What’s to Become of Us – the “Experiencers?”

It now occurs to me that my philosophy of “Don’t sell it, tell it” in regards to the Truth may have already put me in a dangerous predicament. I am planning to return to my home country for a long-overdue visit next month. Am I just being paranoid, or should I rethink my travel plans?

North Korea, the world’s last Cold War hold-out, is a closed-off brutal dictatorial regime. Those at the top control all information and they rule with an iron fist. Any citizen found to have fraternized with someone from another land, or to have had the audacity to view any media from even their nearest neighbor and closest relative to the south, is promptly swept away to suffer and die an unimaginable demise in one of the infamous death camps – and sometimes, their entire family is swept away with them.

As a planet, Earth is the galactic equivalent of North Korea. And this has me a bit worried.

On this blog, I mix real experiences and ideas that I have and have had with humor (bad as it may be) and a dash of BS to avoid the “all-seeing eye,” so to speak. I have professed on more than one occasion to be full of sh*t. But if you follow this blog (and again, why the hell would you?) I hope that you have noticed the things I am being completely honest about. These are the beliefs, ideas, and ideals that I hold very dear.

The main idea is this: We are not alone. We have never been alone. There are entities all around us, and they have been with us since the dawn of our earliest civilizations. They have openly ruled us, and guided us from the shadows (or the “Spaces Between” as I often refer to them). They have educated us by light and by dark. Their hand has been at different times both obvious and subtle. And they are our progenitors – they created us. I often refer to it as procreation on a cosmic scale.

The follow-up to this main idea is that our so-called “leaders” – the powerful people behind the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), global government/corporations, and their various intelligence agencies and media mouth-pieces have known about this main idea for some time now. And they have done everything in their power to keep the information from us so that they can manipulate, control, and kill us at will. (Perhaps they still serve the Old Gods – the one in the Old Testament. Ever read it? That “God” is an asshole.)

But as I have also alluded to many times on this blog, the development of our Consciousness is unstoppable. We always knew the Truth would come out eventually, gradually, and the world would change forever. And this change will come with the obligatory growing pains. The Powers That Be (MIC) have waged wars and used us and our children as fodder for bullshit reasons throughout the last century and probably before that to cover up the truth. They invaded countries and destroyed museums that held clues to the truth of our species’ origins and destiny.

They have chosen the path of fear and greed, and they have been willing to kill the entire planet to hold their position at the top of the pyramid.

Now it is happening. Open contact is beginning – it has already begun. Our infant collective consciousness is opening its third eye. And the Powers That Be (MIC) are panicking as they can feel their grip on Absolute Power slipping. They have prepared for this eventuality, however, and have laid the groundwork with a full-on smear campaign that will likely culminate in violence that will result in the deaths of millions if not billions. They are that evil. No one in power is a “good” person. They all lie to us and turn us against each other with the time-honored tactics of Divide & Conquer, their favorite game.

Right now, at the dawn of the Noosphere (collective consciousness, or what I have often referred to in the past as The Great Work) they have their media mouthpieces working overtime to control the narrative. As we see more and more things come to light, so to speak, they want to act like they are in control of it all for as long as they can – even if it means creating a fake “alien invasion” to turn the public into fearful, violent, ET and UT haters.

For any noobs who may have stumbled upon this blog accidentally, ET and UT refer to Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial. Believe me – they are not coming, they’ve always been here, watching our development like cautious parents, showing us only what we have matured enough to see and understand. Many of us have been aware of them for a long time. We were the annoying people at parties who when asked, “Do you believe in UFOs?” would snidely reply, “I don’t believe – I know. And ‘UFO’ just means ‘Unidentified Flying Object.’ It’s not synonymous with ‘extraterrestrial spacecraft’.”

Many of the greatest artist, writers, musicians, scientists, and filmmakers have been touched by the subtle hand of our Teachers, and it is reflected in their work. Tesla should automatically spring to mind, but so should Stephen Spielberg for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and George Lucas, whose Star Wars franchise was heavy with occult teachings before Disney took it and made it all crappy. Remember when Luke went into the cave on Dagobah to face the Unknown, he asked Yoda, “What’s in there?” and Yoda replied, “Only what you take with you?” That is exactly right.

