God, Satan, and My Student Loans

“From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.” This is essentially how Lucifer is said to answer in the Book of Job (1:7) when God asks him where he has been. This is one of the more fascinating books of the Bible. Now indulge me as I flaunt my ignorance.

It’s the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine

Actually, I feel a little rundown. But that’s irrelevant. Let’s look at how the next twenty years could very well see the end of our civilization, and how that will affect ME. Because, in the end, isn’t that what we’re all worried about? Me?

Evangelicals Rewrite Christianity

In 325 AD, Roman Emperor Constantine rewrote Christianity to make it more palatable to the Pagans that dominated Rome at the time. Referred to today as the Council of Nicea, it created modern Christianity as we know it. However, as humanity moves forward and even the most dogged dogma is left by the wayside, right-wingContinue reading “Evangelicals Rewrite Christianity”

So What Does The Future Hold?

Well, here we are, seven months past the 2020 election. Is anyone still clinging to that sense of hope, that relieved feeling that we have banished the bad people to the far corners of social media and the political fringe? If so, have you not been paying attention?

The Red, Red Flags of the GOP/GQP

I feel it is my civic duty to post politically again. And before you get annoyed, please read this as I do feel very strongly that this is a serious issue that will have very dire consequences if it is not taken seriously. Even if you consider yourself a Republican, read it so that youContinue reading “The Red, Red Flags of the GOP/GQP”