is cut out for me. Pray for your Ape!

As we would say back in Pittsburgh, Yinz stay safe aht dere.

[I hate to sound like a broken record, so I have not repeated a lot of the information I have posted about before. If you are new to this blog, I encourage you to go back through earlier posts and read more about what’s coming and my thoughts and recommendations on the matter. Who’s crazy NOW? … yeah, still me, but nonetheless – peruse at your leisure, and good luck. – Ape]

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