What’s to Become of Us – the “Experiencers?”

It now occurs to me that my philosophy of “Don’t sell it, tell it” in regards to the Truth may have already put me in a dangerous predicament. I am planning to return to my home country for a long-overdue visit next month. Am I just being paranoid, or should I rethink my travel plans?

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Doomscrolling Destination

Of all of the words that recent technological developments have added to our lexicon, ‘doomscrolling’ is my personal favorite. This is the act of scrolling through your news feeds looking for dire news of the world, or the end of said world. If you are doomscrolling, then you have found the right page, because today I am all about the Doom.

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Why Now? Emergence of UAPs and the Color Blue

Well, it’s been a while. May as well post some idiocy. Read on to hear my answer to the popular media questions, “Why UAPs?”, “Why now?” and “What’s happening?”

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A Long Hard One

Sorry for the double entendre – I couldn’t resist. I do amuse myself, at least! Anyway, here is a new revelation, one that I was driven to write right out of a dead sleep – the first dead sleep I have had in days. This is an important one, and I will be expanding on it in some form in the coming weeks. Consider this an introduction, but also as a call to arms.

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A Successful Failure: A Cautionary Tale

I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, and a man would be a fool not to take advantage of these free moments to reflect on his life. Upon reflection, I can precisely pinpoint the three moments in my life where a bad decision set me on the path to ruin.

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A Pitch for Netflix

I’m bored today, so I am revisiting a story I wrote ages ago. And I am reorganizing it into a new synopsis. And I am going to pitch it to Netflix as a series. I’m told they will throw money at any project that has strong market potential. So, are you listening, Netflix? Of course, you’re not. But let’s go anyway – just for the sake of killing time.

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