By that, I mean when you encounter these entities or this Higher Consciousness, it reflects your energy. The Abyss stares back into you. These entities are like us – there is true good and true evil and everything in between. And like attracts like in the collective. If you bring fear (“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering“), it will be a bad experience. If you bring love and an openness to understanding The Other, it will be the most wonderful thing you can imagine. I have been fortunate enough to have been open when I was first contacted.

My first contact, as I recall it now (at the time I had no idea what it was and as I grew I just chalked it up to childhood imagination) was when I was very young. I suspect they reach out to everyone when we are very young, and they proceed according to our reaction. When I first heard the disembodied voice next to my ear, I didn’t freak out. I didn’t feel afraid, even though I was a very fearful child. I must have been having a good day. I sat up, every hair on my body tingling, and thought, Whoa! What…? And I said out loud, “Hello?… What did you say? I didn’t quite hear what you said.” And I waited, but there was only silence. And then I said, for whatever reason, “It’s OK, you can talk to me. I won’t tell anyone.” It didn’t speak again that day, but from then on, I started to have experiences.

But that was a contact with no fear, just a curious openness. The Powers That Be (MIC) they are all fear. And anger. And hate. It’s the disease of greed, and a venomous desire to stay in power. They don’t like this Other. They don’t want to accept that they are not the Top Dogs, the True Power, in this or any other world. They want control. And this is a problem.

Let me say here again that I know my writing comes off as rushed and I tend to ramble, but this is because when I write or speak of these things, my mind gets a surge of electricity running through it. It can make it hard to concentrate (I have likened it to a kind of white noise that fills my head). I am trying to learn patience, but I feel a growing sense of urgency – especially now, with everything you may have noticed happening in the media. A major shift is about to happen, and we all need to get together before the Powers That Be (MIC) can turn us against each other and kill us by the billions.

All bullshit aside: This is important.

The point of this blog entry, however, is that it now occurs to me that we may be in danger – those of us who are out-and-proud “Contactees” and “Experiencers” – “Friends of the Light,” if you will (you know who you are). Not everyone has looked up and seen these lights, or heard these voices, or met these entities – but more and more are starting to, and more and more will. If you, Dear Reader, have not yet had an experience or encounter (that you can recall – think back to your early childhood. Anything weird there?), don’t worry – you will. And likely sooner than you expect. Just remember: No fear. Be open, be loving, and yeah, have a sense of humor. They love that.

Getting back to the danger: At the beginning of this rambling post, I compared our entire planetary civilization to North Korea. North Korea, where simply watching a TV show from South Korea can result in your being killed outright or tortured to death. And here we are, citizens of the global version of North Korea, openly talking about meeting these Other entities, and not only fraternizing with them but loving them.

What may yet become of us at the hands of the Powers That Be (MIC), these greedy, hateful creatures that are so afraid, so greedy, so power-lusty, and so determined to maintain their iron grip on their control of the rest of us?

I am flying back to the USA this summer for a visit. The USA, if you haven’t guessed, is the central hub, the Eagle’s Nest, of these power-mad megalomaniacs. As William Burroughs noted in his drug-fueled novel, Naked Lunch:

America is not a young land. It is old and dirty and evil before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting…But there is no drag like U.S. drag. You can’t see it, you don’t know where it comes from. Take one of those cocktail lounges at the end of a subdivision street–every block of houses has its own bar and drug store and market and liquor store. You walk in and it hits you. But where does it come from?

It comes from the Fear. It comes from the Greed. It comes from the Dark Side. It comes from the Evil that is the potential of all consciousness. These Power Elite have been corrupted by it, and I worry about how they will treat those of us who have avoided it.

So I guess my question is, if things start to open up before I go home, are there going to be people waiting for me at the airport?

If you don’t hear from me again after June 28th, remember what I wrote here. Stay safe, everyone, especially those who have had experiences like those I have described many times on this blog. And never give in to the Fear. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate… ah, you know the drill. Good luck to you on your Hero’s Journey. I hope we’re all together at the Singularity. It’s not far off now.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” – some character in every Star Wars film ever made.

[NOTE: I usually link references to former posts on this blog, but there are too many and I’m in a hurry. Links may be added later. In the meantime, just peruse the blog.]

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