The Great Work (Gimme My Money!)

As I frequently rant about on this blog or at the bus stations of the world, an Event is coming. And I am certain it involves the UAP Phenomenon. And the approach of the U.S. government and that of the world’s leaders in general has been lackluster to say the least. And so, I am taking humanity’s endeavor at First Open Contact out of their corrupt and incompetent hands and putting it where it belongs – squarely into YOUR hands.

[This is a draft, and updates will be forthcoming.]

It is time the human collective shook off the controlling boot of our corrupt corporate masters and reached up to the stars for true Enlightenment, for the future of all life, not just that of the uber-wealthy. And this is precisely what we intend to do with this – The Great Work.

Let me begin with the fundraising proposal:

We are raising money to fund intensive research into achieving official First Contact with what has become known within informed circles as “The Phenomenon.” The U.S. government has struggled secretively with this issue for decades, and other world governments have fallen in line with the American campaign of silence. However, the U.S. recently shocked the world by openly admitting that “UAPs” (formerly UFOs) are real, and that they do not have any idea what they are. This unprecedented move was intended to remove the stigma that has prevented scientific and academic research into this ages-old mystery. Clearly, this is the U.S. government’s way of asking for help.

However, the methods employed by the U.S. and other world governments have proven fruitless as they are still approaching it from a nuts-and-bolts mentality, addressing it as “a possible threat from out there” situation when, in fact, decades of private research conducted by the likes of French scientist Jacques  Vallée and the so-called “Invisible College” have been much closer to the truth for a much longer time, although the world has largely turned a blind eye to this research due to the aforementioned stigma.

This program, if funded, will conduct this investigation as it should be conducted – as a journey mentally inward rather than physically outward. As the ancients were well aware, “The All (The Phenomenon) is mind; the universe is mental.” This phenomenon appears to represent a higher intelligence, a larger collective consciousness. Although The Phenomenon is truly much too vast a subject to cover in this short explanation, simply put, the goal of this project is to establish communication with this higher consciousness and thereby expand human consciousness toward its true potential. Not to resort to hyperbole, but this endeavor could very well prove to be nothing less than an attempt to communicate directly with what we have historically referred to as ‘God.’ As our collective ancient histories describe, humankind was once on speaking terms with this Intelligence. We need to re-establish direct contact if humanity is ever to rise above our current system, a system which regularly fails us in our struggle to evolve technologically, socially, and spiritually as a species, in harmony with the natural world. This is the Great Work.

Much progress has already been made, but we need to raise awareness and involve more people in the global community as it all comes down to consciousness – the collective consciousness of our infant species. With funding, we hope to establish a global network of connected groups devoted to uniting and expanding conscious energy to develop reliable relations with our higher selves by combining recent discoveries in the field of physics with the ancient traditions of native peoples the world over, harmonizing into a focused diplomatic outreach that expresses our consciousness as a benevolent entity eager to learn and to grow beyond our current broken socioeconomic and geopolitical systems.

There is a reason “aliens don’t land on the White House lawn.” Such a consciousness would see no benefit in engaging with self-sabotaging incompetence sick with greed. We need to speak from a more enlightened position, with one voice. This project aims to take first open contact out of the incompetent hands of governments and put it where it belongs – in the hands and mind of the human collective.

We hope you will join us and contribute to the Great Work. It could very well be the one thing that can save ourselves, our world, and all that we, both as individuals and as a collective species, should truly hold dear in this existence. It is clear that we have little time left to achieve our goal, so we will be producing results as soon as they develop. If you would like to learn more, you can read a longer statement here.

There is no link at “here” because this is that longer statement. It stands with previous posts, including this one, this one, this one, and also this one, among others. Following those links will make much of this longer statement redundant, but it bears repeating.

Who “we” are, those of us that are beginning this Great Work, are a small group of like-minded individuals from various points around the globe. As you may already be aware if you read this blog, I am a seasoned expat of over fifteen years, and I have traveled extensively around this world. From North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, I have explored over 28 countries and sacred sites within those countries, including Korea, China, Cambodia, Oman, and Nepal. I have ventured into deeply spiritual practices on four continents, many of them involving psychotropic enhancements. And in my travels, I have established a small network of like-minded individuals who share my vision of a truly Awakened humanity (not “woke,” Awakened).

In simplest terms, our goal is to awaken and connect the collective consciousness of all living things in, on, and around our remote little planet, on our particular conscious frequency, in order to re-establish reliable contact with the “Godmind,” the universal consciousness, with which our species lost contact millennia ago. In re-establishing contact, we intend to raise the vibrational frequency of our world to protect it from the negative lower forces that have guided our descent into self-destruction over these past dark centuries. To do this, we need to grow our network. And this is where you come in.

In order to get more minds to join our cause, we need to publicize our existence and our purpose. Publicity costs money. Money is energy, this is why we call it “currency.” And we need energy to combat the darker forces that have taken over control of our world via its corrupt and greedy corporate government. If you are reading this, then you already know about the forces of which I speak. And you are as tired and angry as we are of watching them systematically dismantle and destroy our once-beautiful world. Your contribution will earn you a place within this developing network, and if you choose to be, you will be an active participant.

The masses of humanity are crying out for real change. They are desperate for it, and desperate times force desperate choices, which often turn out to be terrible choices that only play further into the corrupt and evil hands of these dark forces. They gave us Trumpism, the greatest blight to face the USA and the world in decades. They gave Italy their new Mussolini in the form of Giorgia Meloni. And don’t even get me started on that Putin fellow in Russia. Many other great powers around the world are falling for similar poisonous ideologies, and we must act now to stop this collapse. The collapse appears to be happening on many fronts – politically, economically, environmentally, socially – but there is really only one front, and we are gathering on it.

