A Long Hard One

Sorry for the double entendre – I couldn’t resist. I do amuse myself, at least! Anyway, here is a new revelation, one that I was driven to write right out of a dead sleep – the first dead sleep I have had in days. This is an important one, and I will be expanding on it in some form in the coming weeks. Consider this an introduction, but also as a call to arms.

Back in the winter of 2021, I was spending the global COVID-19 lockdown in a small town in rural South Korea. There, my friends and I were working at the local university and we were on winter break, but could not travel. We were all going a little stir crazy. Then one night, on a drunken bet, we decided that each of us would write a book and have a sort of write-your-own-books club. I was the only one who finished my book. I may have been the only one who started a book. After it was finished, I sent it to my sister. She thought it was good, and she shared it with my brother-in-law. He also liked it. Soon I had requests for copies (five requests! Let the good times roll!) so I went ahead and self-published because I am an idiot. Also because I am an idiot, I gave the book a joke title, which did not help overall sales. I chose the title because when my friends here in Korea read what I was writing, they were laughing hysterically. They said, “It’s like one of those new-age self-help books! So put a turtle in the title. Those new-age hippie-types love turtles!” And so, despite there being no mention of a turtle anywhere in the book, we christened it The Big Blue Turtle: The Meaning of Life and How to Survive Death (now available at Amazon).

Although received as a strange attempt at humor (as much of my life is), the book was a psychological exercise for me – I was using it to get out of my own head and exorcise some deep mental demons. Despite being a painfully shy child, I have grown into a bit of a social butterfly, and so the COVID lockdown, coupled with living as an American expat in a tiny Korean town, had hit me particularly hard. And so I started meditating more, and some interesting things started to bubble up from the subconscious – strange things.

It has now been two years since I published my Turtle book, but things have steadily been bubbling up from below, filling in blanks and raising unnerving implications. One gigantic piece of information exploded into my consciousness just last night, and it is this that has me at my keyboard writing this today. Before I get into that, I should probably begin boiling the frog with some details from my Turtle book to prepare you for what’s to come.

                                                   [INSERT INTRO FROM TURTLE]

And that’s the sort of thing you have in store for yourself if you keep reading this. And so, here we go:

If you make a study of conspiracy theory as I have done for much of my adult life, you are familiar with concepts like lizard people, ancient aliens, and the Anunnaki. If you follow politics, then you have probably heard of the QAnon conspiracy group and their claim that elite shape-shifting pedophiles run the world. Whoever ‘Q’ is, they have no special insights. All they have done is repackage the most common conspiracy theories that have been around since the dawn of the internet, even since the dawn of the printing press. The most famous purveyor of these theories was a British soccer star-turned-sportscaster, David Icke, who claimed that the global elites were actually reptilians in disguise, and they were all into pedophilia, Satanism, and child sacrifice. These reptilian elites were all inbred incarnates within the bloodlines of the same thirteen elite families organized under the masthead of The Illuminati.

I am here to tell you that that is all true. NOW WAIT – don’t toss this reading material away just yet. I can explain. First of all, let’s address the reptilian claim. These people, wicked though they are, are human and not reptiles. The reptilian concept stems from the collective subconscious of our species. If you know the triune human brain model, you know it is triple layered: the neocortex, the limbic system, and the reptilian complex. While the former two layers are responsible for higher-order thinking, reasoning, and empathy, the reptilian brain deals solely with self-preservation, fight or flight, and personal property. It is the source of power-hunger and greed. Oddly, our society is constructed in such a way that people who are more reptilian brained tend to rise to roles of prominence and leadership. This is why our world governments seem to be driven more by greed and the personal self-interests of our leaders rather than by the desires or needs of the people. No matter what lofty humanistic ideals bring a system of government to power, that government will always fall to corruption, greed, and self-serving leadership.

Although we inherited our caste system of government from these higher entities, this flaw in our societies is not by design of the higher entities, but rather the fault of our own self-management. It is a collective reflection of our individual brain structure. We allow the seemingly more base, or evil, of the elite to rule us. This is largely because, as a species, humans were bred to be subservient and to feel a deep-seeded desire to be ruled rather than to rule. If you doubt this, look at the United States today – a nation that always prided itself on its freedom and democracy. There has been a sharp rise in antidemocratic ideas, particularly among the stupidest of the populace.

We were originally bred as slaves, and this is why the traditional posture for prayer – the way of presenting oneself when speaking to “god” – is identical to that of a captive: On the knees, head down, eyes averted, hands clasped as if in bondage. Nonetheless, the obvious resentment shown towards the lower caste by those in power creates resentment among the masses, and it is the collective subconscious reflection of this resentment of the reptilian brained leadership that creates the image of the so-called “lizard people.”

