A Leap of Faith (The Great Work 3)

Now that I’m a-fixin’ to leave Korea, people keep asking me, “What do you want to do next?” Honestly? Really? OK. Here’s what I really want to do.

What I WANT to do is go back to the Americas, eat peyote and hunt Skinwalkers on Navajo lands, eat mushrooms and chase UAPs, and go to Peru to drink ayahuasca and talk to the Spirits of Nature. I want to be the average traveler investigating the Noosphere Phenomenon and write articles about it and/or make a Netflix series. Apparently, they’ll buy anything these days. I want to be the Gonzo journalist of Fortean phenomena. 

I know it sounds crazy to anyone who hasn’t really pursued this topic in this “Big Picture” regard (and that means about 98% of the population, but 99% do pursue it in some limited form or another) but I’ve been researching this topic for a long, long, LONG time, and there is definitely something to it. The scientific community has been aware of it for decades but only now feel their hands have been untied by the US government, to whom the global community has historically deferred in these matters. To be fair, several countries had already broken ranks with the US’s policy of silence, including France, Mexico, and most of South America. Now, with the Pentagon’s recent public admission that UAPs are real, the topic is wide open for discourse without the stigma. So, I want to go after it.

But how? With the won-to-dollar exchange rate melting my pension like a snowball on a wood stove, I’ll be lucky to have $3500 in my pocket when I return to the USA. Still, I’ve been chasing these entities my whole life, and not to brag but I know more about this topic than any PhD. I’ve been in contact with it for my entire life. I’ve only recently come to recognize many peculiar events throughout my life as a sort of initiation, and been able to connect each one to the same phenomenon, what I refer to lovingly in other posts simply as “IT.” I have always known things through what I guess we can call intuition only to have them proven out in the scientific world, and this seems to be happening more and more with each passing day now. And so now I am filled with a sense of urgency.

One of my favorite accounts was telling a former girlfriend of mine about this back in 1993, when I recounted an experience in which I asked what color the universe was and got a clear response, “BEIGE.” I thought this was funny, because beige seems such a lackluster color for such a magnificent and spectacular thing. We both had a good laugh about it – “Beige!” Then, in 2002, she sent me this article.

Now as the “mainstream” has come to realize it’s all the same phenomenon of consciousness (as are all things) but more on the subconscious side of things, my interest has never been more piqued. We appear to be on the verge of a major breakthrough that is changing the most fundamental ways in which we view reality. Welcome to the front lines, Science, as you find your own investigations circling back to the esoteric occult — I’ve always been here. And I will be fearless in my investigations. I figure I either jump for this brass ring or I just keep going around in the dead-end world of ESL until I’m just another forgettable hack that drops dead from a heart attack (and it will be much sooner than later). I only got into ESL for the steady paycheck and travel opportunities. At this point in life, I see sitting in a tent up in the Dark Divide of the American Northwest as a much more preferable path.  I would welcome the opportunity to be that guy who got ripped apart by Bigfoot. Beat that obituary, Richard Feynman!

Laugh all you want, I can’t unsee things I’ve already seen. I’m hooked. I’ve got the bug. And frankly, if I run out my time pissing my life away in ESL, I’ll be condemning myself to my own private hell. No one knows how long we have on this side of “reality”, and I want to experience much, much more of the mystery before I check out and finally see the answers for myself. And you may think this is just crazy talk, but here’s the thing:


When the Pentagon released the video footage from the Nimitz carrier group (the infamous “Tic-Tac video”), they had a reason. First off, you should look into the entire story of that video. The Navy is well aware that what they videoed was intelligently controlled, if not intelligent itself. They saw it twice during that encounter – once during the initial investigation after it was called in by another ship to the Nimitz group, who were engaged in a training exercise and had jets with dummy weapons in the air at the time. After the initial sighting, they requested the other ship rendezvous with them for debriefing, which is standard in this type of situation (because it happens a LOT more than the military admits). They sent rendezvous coordinates to the reporting ship, and when they arrived at the coordinates, they found the “Tic-Tac” was there waiting for them. It also rendezvoused! That’s when they sent up fighter jets with live munitions, and they shot the video that was released. This was covered in detail in the book Initiated by Matthew Roberts. He was a radar technician in the Nimitz carrier group and was guiding the two F/A -18F Super Hornets that chased the UAP. He said the experience fundamentally changed his life, and he left the Navy to pursue this phenomenon. His book is amazing and describes my own thoughts much better than my crappy book did. When you actually see this shit, you can’t let it go. Remember Dreyfus with his mashed potatoes in Close Encounters?

When this story broke, it did something that up until then had never been thought possible: It legitimized scientific investigation into the “UFO” phenomenon. The academic community lit up because everyone recognized the reason for this break from the Pentagon: The U.S. government was indirectly asking for help from the private sector.

