Conspiracy Theory as Literary Theory

This is an extremely long (and dated) post. It was my Master’s thesis for Literary Theory and Criticism, discussing conspiracy theory as a type of literary theory, attempting to move beyond postmodernism. I am including it here only as a reference for other articles. I plan to expand on itContinue reading “Conspiracy Theory as Literary Theory”

The U.S. Congress: What Are They?

Since the mid-terms, Americans have been fired up about all of the non-issues that they take so seriously, and which the rest of the world mocks. As an American expat, here is what I think the U.S. Congress really is:

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The Meaning of Life

The age-old question, “Why are we here?” has dogged humankind since we first developed self-awareness. Is it really such a difficult question? No. We humans are just notorious for making things overly-complicated.

So what is the answer?

The answer will be posted on this website in the coming weeks. Check back regularly to find out WHY we are all here — incarnate on this planet in this corporeal world. All of us.