Why Now? Emergence of UAPs and the Color Blue

Well, it’s been a while. May as well post some idiocy. Read on to hear my answer to the popular media questions, “Why UAPs?”, “Why now?” and “What’s happening?”

Why UAPs? I suppose it’s because the term “UFO” had become overused and hackneyed, and conjures up a long history of hoaxes, misidentified aircraft, and all sorts of wacky way-out theories. Also, the military needs to sound like it knows more about what’s going on than the average YouTube vlogger, so they bury everything in sanctimonious acronyms that sound more official. So, UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Also, this new term skirts the awkward use of the word ‘object’ because many of these things make us feel like we may need to clarify what an ‘object’ actually is. And a UAP could just as easily be a natural weather phenomenon.

Why now? This is a good question. Some speculative “insiders” have suggested that the recent rise in Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon and the recent take-downs of multiple “UFOs” by military aircraft around the world is a clear indication of something downright Biblical – the return of the ancient Sumerian gods, often referred to as the Anunnaki.

I have written about this possibility a few times before on this blog, like in this article here, and also this one. My main point on this idea is that no, these ancient gods are not returning – they never left. This phenomenon has always been here with us – it (they) created us. You can read all about it in the crude primitive writings of our ancestors in ancient creation myths from around the world, the most popular being the Book of Genesis. I figure you can get your hands on that fairly easily. But if they’ve never left, then why are we suddenly seeing so many of them now when we hardly ever saw them in previous decades?

What’s happening?

Let me diverge onto a different path that will lead us back to this question with a better understanding of our weirdly limited physical perceptions. I wish to discuss two things briefly here. The first is something called ‘negative hallucination.’ As anyone who has experimented with heroic doses of psychedelics or just someone with a skewed chemical balance in their brain is aware, a hallucination is when you see something that isn’t there. Negative hallucination is when you don’t see something that is there. This is actually a defensive mechanism of the mind to prevent us from seeing anything that could fracture our tentative grip on what we understand to be our reality.

I have told the story many times before on this blog about Captain Cook’s arrival on the shores of what is now Australia, and how, when his massive ships first appeared on the horizon, the aboriginal people couldn’t see them at first. It wasn’t until the strange white guys in weird clothes started rolling up in the surf in their smaller, more familiar boats that the natives were first able to conceive of what they were seeing. The tribe greeted the strangers by telling them, “You’re dead!” This wasn’t a threat – they were simply saying that they believed these strangers had come from beyond the sea – the land of the dead in their traditions.

We are like those Australian natives, staring up at strange lights in the night sky and associating them with our own supernatural traditions, because we are not seeing the whole image yet. We are only seeing what our minds are allowing us to perceive, weening us onto this strange new reality so as not to break our fragile minds. We perceive them as being the next logical step from our current technological understandings. Ezekiel saw “wheels within wheels,” because the wheel was all the rage at his time. Alexander the Great’s armies saw flaming shields in the sky. The 1890s Zeppelin craze brought us mystery airships, and the space age brought us spaceships. And now, as we are delving into quantum physics and multidimensions, we are seeing pandimensional entities.

Now these “UFOs” are ubiquitous in the mainstream media today because more and more people are tuning into their presence. Just as the US military is seeing UFOs everywhere simply because they readjusted the RADAR settings, so to are we as individuals seeing more of them because our own RADAR – our physical senses and consciousness – have been collectively tuned to the idea that not only are we not alone, we have never been alone. Movies, TV shows, books, magazines, and now even our trusted media news sources have been seeding this message to us for decades now, and now the message is loud and clear.

It’s the color blue all over again. What do I mean by that? Well, there is a theory out there that the color blue is relatively a new perception to us as well. Take a look at this April 2018 article from ScienceAlert or watch this video (before it gets taken down!)

So, like the color blue, the UAP phenomenon has always been a part of our world. It’s just that now, more people are receptive to perceiving it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We’re basically brains in jars. Everything we perceive of our reality is only what gets filtered in through our external holes and the organic evolutionary devices that screen that content for our internal consciousness. And as we evolve as consciousness, our reality is going to get bigger. This is the human condition. We are, as I have been trying to express in this blog, infant consciousness, and we are growing into a larger, godlike collective consciousness. Our creators – the old Sumerians or whoever – know this, and they have been with us all along like the watchful parents overseeing a nursery, protecting us by limiting what we can interact with and providing us with the age-appropriate toys to guide our development. Every few thousand years or so, they interact with us directly to prepare us for the next great leap in our growth – and we are being prepared for our next interaction.

Settle down, kids. Mom and Dad are back. We’ve all heard that threat before: “Settle down! Don’t make me come down there!” Well, we didn’t settle down, and we’ve made them come down here.

And I, for one, being the doting and obedient son, am very happy to hear their heavy footfalls approaching. Now you spoiled little bastards are gonna get what’s coming to you!

[Oh, and if you’re one of those Christian Right types (i.e. not the right Christians) then you are in for a rude awakening. Your entire belief system is the antithesis of what Yeshua (“Jesus”) was teaching us. He was a Christ Consciousness, you know – a Buddha, if you will. The Christ Consciousness comes around every couple of thousand years to guide our collective development. This is what is meant by “the Return of Christ.” It’s not a ‘second’ coming – it has come many times before. Thoth was a vessel, as was Siddhartha, as was Yeshua and many others. And you so-called Evangelical “Christians” are, in a word, f**ked.]

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