The Noosphere (The Great Work 2)

Early on in my previous post, I noted that it was a draft, and that updates would be forthcoming. This post is an update, one in which I can give a little clarity to what I have often called “The Phenomenon,” or simply “IT.” Here we enter the term NOOSPHERE (NO-oh-sphere), and it is what’s coming.

The Noosphere derives its name from the Greek noos, meaning ‘mind,’ and it originated with the works of three people: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who coined the phrase back in the 1920s, Edouard Le Roy, and Vladimir I. Vernadsky.

The Noosphere is the collective consciousness that comes up repeatedly in posts on this blog, and I believe it is the purpose behind the Phenomenon, if not the Phenomenon ITself. I call it The Great Work (both in this blog and in my brain-wreck of a book, The Big Blue Turtle: The Meaning of Life and How to Survive Death). As best as I can describe it, the Noosphere is the developing consciousness of our very planet. Our lovely little space-rock has gone through two primary stages of development: the geosphere, the original cold, hard rock phase, and the biosphere, when life began and flourished into the biosphere we know and poison today. Now we are entering the Noosphere, where that life develops as a collective conscious energy, spearheaded by the appearance of humans hundreds of thousands of years ago. We were created, I believe, by another higher collective consciousness that appeared in the form of extraterrestrials (some would call them the Anunnaki). I have also written extensively about this creation theory.

At risk of getting ahead of myself, what we grew to think of as “God” is a mature higher consciousness, grown as such entities are from a developed network of smaller consciousnesses, such as we are now becoming. And yes, “God” did create humanity – but the simple idea of creationism held by modern religious institutions is as childish and silly as its depiction in this clip from the animated sitcom Family Guy:

When I say “God” created humanity, I mean that a mature collective consciousness used tools to manipulate physical material – perhaps the Anunnaki beings were those tools (pun intended) – to seed a species capable of expediting the development of the consciousness of our planet’s biosphere. And now this project of procreation is beginning to bear fruit.

The idea is that the Noosphere is the development of a conscious energy capable of existing without the need of a physical shell to maintain its form. I have written about this on this blog as well as in my previously mentioned book as well – that the purpose of life for us humans is to grow as individual consciousnesses, building our integrity (referring to the integrity of our consciousness) so that we can survive without the need of these meat-puppet bodies. This world is a school of sorts, or more accurately, a nursery of consciousness. We are here to develop the integrity of our consciousness – integrity not only in regard to strength of character, but in regard to being whole and undivided, structurally sound so that we can exist without need of the physical.

As I have mentioned several times before on this blog, there are higher consciousnesses, entities, that exist beyond the need of a physical form. And as wholly independent conscious energy, they can occupy physical forms that are more conducive to the exploration of this physical universe. This is the aspect of the Phenomenon that is behind UFOs/UAPs as well as the many reports of encounters with other-worldly beings. Ours is not the only consciousness developing and connecting in Noosphere form. It is as the ancient Hermetic maxim states, as above, so below, and as below, so above. We develop as individual consciousnesses in these human bodies, then emerge as a collective in the Noosphere, and eventually link up with other higher consciousnesses, thus creating the eternal consciousness that is this very universe. We are, as I have commented previously, growing into “God.” By this, I mean a collective consciousness so powerful that we can merely think our reality into existence, thereby creating the promised concept of Heaven, Paradise, Big Rock Candy Mountain, whatever name you call it.

The similarities are no coincidence.

In fact, this is what has been happening since the Big Bang, which, as Mike Hockney notes in his book The Noosphere (The God Series Book 9), was a conscious event, not a physical one. It was the birth of consciousness into this universe that then created the illusion of the physical world we all are growing in like so much mold in a Pitri dish. Consciousness, as noted previously in this blog, precedes the physical, and actually creates the physical as a collective thought-form. Every form of material matter therefore contains some trace elements of pure conscious energy, which is the idea behind Panpsychism.

In short, our Earth is growing a higher consciousness to join in the larger Great Work of our becoming God. I touched upon this idea by apparent accident at the beginning of a recent post, entitled Let Me Babble at Ya – Random Thoughts. I am quite comforted by the idea that I have been connected to this Higher Consciousness since my childhood (you can read about those experiences on this blog as well as in that book I mentioned earlier), and that I have interacted with entities representing those other consciousnesses that are waiting for ours to join with theirs. These are the entities I discuss in such posts as Fifth-Column Fernando. They are human consciousnesses, too, who originated with us but were moved into another frequency soon after a war that was fought over the interference of our progenitors. Apparently, by spiking our collective DNA and accelerating the developmental process of our collective consciousness, the progenitors of modern humans may have jeopardized the natural process. These ‘other’ humans are much more advanced than we are here on our frequency because they were guided in their progress by the ultra-terrestrial consciousnesses that relocated them. They were therefore not hobbled by the hobgoblins of conscious evolution: religion, ignorance, and fear.

