This will be a short post, but I intend to expand upon it later. I just felt an overwhelming need to put this out there ASAP. Read on for the best damn apple fritter recipe of your LIFE! (This post has absolutely nothing to do with apple fritters. I do not even know what a ‘fritter’ is. I just need someone to read this.)

The United States — and the entire world — is at a crucial turning point, a turning point for all of humanity. Can you feel it? The hateful division in a country that used to call itself ‘united’ is a symptom of the larger issue. We are living in a time of falsehoods that have polluted the minds of the people and lodged firmly into our thoughts as ‘truths’. It is the result of capitalism run amok, and technology that has grown faster than our laws and our reason could follow. The corporations (who are us) that tear apart our planet for money have now found it profitable to tear us apart as well. They feed our beliefs with half-truths and untruths to drive us further apart, and they call it “marketing.” For any of you that have read previous posts on this blog, you know that I am aware (belief no longer has anything to do with it). I am aware that the larger world beyond our very limited physical senses is one of frequencies, and tuning from one frequency to another determines our reality. I won’t get into the metaphysics of it, but there are positive higher frequencies to which our great Teachers like the Buddha and the Christ (and the real source of these teachings above them that we cannot see) have told us we could aspire. Think of this as the upper part of the oceans, where the water is a beautiful clear blue, where the coral reefs once thrived with colorful life, and beautiful, intelligent, and gentle creatures lived. This is the realm of the light energy. This is “Heaven.”

Then there is the realm of the darkness. This is a realm of deceipt and evil, where hungry ghosts must feed on the energy they need, drawing down beings who might aspire to the higher frequency so that they can devour their energy, their light. Think of this as the deepest, darkest part of the ocean, where all is blackness and ugly creatures without eyes to see light because there is none to see. This is “Hell.”

Remember this pic? I use it a lot to illustrate my point.

Our greed for money/power has drawn these dark forces to us, and they are using our technology — which holds so much promise of a utopia — to draw us into permanent dystopia. They are dividing us with bad information, separating us into packs and turning us against one another in a rage that could very well lead to civil war and then global conflict. It is not one political party: It is all of them. It is not one religion: It is all of them. It is not one country: It is all of them. It is not one company: It is all of them (except Lego. Lego is awesome. Although they do fill the world with more bits of plastic, so yeah, damn it, them, too.)

We need to turn them off, cut them out, and rise above. This will require faith — from all Faiths — to set aside all of this bullshit we are being tricked into eating. They are poisoning our minds, breaking our bonds, and dragging us down. And when I say “Faith,” am not referring to the so-called “faith” of the dogma of our institutionalized religious groups. Fuck them, they are from Hell. ALL of them. Rule one: Do not go into your buildings and talk about God. Go into nature and talk TO God.

Yes, the world — all of it, and all of us — is QUITE LITERALLY going to Hell. Divisive religious dogma will not save us, only doom us. We need to remember the TRUE teachings of the Christs and the Buddhas (there have been more than one of each. In fact, they are really the same thing). Getting us fighting each other is exactly what they want, because that is exactly how they get entire worlds to sink into their endless pit of darkness and despair, never to rise again.

So we must rise now. Rise above it.

Humanity, this is your last chance. The American election in November will be a tipping point, and you see how ugly it has already gotten. It doesn’t matter which “side” you’re on. It is imperative that you remember there is only ONE side — OUR side. All of us. Nothing else matters at all. Fuck Biden. Fuck Trump. End the division.

Rise above.

Follow the Light.

That is essentially all I have to say right now, so here is a song that has been running in my head lately:

To continue rambling, you must have noticed all of the infuriating little things that really boil our blood beneath the larger issues that have been created and fed to us. For example, have you ever noticed how, when your favorite websites “improve,” they just make it more infuriating to use? (I’m looking at YOU, WordPress. Give us back the CLASSIC EDITING FORMAT you evil bastards.) All of these little things are designed on purpose to increase the negative energy, to feed the anger and the hatred, which is really just fear.

Not to get too hippie-dippy here, but to quote C. Montgomery Burns: “Push out the jive, bring in the love.”

How can you do that? Quiet your mind. Look up at the stars and listen inside. Move away from all of the chaotic bullshit and bad vibes and negative frequencies. Take some time — that stuff you seem to never have (this is why we say “time is money,” I guess), make some time, to lie down in a comfortable, quiet place, take up meditation, and listen to music in the 432hz range. YouTube actually has a ton of options. Here’s one now:

Forget all the negative bullshit, whatever it may be, and remember who YOU really are, and who WE are really meant to be. Study the old texts, the esoteric knowledge, the Bible, the Quran, the Talmud, but go deeper to their roots and above all, STAY AWAY FROM THE CURRENT DOGMA. Our religions have been polluted (if you’ve ever heard Evangelicals rant, you can see that). That is the first thing these entities attack: religion and faith, the soul. You need to feed that soul. Have you read the Book of Enoch, for example? Or the Book of Thoth?

Go back to the SOURCE. The higher entities do speak, you just need to reconnect.

I will write more later. Keep this with you, share it, quiet your mind, and damn the politics and dogmatic poison to the Hell from which they came.

This is going to sound like an oxymoron, but go deep within yourself to rise above the bullshit. Fix your Kundalini (If you do not know what that is, find out), fix the world. If you are not sure how to proceed, use this technology for the good it was intended. You have all of our world’s information at your fingertips (most of it, anyway, if you just dig). Start seeking, and the universe will guide you.

If you do not, then we are all truly damned. Time is very short. Peace.

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I am an ape living abroad, writing to stay focused and to remember the things I think about. I post them here in case you'd like to spend a bit of time thinking about them, too.

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