Religion and Selective Evolution

Religion and evolution! Here are two topics that go well together. Let me kick these two turds around for a bit and let’s see what we come up with. This is a free-thought post meant to be a humorous consideration of how science is affecting our spiritual development. It’s what’s keeping me from sleep tonight.

An Open Letter to Mitch McConnell

On this blog, I like to poke fun at Mr. Mitch McConnell, Republican representative from the bizarro state of Kentucky. Tonight, however, I want to write a letter to Mr. McConnell to let him know that his life is no joke. It’s not funny. And when his body dies, he will learn just how horribleContinue reading “An Open Letter to Mitch McConnell”

The Spaces Between: Another Excerpt

Another excerpt from The Spaces Between, an opus like no other… because I haven’t written any others. Don’t think of it as a literary work, think of it more as a hobby of mine that I am inflicting upon you. When we last left Ted, he was at the infamous Nellis Air Force Base, AKAContinue reading “The Spaces Between: Another Excerpt”

JIBBERISH: My Journey Thru The Everglades with Willem Dafoe (part 3)

Fort Kentucky Air Force Base is sometimes referred to as the Area 51 of the East. It is a top-security Everetti base that consists of experimental aircraft test flight runways, regular fighter and bomber aircraft runways, hangars, control towers, satellite dish arrays, droid control centers, fusion weapons storage, Fusion Deployment System control centers, and a large undergroundContinue reading “JIBBERISH: My Journey Thru The Everglades with Willem Dafoe (part 3)”

JIBBERISH: My Journey Thru The Everglades With Willem Dafoe (part 2)

There we were, Mr. Willem Dafoe and I, resting up from our recent trials in the Florida Everglades in the back bed of a dark stranger’s El Camino pick-up car. Little did we know that the man behind the wheel was not just any man, but the infamously unbalanced Florida Man.

JIBBERISH: My Journey Thru The Everglades With Willem Dafoe (part 1)

Once again I find myself reminiscing, this time about the early aughts, when Willem Dafoe and I got drunk on a fan boat in the Everglades and wrestled some alligators, which turned out not to be alligators but were instead three swamp people with severe eczema.

Excerpt from “The Spaces Between” part 2: Ted Visits Nellis AFB

Another excerpt from the first book in the “The Spaces Between” series, as mentioned in a previous post. As H.P. Lovecraft once wrote, “The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them…”

Shenanigans Before the Age of Social Media

2019 has arrived as inevitably as planned. Wherever you are, I hope the new year has been treating you well. For me, it is yet another reminder of the cold hand of death closing ever so slowly around my throat, but hey — that’s part of the fun, right?