F**k it, Let’s Go Live in the Jungle!

Hello again, Dear Reader! I am in high spirits today. Not because I have any good news to report, but simply because I learned long ago to toss care to the winds. Read on for a sort of train-of-thought writing therapy session as I attempt to make plans for what remains of my future.

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Confession Time: If you haven’t noticed, I’m crazy!

Hello again, Dear Reader! (I think there’s still one of you who frequents this inane and inept blog. Whoever you are, God bless ya!) Today’s post is a personal confession of mine. Obviously, if you read this blog, you know there’s a good chance I suffer from mental illness (Spoiler: I do!) but just how unstable am I? Read on to find out!

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How to Save America

No matter what political stripes you wear, I think we can all agree that the once-great United States is swirling the drain. So read on to learn about my plan to save America. That’s right – me. The guy who rambles on about ultraterrestrial entities and UAPs. Why not? Can’t be any worse than the plans the dolts in charge have for you.

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That’s Just Crazy Talk!

In my last blog post, I suggested in no uncertain terms that within the next 10 years, Americans will be herded into designated labor zones by the ruling elite. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound! Try this information on for size.

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Fascism Will Come to America (it’s already here, it’s just waiting)

This started as a post on Facebook, but as I was writing it, the website got all twitchy, and my post was deleted before I could even finish writing it. This makes me think I was on a roll that they didn’t like. Let’s see how WordPress handles it. So, here’s the truth:

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A.I. – The Vowels of Doom

Tonight I wrote a short story about an Artificial Intelligence (AI) called MIMI (an acronym for Made In My Image, and also a tribute to my grandmother, whom we called Mimi). On researching the science behind the tech, I had a disturbing realization…

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