Nowadays there has been an increase in UAP (formerly of UFO fame) sightings and growing attention in the mass media since the US government has finally made the public claim that they have no idea what these things are. And so these conspiracy-minded people have begun increasing chatter about a possible impending alien invasion. Those that are familiar with the legends of ancient aliens and the Anunnaki are saying that our old gods are finally returning. As I have said, all of this is true. There is an alien intelligence among us, and the Anunnaki are a very real thing. But here’s what I would tell the alien invasion enthusiasts: The aliens are not coming. The old gods are not returning. They are already here. They have always been here. They never left. They created our physical form on this planet, and they created our current global system of government and commerce, and they sit at the top of it, at the very pinnacle of the pyramid, obscured by clouds. In the beginning, they were prominent and present in the day to day activities of our species. Over time, they have faded into the background, into the shadows behind the TV cameras, to be the real power behind the throne.

 The world leaders, the politicians you vote for, the CEOs and billionaire bankers and even the glamorous celebrities you see on your screens are not the ruling elite. They are the targets for your derision, a mere puppet show that is there to distract and divide the rest of us and draw our frequent attacks away from the real target. Everything in the Big Three Distractions – politics, entertainment, and religion – is there to serve one agenda: Divide and conquer. Sure, the celebriticians (celebrities/politicians) are treated well. They have unlimited funding, several huge houses, private yachts and jets, they travel the world with ease, they have the shiniest adornments and attend the wildest parties, and you are meant to envy them. You are meant to adore them. And, when it serves the interests of the elites, you are meant to fight and kill for them.

 Behind it all are the real rulers of our world. And you will not see them – ever. They now remain largely invisible to our common eyes. No one will capture them in a Tick Tock video, no one will share their images on social media. But they do walk among us, and evidence of their presence is all around us, but spoken of in hushed tones by people whose faces are obscured and voices altered. Go to YouTube and look up the series by Vice about the parties and lives of the wealthy elite. There they are.

And these videos are only available to view because they barely scratch the surface. Those stories, told by people who have worked in the service industry and who have personally catered to the whims of these elites, are not even the tip of the iceberg. The real story runs much, much deeper – beyond the phony physical, out into the ethereal and down deep into the collective subconsciousness of this noosphere. If you are not yet familiar with this term, the noosphere is a concept I will get into later in this writing. For now, just know that the real ruling elites created this world as a sort of slave colony, and we are but one of many. The ruling elites will not appear to you on your screens. They may incarnate into this world to live out their cruel and lustful desires, but they are not of this world. To paraphrase that mad racist H.P. Lovecraft, “They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen, not in the spaces we know, but between them.”

And here’s the kicker, that gigantic piece of information that exploded into my consciousness just last night: I used to be one of them. Among all of the other bizarre things I discuss in my Turtle book, I also shared the truth that reincarnation is very real. We have all lived and died before, many times. This physical world was created by the invisible elite – it is, in fact, a simulation, as physicists today are beginning to realize. Before I was incarnate on this frequency we know as our physical reality, I was a member of one of the elite families. I was privy to the scene behind the Veil – the electromagnetic divide between our frequency and the other frequencies, some higher (“Heaven”), some lower (“Hell”). I fell out of favor for some offense – perhaps I tried to defend the “mehumes” (mere humans) of this physical world, perhaps I tried to overthrow the hierarchy in some sort of Luciferian struggle against the Big Bosses? Perhaps I slept with some overlord’s wife or stole someone’s lunch out of the office fridge, who knows? My memory is piecemeal at best. For whatever reason, I was kicked down and incarnated into this physical form for who knows how long? Is this my first time in this meat suit? I don’t think so. But I do retain memories, deeply buried, of my time before as an elite.

I have never been able to manage in this world. I was born with the sense of entitlement that is inherent in the elites, which made me a constant aggravation for my parents. I was spoiled, I had no patience, I wanted everything that I asked for to be given to me without delay. I was childish, I threw fits as a child and even sometimes as an adult. I expected everything to be done for me. I had a problem with authority and refused to go to school. Above all, however, I was a fish out of water, completely incapable of functioning normally in this world. I was the prince among the paupers of so many stories and motion picture plots, I was Dan Aykroyd’s Louis Winthorpe III from the film Trading Places, cast out from my upper-class lifestyle onto the mean streets of Philadelphia, and I did not cope well with it at all.

Although one’s memory is wiped upon incarnation into this world, I knew a few tricks. As I explain in The Big Blue Turtle: The Meaning of Life and How to Survive Death, the trick to surviving death is a way to carry memories from one incarnation to another. I won’t go into the details again here, but it involves the use of a sigil – a diagram that only exists in your mind. You meditate on it, connecting it to the deepest and strongest emotional memories that your identity carries, and then linking those memories with other memories in what I describe as the “Barrel of Monkeys” method. In your new form, these remain in your subconscious mind as part of your connection to the Akashic Record. As a child, you will remember specific things, perhaps as reoccurring dreams or as thoughts disregarded as childhood imaginings. Eventually, a memory will connect with the conscious mind, and that memory will connect to other former memories, like one monkey linking to another monkey until you can pull a longer and longer chain of monkeys out of the barrel of your subconscious mind. The sigil acts as that iconic first memory as it is unique to its creator and is symbolic of the emotional connection to your former life. Emotion is energy, after all, as is all matter in this world.

