Let Me Babble at Ya! – Random Thoughts

What if planets are nurseries for infant consciousness? The consciousness develops on the planet like a fetus in an egg, exhausting its resources as it grows to emerge into a higher realm of existence, leaving the planet behind like a spent shell. Mars may be an ancient spent shell, and now our own Earth is heading that same way as we have taxed it to total depletion. Find this idea interesting? Then read on, McQuack.

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Somebody’s Coming (They Never Really Left)

While you’re all out there, watching Doctor Strange and the Phantom Phuckery or whatever the hell is happening in the Marvel movie megaplexes this weekend, the world is going to Hell. And I think I know why. Bear with me…

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“What Is Happening to Our Country?”

Yet another mass shooting. Yet another mass shooting in a school. Nineteen dead elementary school children and one dead teacher. They died terrified in violence. And everyone is outraged (well, most of us anyway). And everyone is asking this question. Do you want to know what’s happening? I’ll tell you. And it will be short.

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