Prior to this, openly talking about “UFOs” was taboo in any professional setting, especially in the academic and scientific circles. It could destroy your reputation, deprive you of funding or position. Now the acronym was changed to UAP, and the government will not say that these things are extraterrestrial – not because they are hiding that fact, but because they don’t think it is “extraterrestrial.” They’ve been aware for some time that everything we call “paranormal” is just an aspect of our reality that we as a species have largely been unaware of up until now, aside from legends and folklore handed down through every culture on earth. Everything from lights in the sky to things going bump in the night – this means UAPs, Skinwalkers, Bigfoot, Shadow People, ghosts and poltergeists, angels and demons and gods (oh my!) – you name it. It’s all part and parcel of the same phenomenon appearing as different aspects of the same thing: A larger version of our reality. And this is directly related to the connecting of human consciousness, or what is now being called the “Noosphere.” It is the consciousness of the earth itself. 

The Pentagon is asking for help from the private sector because they want to get this moved to the forefront. They are well aware that China and Russia are far ahead of us in their research into this “phenomenon.” Putin is obsessed with it and he has used it as the catalyst for his attempt to rebuild the Soviet Empire – he wants to control the Noosphere from a Russian perspective, and China has similar designs. I could go into detail on this, but there is SO MUCH on the Noosphere and now the “Noopolitic” that you can just google it or read a book (there are several already), but the basic idea is this: Control the consciousness, control the world. In short, the Noosphere is the next step in planetary (and thereby human) evolution.

You can read more about this in the previous post, but in a nutshell, the earth formed, and at first was lifeless rock (the geosphere). Then life developed (or was seeded) here (the biosphere). The biosphere grew consciousness, and humans have been the strongest of that (we think), creating the world we have today – a global consciousness, which I have written about extensively. The internet is a precursor to this organic consciousness.

Before the Pentagon admitted UAPs are a real deal, any serious scientific or academic investigation into “The Phenomenon” (now thought to be behind the Noosphere) had to be done secretly, anonymously. The academic and scientific community created “The Invisible College” (Jacques VallĂ©e openly talked about it and wrote about it for years). The Invisible College operated in Europe, mainly in France, but also had contributors in every developed nation. They started out investigating the UFO phenomenon but realized as far back as the 1960s that this was a consciousness issue, and now the idea that consciousness precedes physical reality has taken a strong foothold in the world of theoretical physics. Our corporeal world is an illusion created by consciousness to grow infant consciousnesses – the Big Bang was a consciousness event, not a physical one. Today, the internet is abuzz with articles about these investigations, and how study after study in the world of physics seems to uphold the idea of a consciousness-based reality, that consciousness precedes the physical reality. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. I said before that Fortean events (UFO sightings, bigfoot reports, things going bump in the night, so to speak) have not increased, they are just getting more attention due to the increased interest. However, now I am not so sure. Perhaps the sudden attention we are paying to it has drawn more Fortean activity to us? I think something is happening – a consciousness is emerging.

Of course, although the US government and the scientific community are trying to draw focus away from the ET Hypothesis (ETH) because they know it is much more than “aliens,” this does not mean there are no extraterrestrials visiting earth. But if they are, they aren’t here to talk to us – they’re here for IT – the consciousness of the world, the Noosphere, of which we are just a part. Yet we may be a very important part. We may be the developing voice, so we may yet have open contact. But we need to get our collective shit together before that can happen.

So yes, I am very excited about this. The world is waking up – at least, some of us are.

As I read on that sticker that was given to me at my first Grateful Dead concert when I was tripping on LSD and realizing how our minds were all connected, “Something new is waiting to be born.” I want to be there when it opens its eyes. If that’s crazy, then lock me up. (Seriously – lock me up, because if I can’t somehow turn this into a career, then I’m going to need a bed and some food. “Three hots and a cot,” as they say.) So, now what? Crowdfund my career? Rob a bank? Or just head out there and hope I succeed or die trying? Sadly, I think it will have to be the latter. That “Leap of Faith” thing is terrifying.

Did you actually read all of that? If you did, I’m proud of you. That’s my shortest pitch on this subject. Thing is, if I leave Korea, I will be done with teaching English. I am burned out anyway. And this is a tremendous risk. I could very well end up homeless/dead in the woods. But I need to pursue this. Some would say I’m lucky to have a calling, something I am so passionate about. I don’t feel so lucky. This whole thing is probably going to kill me. But I have to do it. Don’t I?

I may not have a PhD in this particular field, but there is no “particular” field as this topic is really all-encompassing. There is only consciousness and experience. And like Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfus) and Jillian Guiler (Melinda Dillon) in Close Encounters, I may not have had the military or scientific credentials, but I was invited.

NOTE: While the drugs mentioned in the beginning of this post may seem irresponsible to some, I am an expert in their use – and there is a reason these compounds are sacred in many native cultures.


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