And so I began to remember. As a young boy, I began to have unusual thoughts and I was able to connect various aspects of this world, and a clear pattern began to emerge from the apparent chaos of our civilization, drawing signals from the white noise. At first, it seemed too absurd to be true, but as time progressed, it started to show through in other minds as it connected to the collective subconscious of the noosphere – the conscious network of this entire physical world. This is the third stage of consciousness evolution. The first is the geosphere – the physical world. Next comes the biosphere – life emerges, and that life develops consciousness. Finally, the noosphere – life consciousness connects a network forming a global consciousness. Some refer to it as the 100th Monkey effect. And every conscious mind has a subconscious, even a collective one. The noosphere is where these concepts were connecting, and as they connected, they were drawn closer to the surface light of the collective consciousness.

Now we are seeing the dawn of a singularity, a change in our collective consciousness. More and more people are starting to see the shadows behind the throne, the faces behind the camera lights, and the patterns of their hidden agenda. And so we are seeing more of the subconscious manifesting in the physical world in the form of UAPs and other “supernatural” phenomena. There is no ‘supernatural,’ really – just the natural that we don’t yet understand as it includes more than what we are shown by our limited physical senses.

The old gods have always been here. They own the super yachts, they live in the multi-million dollar apartments in the economic capitols of the world, they rent out entire hotels for lavish Eyes-Wide-Shut-type orgies that extend to every depravity imaginable. And they run the multinational corporations just as they once ran the nation-states and the kingdoms, fiefdoms, and cults of the world. They orchestrate entire wars and rebellions for their own entertainment. Theirs is a world that the eyes of common humans were never meant to see. The moment you approach, you are stopped and turned away. This world is a game to them, and we are treated as pawns, or to use a more modernly apt comparison, we are treated as the non-player characters (NPCs) of this simulation. Seriously, watch a few of those Vice videos on YouTube. Listen to how those hidden figures describe their interactions with these elites, how they consider every person for sale, and they beckon them to service with a degrading snap of the fingers as one would beckon a dog or a slave. Listen to the persuasive manner in which a realtor to the elites uses a particular way of speaking to what he perceives to be a client. The spoken word is very powerful to these people. It has been used to terrible results by people like Charlemagne, Adolph Hitler, and now, playing to a much more dumbed-down crowd, Donald Trump.

I remember more and more of these invisible elites now, and I remember what they are like. They created us, and originally we were almost immortal. Lifespans lasted hundreds if not thousands of years. We had an unlimited capacity for knowledge. The elites soon recognized this as a threat and they curtailed our lifespans and our intellectual capabilities. They continue doing this today in what most educators recognize as a dumbing-down of the population.

But they are not all evil. There is a sort of Fifth Column among them, of which I was a part before I was found out and cast down. They still contact me from time to time, at least they used to, but it is difficult for me to process. I mention some of these encounters in my previously-mentioned Turtle book.

I hope to clarify more about them in this endeavor as things just keep coming to light inside my own head – and inside the collective mind of our expanding collective consciousness. More and more people are tuning into this higher realm and the existence of these elite entities. We are seeing more and more of their world, and someday soon, hopefully, we can override their divide and conquer tactics and unify to overthrow their reign. A unified humanity is the only thing they truly fear. And there are cracks appearing in the veneer, tears appearing in the Veil. And, to quote the late, great Leonard Cohen:

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the Light gets in.

That’s how the Light gets in.

That’s how the Light gets in.

But we will have to move fast, because they are not above destroying our world and everything in it to protect their position. We aren’t the only slave colony they have to play with. This is a war that cannot be fought or won with physical armaments. This is a war fought on the metaphysical battlefield.

Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s masterpiece from the dawn of the motion picture age, is a terrific microcosmical reflection of what I am talking about: The elites frolic in an Edenic paradise high above the city while the lesser souls languish below, suffering and dying to appease the lusts and desires of the occupants in a world they will never see.

But things are starting to change, our collective third eye is opening, and we are starting to see their world. And maybe, just maybe, they’re scared. And that should scare us, because who knows what they will do to maintain their control?

UPDATE: A few days after I posted this piece, the US military shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon, and this caused them to fine-tune their radar systems to detect other objects in the skies. Now the news media is awash with reports of ‘UFOs’ being shot down all over the world. And, of course, people are jumping all over this latest weapon of mass distraction. Are the “old gods” or “aliens” finally showing themselves, or is this the much-anticipated false flag called ‘Project Bluebeam’ – a plan to create a new world order by faking an alien invasion? Or piggy-backing a real invasion with a fake one for some reason or another? My question is, if everyone is aware of the fake-out, why go through with it – unless the fake-out is the fake-out? No, it’s just more of the same old divide-and-conquer tactic to distract the people from seeing the real monsters, to keep their presence out of the collective subconscious.

Don’t look away.


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