Speaking of religion, if I may wax political for a moment (I can’t help it) it is the conservative types that hold back the progress of humanity with their childish interpretations of human development and fear of any new or progressive ideas. Their sick cult-like devotion to the fairy tale version of events interpreted by their moronic religions (see previous video clip) does nothing to benefit our species and in fact is the bane of our existence. In the USA, Republican types are the problem. However, at the top of things, the Democrats are no better in that they are so feckless and incompetent that I suspect they are all in on it together, and that they serve the same corporate-fascist force that is overtaking the globe. This manner of stunted-growth thinking is a global problem as we can clearly see this corporate fascism spreading everywhere under the guise of nationalism and religious zealotry.

These forces are the true enemy of all things good. They are the “evil” force in this drama. If they cannot control the Noosphere, then they will attempt to destroy it, and they will go so far as to ignite a nuclear holocaust to do so. This is where our evil reptilian-brained leaders like Vladimir Putin make their play. Putin is obsessed with the Noosphere, as are all world leaders, whether they are willing to talk about it publicly or not.

The development of our Noosphere and emergence of our world’s collective consciousness and its eventual connection to the universal mind (“God”) is the Great Work. It is our chance at true eternal life and the “Heaven” we were promised from day one – the ability to create a perfect world for all with the power of this higher consciousness. However, these corrupt, small-minded idiots – the reptilian-brained monsters who rose to power in our world and the religious/political agendas they spew forth – are The Threat.

The real powers behind the cameras have been installing their incompetent puppets in positions of power all over the globe. This is why Putin is threatening to tear Europe apart yet again. He’s a crazy idiot, as is the new fascist leader of Italy, the new prime minister of the UK (as if Boris hadn’t been bad enough), and we all can see the fascism rising swiftly in the political landscape that is the failed state of the USA. They see the climate crisis is exploding, and this is the final stage of the emergence of the Noosphere. And if they can’t control it (they can’t), they will destroy it.

This is the true battle of Light and Dark, of Good and Evil. This is what we are truly doing here. Don’t let them distract you with their shadow puppetry, smoke and mirrors. Rise above it. Everything is counting on our victory over these forces of ignorance, evil, and darkness. Yes, it really is that big of a deal. Look into it.

This is why I am writing now to clarify my previous post: We are going to crowdsource funds for a think tank to help promote the Noosphere and to direct the energy of the collective consciousness of ethical people – people like you, hopefully – to combat the negative and dangerous influence of those psychopaths in power. It may involve a fact-finding mission, beginning in Australia, traveling to Cape Town, South Africa, and then hopping over to Patagonia, and from Southern Argentina, depending on our findings at that point, we may travel south to New Swabia (Nuschwaubenland) to contact entities reportedly located there, or head north into ayahuasca country to meet up with some colleagues of a friend of ours in order to manifest direct contact with the ‘other’ conscious entities via an intensive ayahuasca ceremony.

We would love for you to join us on this journey. The more the merrier (The more ethical consciousnesses being brought into awareness, the better our chances of achieving God-status). I will post more when the fundraising campaign is launched. For more information, reach out to us at

We are also looking to connect with the Human Energy Project, another group with a similar mission. You can learn about their work here:

As I have said, I have covered a lot of this stuff in previous posts (mixed in with a lot of random babblings, so be selective) so I will not waste further time by repeating it here. I would encourage you to peruse previous posts on this blog, and to maybe even pick up a copy of The Big Blue Turtle.* That book and this blog go into much more detail as to how this concept of growing consciousness goes back to the creation of humanity, the ancient books of the Bible (despite the idiotic interpretations of modern-day so-called “Christians”) as well as the ancient teachings of Christ-consciousnesses such as Thoth, Melchizedek, Buddha, and Yeshua (“Jesus”) among many others.

This is why we are here.

*The title of this book, The Big Blue Turtle, is unfortunate. In my defense, it was during the first year of lockdown during the pandemic. We all went a little stir crazy. To make matters worse, I was living in a little isolated town in rural South Korea, and my friends and I had gotten drunk and started talking about writing books to keep ourselves occupied. When I told them about my idea for a book, the joke was that I should have a turtle in the title, because as my British friend said, “New-agey types love turtles!” In short, it was a drunken joke at marketing the strange content of the book itself. Had I to do it over again, I would change the title to something like, “The Great Work: Developing a Higher Consciousness for a New World.”


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