Q Anon and the “Gathering Storm” Conspiracy Thread

I remember when Q used to just harass the crew of the Starship Enterprise… This whole “Q Anon/The Storm” plot is ridiculous. What is “Q”? Q’s followers say he is either one person or a group of people deep inside an “alliance” involving the U.S. military and the NSA dropping clues to an impending take-down (“Gathering Storm”) of the Satanic liberal agenda that has been in control of the U.S. since… maybe the 1950s? To more discerning researchers, however, it appears that some guy with too much time on his hands strung together all the better conspiracy theories — something that is not hard to do without any “insider information” at all. It has been done by folks like Jim Marrs, David Icke, and William Bramley for decades.

Q in his more care-free early days, harassing Piccard with some soulful Latin tunes
This Q guy just got on 4-chan and picked up a lot of followers who have never read about these deeply-woven conspiracy topics before. Soon, other right-wing attention-seekers jumped on the Q 4-chan-wagon and just retold the narrative with Trump as a central character, which is just silly. Do they really think Trump, the guy behind such awesome tweets as … well, ANY of his Tweets … is really some sort of revolutionary mastermind?
A genius at work
Take a look at the video linked below in which one of these misguided twerps tries to explain the backstory of Q, saying that Q is the first “legitimate” and “sanctioned insider” to speak out. Legitimized how? Sanctioned by who? And around the 12:00 mark, he asks the burning question, “Why would this man put himself and his family at very grave risk…” (cut/edit — seems he lost his train of thought) “… [to] run for president? And why would all of these media corporations and so many different, uh, CEOs and politicians and people in Hollywood and sports and all this stuff, why would they all so be [sic] vehemently against him, right? It doesn’t make sense!” Well, yeah, it kinda does there, super-sleuth. Respectively, A) because he has a huge and fragile ego and he wanted to be president after he was humiliated at the 2011 Correspondents’ Dinner and B) because he is a dangerous idiot.
‘Q’ level security clearance is a real thing, but only within the Department of Energy. It is not anything near “above top-secret” or anything related to either the NSA or the White House. I am not sure why someone with even Top Secret security clearance within the DOE would be dropping “bread crumbs” related to anything that 4-chan Q seems to be trying to hint at. Nonetheless, the Q bandwagon just keeps on a-rollin’ without ever actually offering any new or truly insightful information. They just keep jumping on every news story and predict “something big is about to happen in a few days!” hoping that something WILL happen so they can play their coveted ‘Told Ya So’ card, and yet nothing ever happens. Q is a fraud who has hijacked a truthful narrative and made it even more dismissable. I do believe elitists like Hillary Clinton are into some very evil stuff, the recent false-flag “chemical attack” in Syria being just the latest tip-of-the-iceberg attempt to get another war they want. However, Q is a fake and there is no “gathering storm” unless actual people who are aware of what is actually going on actually get organized and actually do something. I have said before that I believe there was a coup with the assassination of the Kennedys, a continuation of the overt Business Plot of 1933 that, when no one was prosecuted for it, went covert via the CIA, culminating in the Kennedy Killings carried out by George H. W. Bush. The U.S. has been evolving into a police state ever since.
Dress ’em like military, arm ’em like military, they’re gonna police like military. Look at ’em keeping the peace!

The “evil elites” can afford to toss out some truth at this point to throw off the dogs because, hell, they’ve pretty much sealed the deal. The main-stream media in the U.S. is totally controlled, the U.S. government doesn’t give two tin shits about the wants and needs of the people, the U.S. government serves only greedy psychopathic corporations that would poison the whole planet if it meant they could make more money, The U.S. is just not what it claims to be anymore, and anyone who doesn’t think these statements are true is living in utter denial.

Still very few people want to think for themselves and do their own research because they don’t want to be lumped in with us nutty tinfoil-hatters, so it is easier to just march along with the majority to the beat of the government drum, but still: Q is a red herring. Q is damaging because it makes people think something is already being done (which no, it is not), further turning democracy into a futile spectator sport. It’s another weapon of mass distraction. Do they really think Donald J. Trump is a strategic genius ready to take down an operation that has been firmly entrenching itself for at least the past 50 years? If the elites want him out, it’s only because he is a dangerous idiot and he could upset a lot of apple carts on both sides of the veil. Not intentionally, of course; not as part of some elaborate ingenious scheme, but just due to his own unique brand of idiotic dumbfuckery.

Just a slave to the rhythm.
Nonetheless, I’m still enjoying the show. It’s just this Q nonsense is just that: Nonsense.


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