Fifth-Column Fernando

I just had the awkward experience of having a friend come out to me. And he’s not gay or pansexual or anything like that (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Actually, he came out to me as an alien. And not just from another country, but from an entirely different civilization. How am I supposed to respond to that?

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The Godliness of Conspiracy Theories

Well, they got me again. This time it was the closing of the AURA solar observatory in the aptly-named Sunspot unincorporated community, at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico. And I was hooked! So much so that I had to write this post about it, and diverge off into a blathering rant regarding the absurd implications of other people’s reactions to it.

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Let’s talk for a moment about haunted houses. I got to thinking about them recently when a friend confided in me that whenever she saw a Facebook post from a real estate agency advertising a house for sale, she liked to write “Haunted as f–k!” in the comment section to try to bring housing prices down. Altruistic as this may be, I must say that I sympathize with people who are terrified of the idea of moving into a haunted house.

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Shut Up and Die: The plan for (most of) humanity.

A lot of people have a bleak outlook for the future of our little world. They see the wide-scale pollution, the endless wars, the poor educational system, the bad health care and resulting opioid crisis, the destruction of the ecosystem, the jackasses that are in power making bad decisions that will affect life as we know it in a terrible way in the very foreseeable future… all of it, combined with a mind-bending myriad of other problems, has become a tremendous cause of depression and stress in almost everyone that watches the TVs or surfs the internet. And stress is a killer.

Not to me, however. I think all of this “bad” is part of a plan for a lasting good.

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Q Anon and the “Gathering Storm” Conspiracy Thread

I remember when Q used to just harass the crew of the Starship Enterprise… This whole “Q Anon/The Storm” plot is ridiculous. What is “Q”? Q’s followers say he is either one person or a group of people deep inside an “alliance” involving the U.S. military and the NSA dropping clues to an impending take-down (“Gathering Storm”) of the Satanic liberal agenda that has been in control of the U.S. since… maybe the 1950s? To more discerning researchers, however, it appears that some guy with too much time on his hands strung together all the better conspiracy theories — something that is not hard to do without any “insider information” at all. It has been done by folks like Jim Marrs, David Icke, and William Bramley for decades.

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“Send Someone to Get Me.”

Just on the off chance that there is SOME intelligent life “out there” — either extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial (meaning entities from other dimensions, for those unschooled in the weirdness of the world) — I would like to broadcast this message on all frequencies: SEND SOMEONE TO GET ME.Continue reading ““Send Someone to Get Me.””

Hold For High Strangeness: Reptilians!

Before I get to the point of this note, let me first say YES, I know the idea of “reptilians” is insane. But if you are patient and read to the end and, yes, even WATCH THE VIDEO attached, it will hopefully make my thinking on this subject a bit clearer.

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