It is time to abandon the political powers they present to us as “choice” and to establish a new Power – the true Power of the collective human consciousness. As I have said before on this blog, if there is one thing my life abroad has taught me, it’s that all peoples of the world get along just fine. It’s the governments that create the problems. One of the best moments I can recall was during the autumn of 2009, when I was in the small expat community of Haebangcheon in South Korea. We were celebrating a birthday in one of the pubs on the main street, and I was drinking with a friend from Serbia, one from Croatia, and a gentleman from Bosnia. At one point, the Bosnian said to me, “Look at us. Back home, we’d be tearing each other apart, but here, we raise glasses and drink together.” I took a picture of the three of them together, and it is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken. And I take a LOT of pictures.

Aside from international relations, we must consider an equally important challenge here – that of interstellar and interdimensional relations. As above, so below. We have been misled into thinking a nuts-and-bolts approach to the Phenomenon is the best way to address the “unknown” – as a potential threat from “out there.” However, ancient knowledge tells us that humankind will never reach the stars via this path. It must be an inward journey, an exploration of our inner consciousness. As the Hermetic Principles teach us, “The All is mind, the Universe is mental.” And The All is just another name for The Phenomenon, which is the Godmind, the universal consciousness that I affectionately refer to simply as “It.”

The Godmind has contacted our species before, in many ways and in many forms, and is responsible for the creation of our species, just as it is responsible for all Creation. As I have said before, it is procreation on a cosmic scale – consciousness begetting consciousness, God creating Gods. And we are an infantile part of that creation, but it is time that we grow and take a larger role in the creation process. As our modern physicists are just starting to rediscover, consciousness begets reality, the metaphysical creates the physical.

The daker forces that currently hold sway over our world do not want us to rise up and connect to this higher consciousness, to raise ourselves up to the higher frequencies of consciousness. They want to drag our collective down into the darker frequencies where we can be enslaved, and our power taken. It is the eternal struggle. No matter how you approach it, all roads lead to this. You can study any religion, any philosophy, any scientific exploration, and you will inevitably arrive at this same conclusion. Therefore, I will not spend countless paragraphs espousing on the countless endeavors of humanity’s own undertakings that bring us to this same conclusion. You can literally look anywhere and find this information. The best place to start, however, is within your own mind in a deep meditative discipline.

All of the Christs that have come before taught this same knowledge, and the dark forces have always destroyed them and their message, corrupting it with their own ideology of divisiveness, deceit, and degradation. Modern “Christianity” is a prime example of this corruption. Yeshua was just the most recent adonai vassu, vessel of the Christ Consciousness, to try to guide our infant species onto the path of Enlightenment and evolution. And now we have megachurches occupied by racists spewing divisive poisons as they collect billions of dollars to spend on their own carnal desires. They call themselves “Chrtistians” while giving lip service to the destructive politics of a creature like Donald Trump.

This is not what humanity should be. We need to rise up and become Gods, not sink into servitude of the demonic. But if you look around the world today, the media just keeps telling us that that is exactly what we are doing, and they offer little in the way of an alternative.

This is that alternative. This is The Great Work. If you would like more information, there are countless texts and teachings available online and in books scattered around the world. Just open your mind. And open your wallets. We need to get this message out. Time is precious. We ask that you spend money now, as we are spending time regardless. Your donation doesn’t have to be a large amount. If only a dollar, if one million people see this and chip in 100 cents each, we will surpass our goal. And as previously stated, your contribution will earn you a place within this developing network, and if you choose to be, you will be an active participant. We will match donations, grow the funding, and continue to unite humanity as it should be – one collective consciousness, a united force of benevolence and enlightenment, reaching out to the higher consciousness – to God – in order to save our world and ourselves.

“It” has always been here. It is what is truly behind the current spate of “UAP” sightings and other manifestations of The Phenomenon. It is interacting with our collective consciousness, and we get what we project. We need to unify to project a better world, a harmonious existence, with open communion with the Christ Consciousness, just as was originally intended.

This is the Great Work. And we need energy to complete it. And yes, in this world, energy is concentrated into money. Again, this is why we call it “currency,” and this is why it dominates the world itself and directs the very path of our species. Money is not the root of all evil. It is a means to an end, and it can be just as good as it can be evil. It is up to us to make that distinction.

The Great Work will soon appear on GoFundMe. When the page is operational, we will post again. We hope you will help save our world with whatever you can. we are not the only group like this that is growing, and soon we will all connect, and then you’re gonna see some incredible sh*t. The time is now, the “Event” (or as I often refer to it – “Graduation”) is fast approaching. It is crucial that we get to work to save as many as we can. This world is a school intended to develop a new synapse in a grand neural network, and it is time we chose, collectively, what sort of influence we wish to be, without the negative influence of our current geopolitical systems.

The Great Work must be that of the people, not the corrupt governments who claim to represent them. If you have read this far, then you must consider this a sign. If you are not ready to commit or to donate just yet, meditate on it. I am sure “It” will speak to you in some distinctive way, and you will come along. But don’t take too long. As I have said, time is short. In the meantime, here is another post on this blog that explains this topic a bit more. After you read that post, I hope you will peruse some earlier posts as all of this is explained in further if broken detail. Not all of them are gems, but as the Grateful Dead sang, “Once in a while you get shown the Light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”

The bottom line is that this project, The Great Work, is meant to unify human consciousness and attempt to represent us at the coming “graduation” as something worth saving, something worth guiding to a higher frequency. We can’t let the idiotic forces of darkness that have taken control of our world in the form of greedy corporations and the corrupt, incompetent governments they own to drag us all down with them. This is our time to shine.

For more information, email our group at


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